Boomdodger Prosstang
Biographical information
Homeworld 14px Kamino
Born 32 BBY, Kamino
Physical description
Species Human/Sith hybrid (clone)
Gender Male
Height 1.83 meters
Hair color Black
Eye color Brown
Skin color Fair
Cybernetics Prosthetic right hand
Chronological and political information
Known masters
Known apprentices
"Only those who fight live. Those who fight with talent live, with victory. You'd better get some, otherwise you won't live, but surely you'll die."
―Boomdodger, Jedi Grand Master.

Alpha 47 nicknamed "Boomdodger" sometimes known as "Boom" or "Dodger", and in time Boom'ika Prosstang was an Alpha-class Advanced Recon Commando that was born a Force-sensitive on his homeworld Kamino. He was apart of the clone trooper squad known as Dodge Squad. Dodge Squad members were all Force-sensitive, but didn't know they were. But in training, Boomdodger had a 'arch-relationship' who's name was CT-9922 but simply Roughhouser. He often had to fight him, and won the fights. Roughhouser would go on 'timeout' and later have a real punishment. Jango Fett was satisfied at the Alpha-ARCs that trained, with included Alpha 13 Ember, Alpha 48 Snapshot, Alpha 49 Droidpopper, Alpha 50 BlastHit, Alpha 51 BlastCharge, and Alpha-04 Vaze.

On 24 BBY Dodge Squad ran their final test run, with the trainers satisfied. The trainers had included Devis Trooper, Kahar Zamet, El-Les, and Bric. However, Jango Fett wasn't at all to be enjoyed, same as Bric. On 22 BBY the Clone Wars began. During the First Battle of Geonosis he was with Dodge Squad trying to destroy a factory, which they succeeded in. During the war, he often went on missions with Dodge Squad, and his battalion the 374th Lead Battalion. Unfortunately for him, at the end of the war Order 66 was executed, but since of his Force-sensitivity, him and Dodge Squad defected to the Alliance to Restore the Republic.

During the Galactic Civil War, he participated in every battle, surviving every battle. He participated in the Battle of Yavin on 0 BBY, the Battle of Hoth on 3 ABY, and Occupation on Bespin after the Battle of Hoth, and finally the Battle of Endor on 4 ABY which ended the war. But after that the New Republic was formed, along with the New Republic era began. Not only that, the Galactic Alliance of Free Alliances was formed, being basically the second phase of the Rebel Alliance. On 5 ABY, the real adventure began. For Dodger became a Jedi.

As a Jedi, or as he learned how to say it in Mando'a, Jetii, he was the apprentice of Devis Trooper, and sometimes Kahar Zamet. On about 7 ABY, after quickly learning different lightsaber forms, and learning the ways of the Force, he was made a Jedi Knight, and without hesitation was put on the Jedi Council, though not yet in the Jedi High Council until about 10 ABY when he was a Jedi Master. On 13 ABY he was officially a Jedi Grand Master, which was the highest rank he could get, or at least a Jedi. On about 14 ABY-15 ABY he got a new apprentice named Mal Skyclanker.

On 14 ABY, Boomdodger took over fighting Marka Ragnos for Devis Trooper. He got his hand cut off, and was forced to flee, and later got a cybernetic hand. But later on that same year, him and his Fallen Jedi Army had attacked Coruscant, with Boomdodger in the battle just barely. But later Devis slayed Marka Ragnos by cutting his head off. But soon Biggs Mistshriek attacked Boomdodger and his allies, and the Imperial Mistshriek War began. But eventually it had ended once Biggs was put to justice, and he became a Light Side person.

Many, many years later on 500 ABY, Boomdodger got his new apprentice, his name was Ambigious Gay, but simply Gay or A.G. sometimes, but never often. On 505 ABY Boomdodger went on a mission to kill Darth Plagieus' spirit, but unfortunately died. Later by Devis Trooper he was cloned again on Kamino. And he still remembered his destiny that he had to defeat Plagieus once and for all.

During the time of the New Republic, Boomdodger had lost his memory, having been found by the . Once being offered a new life, he agreed to be a Mandalorian. He had went through rough training, guided by Nau'ur Ordo and Khaled Mereel. But his main training sergeant was usually Mirta Brokar. In time, while helping a general named Ferrigo Prosstang on the planet Ryloth, Boomdodger felt he needed a new name, or last name. It eventually came to be that Ferrigo was offering for Boomdodger to be his son. Boomdodger though about it, agreeing he'd be apart of the Prosstang Clan.

During a mission with Dogma Blarthfire and Gun Good, Boomdodger was found to be hit by a powerful energy made from the holocron of Darth Malgus, and he had then been a Sith pureblood/Human hybrid ever since. However he didn't have the looks of one, just the "actions." He still looked like him, however with yellow eyes when he was "neutral" and not taunted and such, and red when he was taunted, and that would bring in his power mode, in which he was crazy in fighting, however in hostile mode, would be neutral to his friends.



"You are clone troopers. We are the Cuy'val Dar. You will train as hard as you can, and you will soon serve in the Republic, understood?" -the Cuy'val Dar explains to the clone cadets

On the watery world of Kamino, in the city of Tipoca, the capital of Kamino, was the DNA of Jango Fett. A clone of CT-1121 was born from the DNA, and started training with the Cuy'val Dar. One year later more clones were produced from the DNA. At the right age he started the Citadel Challenge.


"Stop it, you are brothers," -Guy'yar Zai

"Sorry, master chief," -Boomdodger Roughhouser was Boomdodger's enemy, but brother. One night, Roughhouser called Boomdodger 'The Boom of us all' meaning Boomdodger blew up. Boom got mad, and started attacking him. They tackled each other until the members of Cuy'val Dar came and stopped them both, and Roughhouser was put on "timeout" since of his behavior, and Boomdodger was gave a punishment.

They later met again, and Bric was in the halls, and saw that Boom and Rough met. Rough made a 'joke' and Boom got mad once agin, and stepped over to Roughhouser. But Bric stepped in, and stopped them both.

The Final TestEdit

"Alright, Dodge Squad, this is it. Let's show the Cuy'val Dar our masterpiece," -Boomdodger to Dodge Squad right before their test

Boomdodger walked through the corridors of Kamino, and walked to the training center, there he and Dodge Squad would take their final test to join the GAH.


The test wasn't easy once they began their test. Just as told, Boomdodger told Dodge Squad to engage the Citadel in 'V' formation. High on a viewing balcony, Bric, the Siniteen, El-Les who often, or always had faith in the clone troopers, Jedi General Shaak Ti, Devis Trooper , and Kahar Zamet , watched as Dodge Squad made their in 'V' formation. They agreed on this test, except for Bric, who never liked the clones' work even if it was good or bad. On the course, Boomdodger reached the base, and so did the rest of Dodge Squad, as they pulled out their cables. They all shot them up, but then the trooper "Droidpopper" stopped them. He said he'd go out and blast the droids while they went up. He ran out and started firing. The rest of Dodge Squad went up, and all the way up. They reached the "highest" they could go, and breached a spiral staircase. They ran up it, and on the top was their objective: a green flag. Dodge Squad finished the course and was offically in GAH.

Protection (24 BBY-22 BBY)Edit

Shaak Ti: "Report?"

Boomdodger: "I don't know, but I don't like it."

Bric: "Their training is pitiful, your training was pitiful, all the clones' training was pitiful."

Boomdodger for the next two years before the Clone Wars was told to guard Kamino while the rest of the clones trained. Sometimes he oversaw the Citadel Challenge being used by other cadets.

One day on 23 BBY, Boomdodger oversaw the infamous Gamea Squad have their final test on the Citadel Challenge. It all started out with a not so good run, and then a "not-able-to-hear" order to go 'V' formation.


Then soon, a member of Gamea is shot in the leg, and is falling to the ground. Bric couldn't help but be grosed out by this work, even if it was good he'd be grosed out. Soon the alarms ringed, and the course stopped, and Gamea Squad failed.

Later that next morning, Gamea Squad was allowed to try the course again. Gamea Squad did great work this time. Their leader, Shadowknight was proud of them. This time Boomdodger was very pleased that more men could join the army, and so was El-Les, but Bric was still thinking it was pitiful, just like he said when Boomdodger trained.

Clone Wars (22 BBY-19 BBY)Edit

First Battle of GeonosisEdit

"Advisor, we're in deep here," -Boomdodger

"Take that secondary facility, just south of the main facility," -CT-0068/32

The Clone Wars began now. Boomdodger wasn't the clone trooper rookie you knew. On Kamino, right before the take-off for Geonosis when Yoda was there, Boomdodger and the rest of Dodge Squad were in a briefing. Clone Commander Reciever told them they were fully promoted to Alpha-ARC Trooper. The war began with the assault in the arena. Boomdodger rode a gunship with Yoda and helped the Jedi. Then Lama Su walked over, saying since of their promotion, and that they were now Alpha-ARCs, they were to go into stasis tubes, and they did. But later the Republic realized the battle had been balancing, and more droids had been coming. So Lama Su and allowed Dodge Squad, secretly a Force-sensitive squad, to go into the battle.

The FacilityEdit

"The only thing we gotta do, is somehow stop the assembly," -Boomdodger to Dodge Squad

Later he and Dodge Squad were met by their advisor. They were told that the Jedi asked them to take a different facility other than the main one that was located just south of it.

File:Droid Foundry.jpg

The gunship took them there, and the results were a large, but medium sized building, with smoke coming out of it all over. As they made their way inside at a small opening on an undetected side, they found out the inside was giant. Droids were being made all over. All they had to do was somehow stop the assembly that was happening. Droids were being put in groups of fifty each minute. They marched out to the battle as they finished each wave.

Dodge Squad ran through the facility to breach the main control room. As they entered it, they found that there were two BX-series commando droids in it. Boomdodger got in their way of blasting, and quickly fired at one before it had a chance to. Then the other one leaped in, and rolled over to Boom, who happened to shoot it in the stomache before it got up. But it got back up not harmed at all, then Boom stepped on it, and tore off its head. Then as he did that he blasted it, and then quickly blasted the controls.

The battle soon ended, and the Clone Wars began.

War with Ember (21.83 BBY)Edit

"My name is Ember, Alpha thirteen Ember," -Ember

"Cool, I am Boomdodger, Alpha forty-seven Boomdodger," -Boomdodger

It was 21.83 BBY once this happened. Boomdodger was informed that he'd meet Alpha-thirteen nicknamed Ember. Ember was a clone trooper-alpha who never actually joined the Clone Wars until his homeworld was attacked, which was why until that happened he was put in a bacta tank.

File:A-13 Ember and his brothers attacking the droids.png
But it was being attacked now, and Boomdodger went to join the battle with Ember. Kamino was already attacked and about when Boomdodger got there, the alpha trooper was being pulled out of the bacta tank. He was greeted by Ember once they got to the barracks. Then they walked out to the rainy bridges, to find it was packed with droids. Boomdodger grabbed a thermal detonator and threw it, blowing up at least a whole wave of droids meaning thirty.

File:Battle of Kamino 2.jpg

Meanwhile, the Jedi were in the war room, until droids attacked them, and they fought back. A clone technican, near the door where the droids were, ran back to the end of the room for cover, but was shot in the back while trying to run. Shaak Ti, the Togruta Jedi blocked the blasts, and used the force to lift a super battle droid, and while it was being lifted, fired its blaster, and so Shaak turned the droid around to the others, so that it would blast them. The droid wave soon completly dissapeared once the Jedi heard clone blaster blasts. Out from behind the wave came Ember, Boomdodger, and both their squadrons. They asked for advice on what to do. General Kenobi told them they had to destroy the dropship that was on the hangar deck. So the two squadrons made their way to the hangar deck, there clone troopers were already fighting. Boomdodger handed the squads detonators, and when they got to the other men, they threw them. Just when they landed they blew, and so did the ship. Kamino was now safe.

Battle of Christophsis (22 BBY)Edit

Template:Quote Once the Battle of Kamino was finished, and Boomdodger was still on the planet's surface, he got a call from his fleet's admiral, Admiral Dell. He said something about the planet Christophsis being in danger, and that he had to do something about it. So before taking off in the Bravier, he ordered his men that they were going to Christophsis. Soon the Bravier and the rest of the Brave Armada took off for Christophsis.

Battle in the AtmosphereEdit

As the Brave Armada flew through the Separatist fleet, more of Admiral Trench's fleet engaged the Brave Armada, causing them to fall back and make a new plan. Once Bravier's admiral: Admiral Dell decided to set course for Coruscant, Boomdodger ran into the bridge telling a naval officer and Dell that Anakin Skywalker's fleet would soon arrive, and that they had to hold them off until they got there. Concuring with Boomdodger, Dell orderedthe fighters to protect the fleet, until Skywalker's fleet arrived. Boomdodger ran into Hangar 1 where his blue-shaded Y-wing bomber was, hopping into it, setting out. Later the fleet arrived.

Alpha 144 was setting off in his Jedi starfighter, as Boomdodger landed in the Resolute, where 144 was. He was telling Skywalker who was examing the new prototype stealth ship, that he'd hold off the forces while they figured
File:1000px-Trench 2.jpg
something out. Then he set off.
Holding off the ForcesEdit

Vulture fighters spotted Boomdodger, and he dodged the blasts. He twisted and flipped with his Y-wing, then did a trick he called the 'upper loop,' where he looped behind the vultures, and blasting them. Then he found Alpha 144, who was a Force-sensitive, in his starfighter. Boomdodger asked if the ARC Trooper general needed any help. He agreed and Boomdodger helped 144, who's name was in fact Dogma. Soon heat-seeking missiles were launched at the stealth ship, and turning into stealth mode, it made the missiles crash into Trench's flasgship Invinsible, causing it to blow up, with Trench in it. The remains of Trench's fleet fled, as the Republic continued to the surface of Christophsis.

Battle on the SurfaceEdit


After breaking the blockade and getting to the surface, Boomdodger ordered most of the 374th to stay at the barracks, while him and a platoon went into battle. The 666th Legion did about the same except it was the entire battalion. They were in Outposts 1 and 2, with Slick's Platoon-but the thing was it wasn't completely protected, and droids came charging in.

Traitor in the MidstEdit

As more, and more droids charged in, the T-series tactical droid TJ-55 came into the South tower. The 374th platoon and Anakin Skywalker's troops were in the North tower, but fired they ascension cables to the South tower once Anakin cut the window they stood at in half. They slid to the Sout tower, come straight through the windows, and blasting the droids. But they were pushed more and more to the landing bay on top, and there they called Hawk to bring in a LAAT to extract them. Once on the top, the gunship arrived, with troops hopping on. But then Gus ripped off TJ-55s head, so they'd have the information to learn of something. The head had said that there was a traitor in the midst.

Apprehending SlickEdit
File:250px-Gus alibi.png
Back at the barracks, the troops got into formation. But clone troopers Boomdodger, Dogma, CC-1114, CC-2224, and CT-7567 wanted to figure out who the traitor was. Whilst the two generals: Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi went to try and capture Assajj Ventress, the clones did their thing. CC-1114 was named Oreo, CC-2224 was named Cody, and CT-7567 was named Rex. They called for Slick and his platoon to come to the armory, and have a talk. First they spoke with trooper Jester who said he had been cleaning his weapon, with him showing his fresh, clean weapon. And troopers Punch and Sketch were in the mess hall, meanwhile Gus, the one who ripped off TJ-55's head, was in the infirmary proving his alibi. Finally there was trooper Chopper who claimed he was in the mess hall, until Sketch said he came a lot later, after everyone else. They asked where he was before being in the mess hall, and Chopper said he was no where. Just walking around. But then he was forced to reveal the truth, he had been taking battle droid fingers from the battlefield, and turning them into a necklace. But that was illegal, and then Chopper said he felt like they owed him. Slick accused Chopper was the traitor, but he got into the sergeant's face saying he wasn't. But then Slick said he knew the Jedi were gone while Chopper was at the south exit, making the necklace, but that revealed he was the traitor. Then Boom, Dogma, Oreo, Cody, and Rex started chasing after him.

Eventually they chased Slick to the hallways. They saw a shadow of a clone, which they followed, trying to catch up to it. They both went different ways, Cody and Boom going one, while Rex, Dogma, and Oreo did the other. But they came up to a door which lead into the mess hall, but then they saw the shadow coming their way. It was revealed to be Cody, and behind him was Boomdodger. As they opened the door to the mess hall, it was revealed to show hundreds of clone troopers. So they decided to check the hangar bay, but as they went there, they saw Slick.

They followed him all the way to the hangar bay, and when they got there, Boomdodger saw a bomb, and he called out to get down, which they did. Now they had no vehicles for the Republic now that they were destroyed. They walked into the war room in the barracks, knowing Slick was near. So they decided to pretend they were Slick and others. At this 'play' Slick received anger, and noticed that Cody left his blaster on the holo-table. So he quietly jumped down, picked it up and aimed it at Cody's head, but Rex's blaster appeared pointing at Slick's head. They finally captured him. Soon the Jedi returned, and were mad at Slick. He was no more in the army, in fact never.

The New PadawanEdit

The Battle of Christophsis had been raging for hours. The first wave had been defeated, but the second wave, lead by general Whorm Loathsom, was on its way. The Jedi had sent the supply ship back for supplies and reinforcements, as the 501st Legion, the 212th Attack Battalion, and Striker Battalion were sustaining moderate casualties. While Anakin, Rex, and a squad of the 501st were preparing to ambush the huge spider droids that were in the wave, Obi-Wan, Cody, Dogma and Oreo were engaging the droids to keep them occupied. Eventually, the second wave of the droid army was forced to retreat, deciding to set up their deflector shields because of the sustained barrage of fire from the Republic's heavy cannons. The Jedi and troopers were given a rest before the next wave of droids came when a shuttle came to the surface. Obi-Wan thought that this shuttle contained the reinforcements they had tried asked for, only to find out the droids were jamming their transmissions, but it turned out to not be the case.

When the ship landed in front of the Jedi and Dogma, it opened its doors. It did not contain reinforcements as the Jedi had hoped. Instead, it contained a very young Jedi, around thirteen-fourteen years of age. Her clothes looked like they were made for battle, and she was a togruta. After a brief holochat with Master Yoda, during which the signal was jammed by the droids, she introduced herself. Her name was Ahsoka Tano, and she was assigned to Master Skywalker to be his padawan, not Kenobi as Skywalker first thought. Skywalker continued to think that there must have been some mistake, as it was Kenobi who wanted a padawan. Ahsoka however, made it clear. She was assigned to Anakin Skywalker and he was to supervise her Jedi training.

Eventually the droid forces did come back, as anticipated, but this time with a deflector shield, making the heavy cannons useless against them. Thus, the Jedi came up with a new plan of action. If Rex, Obi-Wan, Dogma, and Oreo engaged the droids, Anakin and Ahsoka might have a chance of getting through undetected as they go to destroy the shield generator. Rex said that they did not have much time though, the droids far outnumbered them, so their ability to streetfight was limited without the use of heavy cannons. They would go to them until they were right in front of the heavy cannons, then they would blow them away. So, Ahsoka and Anakin went off to find a way to sneak into the droid lines while Dogma, Rex, and Oreo rallied the men for one final stand against the droid army.

Ninety minutes later, what was left of the clone forces were ready. As the droid army approached their position under the protection of their shield generator, the clones and Obi-Wan crouched under some balconys, hoping to ambush the droids. Unlike the last time they attempted to ambush the droids, which was a failiure thanks to the traitorous sergeant Slick, this one was a success, as the droids had not expected the Republic forces to make one final stand.

After half an hour of fighting, the clones and Kenobi were being overwhelmed by the droids. Kenobi thought up with a plan. He told Rex, Oreo and Dogma to move their men back to the heavy cannons, while he delayed the droids. Rex and Dogma objected to this, but Kenobi said that that was an order. So, Rex and Dogma lead the remaining members of the 212th Attack Battalion, the 501st legion, and Striker Battalion back to the heavy cannons. Dogma told them all to defend the cannons for as long as possible. After this, a trooper told Oreo and Rex that General Kenobi had been captured by General Whorm Loathsom. Dogma told them to keep fighting regardless.

The Republic troopers were about to be overrun when suddenly, the shield generator came down, having been destroyed by Skywalker and Tano. Oreo ordered all of the cannons to fire at the droid forces, who were completely eradicated within minutes. The Battle of Christophsis was a victory for the Republic. Once the battle was over, Dogma met up with the Jedi and Master Yoda, who had led the reinforcements Kenobi and Skywalker had requested earlier onto the surface with the help of Admirals Yularen and Vastmatter. He gave them their next missions. It turned out that the son of Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Rotta, had been captured by the Seperatists. Skywalker and Tano were to go to Teth to rescue Rotta and bring him to Jabba on Tatooine. Meanwhile, Kenobi would negotiate a peace treaty with Jabba, while Dogma was to begin a search for an ancient ship known as the Star Forge. Yoda then added that, for his mission, his two fellow Jedi Squad members that were loyal to the Republic, Scream and Lady, and their regiments were to assist him and the 666th Legion. However, Dogma would have to get more knowledge of the Star Forge from a Jedi by the name of Kyle Redbreak in the Jedi Temple. Dogma agreed to this, and he and the 666th Legion set off to Coruscant to meet this Kyle Redbreak.

Teth Edit

"Take this, rust buckets!" -Boomdodger as he blasts droids

General Skywalker was informed that him and the rest of the 501st to go to the planet Teth, with a mission of rescuing Jabba the Hutt's son, Rotta.

File:Battle of Teth

The gunships landed on the surface, as droid fire already hit. The clone troopers of the 501st ran through the battlefield, as more fire hit. They stil ran, and soon got to the base of the cliff, which stood a monastery. A moment later Ahsoka offered a race to the top with her master. She gave him a 'head start' and he said, 'Your mistake.' He started climbing up, and Ahsoka did too, and immediatly the clones ran out, and run said 'accension cables.' They climbed up, and the AT-TEs climbed up with no cables. Up they went, and soon they had to guard the temple while Anakin and Ahsoka went inside.

Soon the Separatists came, and held them captive. Rex's comlink came to life, it was Anakin. A droid asked what it was, so Rex showed him it, but instantly punched the droid, grabbed his blaster and started blasting back. Boom punched a droid behind him and took its blaster and started firing. Soon the battle ended, with a surviving three, Rex, Boom, and another clone.

Iceberg Three Edit

"This place makes me chilly, even with his snow assault gear on," -Boomdodger regarding Iceberg Three

Iceberg Three was a comet in the Outer Rim territory. After Grievous' attempt to take it, Assajj Ventress launched a new attack.

Boomdodger and his men planned the attack onboard the Bravier, Boomdodger's main flagship. The gunships of the Bravier began the assault. The Separatist though were already there. It was of course hard for the gunships to get to the surface, but they eventually managed, just once the Ebon Hawk came along being piloted by Devis Trooper.

On the surface, Assajj Ventress sees the Republic forces arrive, as she grows furious. Just as she watched, she ordered her droids to ambush the clones. Devis had been looking for Ventress, which watched him walk toward the Separatist drop ship which had landed.

Meanwhile Devis walked back to the hangar of the station which the other clones stood in. He saw Boomdodger checking the supplies before setting off. Devis walked over to him, and Boomdodger turned

looking at his monitor. He looked up to see Devis looking at him. Devis informed Boomdodger that he was to lead the men of the 374th on the Freeco speeders, through the canyon which stood in their way, unless they went through which would be dangerous, and got to the other side and destroy the drop ship. Boomdodger nodded, and turned around to inform his men to ready the speeders.

The speeders raced through the canyon, as a modified blue one lead from the front. Boomdodger lead the clones of his battalion through it, as the Jedi Master Devis, who wasn't actually a 'Fallen Jedi' but a Jedi who used his ways brutally, had walked another direction, along the edge of the canyon, very carefully climbing across. Of course, at some point he would arrive to help the 374th which would obviously beat him, but he know he'd be slow.

Boomdodger ordered his troops to park their speeders once they got to the drop ship, but in a safe spot, because who knows what would happen once they got there. They found out when they did, the Separatists had cannons! Boomdodger rolled to cover, near the drop ship as droids marched out. He then noticed a large weapon came out of it. It was known as the Dominator. It had massive fire, a laser which injured clone troopers badly, siverely injuring. Most would later die from the droid fire. So Boomdodger had an idea. He grabbed a detonator from his bike, and ran to the Dominator. He slid under, and placed it under the mega weapon. He slid back out, and quickly yelled to run. A few moments later the Dominator blew up, along with the rest of the droid drop ship. In the distance, a Separatist shuttle took off in the distance, carrying Ventress. Devis then arrived. Devis would take a while to get back to the base, so he rode with Boomdodger.

Carlac Edit

"Careful, troops. The Death Watch aren't very nice around clone troopers," -Boomdodger regarding Death Watch The snowy of Carlac had been under the control of Death Watch, a group of Mandalorians that aimed for rebuilding their colony. Boomdodger and the rest of his battalion flew down to Carlac once they had entered its system. As the gunships of the 374th landed on the surface of Carlac, a village, a village which was on fire. They walked off the ship, and cautiously made their way to the scorched village.

The village gates were broken with only one pole, and then they saw the buildings. They had all been set in flames, and the odd thing was, there had been no villagers. A moment later, Boomdodger told his men to split up, split up into a platoon. So at least three quarts of the battalion went to the gunships, and took off for the Bravier. Then alongside Boomdodger, the last twenty-six stood in the fires. They scouted the perimiter, hoping to find something.

The Death Watch and the NecklaceEdit

Eventually two troops saw something shiny inside a burning house. They walked inside, hoping to find it interesting. They found that it was a necklace. Just as one of the clones picked it up, out of the roof, a Jango Fett like soldier jumped on top of the clone who carried only the DC-15S blaster. The soldier, reavealed himself to be a Death Watch. He killed the trooper by shooting him in the head with the trooper's blaster. Then he turned around to find a blaster in his face. It fired right in between his eyes, and in front of him was Boomdodger. Boom turned to the trooper with the necklace, and grabbed it from him. He examined it, then saw a symbol with a more 'rectangle' skull on it. The sign of the Death Watch, or Mandalorians. He walkd outside to see Pre Vizsla about to kill a member of Dodge Squad. Until he looked up to see Boom, he grabbed the Dodge's neck, and threw him out of the way.

He stepped up to Boomdodger, and aimed his darksaber at him. He swinged it, being interrupted by a green droid's shock. It was Boomdodger's personal astromech he brang along, M1-L0. Vizsla turned to see the droid, he kicked it out of the way, and then turned back to see Boomdodger charging at him. Too slow Vizsla stepped back, being kicked by Boomdodger's leg. He was kicked in the face, looked back up once he revived enough, to see Boomdodger coming again, but this time with a punch in the face. Vizsla became mad and flew away with the other 'Mandos' as the clones called them. Luckily the necklace was safe, but by meaning safe, it also means that the Mandos wanted it because of its symbol.

Mustafar Edit

"The Force-sensitives got to be saved, otherwise four precent of hope is lost!" -Devis Trooper as he rushes to save the children

It was a fateful day; the Republic launched an assault on the planet Mustafar, a firey world. Count Dooku had captured Force-sensitive children, to turn them to the Dark Side of the Force.

Y-wings and ARC-170s flew towards a hidden, but not hidden Separatist base located on the side of a large hill. The ship Swift Eagle which Boomdodger got earlier in the war, followed the ship Ebon Hawk, Devis's ship towards the base. When they got there, another Jedi also walked out of the Ebon Hawk. It was Kahar Zamet. They ran into the base, blasting the droids on the way in. Inside, was a staircase, they went down.

At the bottom, there was an ambush by Cad Bane. He was working with Dooku. Boomdodger slid under the blast, and spinned behind Bane once he got back up. He used special handcuffs to capture Bane. Then the two other Jedi engaged Dooku. They had a massie duel, and while that went on Boomdodger got the four babies, or at least two. Kahar was kicked to a wall, then Devis ran after the other two babies. Kahar dueled Dooku as the other two 'Force-users' got the children to safety.

Eventually they all got away, with Kahar injured on the hand, but luckily he was immortal. They took off back for Coruscant, but Boomdodger went to the Bravier.

Ryloth Edit

"Send an air assault, we can't stand this anymore," -Boomdodger

"What happened, are they back?" -Tanus

"They've been back," -Boomdodger

"Alright men, prepare to turn those clankers into rust medal," -Tanus

-Boomdodger and Tanus argue during battle In the Ryloth System, the Brave Fleet engaged the atmosphere of Ryloth, a desert-like planet, home to the Twi'lek.

Boomdodger along with his battalion landed on the planet's surface, to see droids engaging. Boom smiled,
File:Gram-Ryloth Y-Wings.png
shooting away. Along with the help of DSI, lead by Tanus, they destroyed the wave easily. Basically the DSI could've been known as the Legion of Troopers, but it wasn't. As the two battalions made their way through the battlefield, they noticed a shield, which they couldn't go through. They were forced to flee there, there had been too many droids since of the drop ship.

At some point, during the war they finally agreed on an idea. From the Bravier, they would send down an air assault, assault of Y-wings.

Soon, they got there, with bombs destroying a bridge which was above the shield, and the drop ship. The result of the bombs were insane. There was a massive hole, which Twi'leks were forbidden to go near.

Coruscant Edit

"It's an attack, protect the Senate at all cost!" -Jedi Master Paku

It was a big day for the Republic. The Senate was holding a big meeting inside the chamber. Many other troops of GAH had been there to guard while the meeting took place. It included clone trooper lieutenant Shadowknight.

Boomdodger protected the hangar part of Coruscant. Boom couldn't help but notice a small group of ships in the distance. He would've said something like fire at Sector 146, but he didn't. Instead he waited for a closer look. Without a closer look, the ships fired immediatley, and then Boomdodger ordered everyone to


defend the area. Jedi General Paku ordered the troops the same thing. At that moment there had been a voice from behind Boomdodger saying, Hello, old friend.' Even if all the clone troopers' voices were the same, he knew who it was. It was Roughhouser. Boomdodger instantly walked over to him, noticing that he had green ARC Trooper armor. Roughhouser wasn't only that, he was the exact same rank as Boom. But Roughhouser had said he no more wanted to fight each other, he did not want to be hurt, or die, for they now had weapons. But Boom had an idea. He said they they should use their cannons to destroy the ships. Rough agreed, and hopped into one cannon, and fired at the Separatist cruiser. It exploded, sending it crashing down to the bottom of Coruscant. The vulture fighters fled, as Roughhouser and the other clones laughed, but not Boom. Instead he walked over to Rough, and pat his back. He said it was good to see him again.

Assisstance on FeluciaEdit

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Both gunships landed outside the base. Boomdodger was The team attacked the droids guarding the gates to the base. Kahar cut down droids as more gunships landed. Alpha 47, Boomdodger, stepped out of one of the gunships. He fired his blaster rifle at the battle droids.

Boss contacted the other members of Delta Squad, who were on the Vindicator, due to their shuttle being low on fuel and the refueling station being down. "Get down here on a gunship now!" Boss ordered. Shortly after, a gunship hovered in the air. Boss cabled up. Delta Squad roped down inside the Separatist Base. "Correx, get a charge on that door!" Kahar ordered. Correx ran over to the door and placed a charge. He returned back with the team. The door exploded. The Republic forces charged into the base.

The Republic forces quickly exterminated all hostiles in the base. Kahar bent down. "Sir," Boss said. "These aren't just clankers. We have Nuro Pirate and Trandoshan Mercenary bodies here too." Kahar looked around. "Indeed," he replied. "The Nuro Pirates are enemies with the Separatists, but I fear the Trandoshans are with the Separatists." The Republic forces walked deeper into the base. They ran into a room full of Separatists and Trandoshans. Carg fired his blaster pistol at a Trandoshan. "Kill them all!" the lead Trandoshan shouted. The droids and Trandoshans charged towards the Republic forces.

To be continued . . .

Umbara Edit

Clone trooper advisor: "Alright, here's the thing: the Umbarans are back, and decided the clankers should help this time."

Boomdodger: "Okay, but what good is their lines?"

Clone trooper advisor: "Bad, but you might be able to hold them."

In the Ghost Nebula sector, the Shadow World, or at least, Umbara was in command of the Republic. Or at least until the Separatists decided to attack once more on this dark world. When all this happened, Boomdodger was onboard the Bravier.

In an instant, he got a call from his advisor. He was saying that Umbara was being under attack, and the Jedi needed only the 374th to take it back.

Touchdown on UmbaraEdit

The green-painted gunships of the 374th, which possesed AT-TEs and AT-OTs swooped down to the surface of Umbara. The gunship known as Gun Dark landed near a Republic base, and once the doors opened, Boomdodger stepped out along with Dodge Squad. He told the ARC Trooper beside him to stand guard, while he went to the base. Doing as told, the ARC Trooper stood there, with his blaster facing up.

Over at the base, inside the hangar which carried AT-RTs, and BARCs, Boomdodger concurs with the


ARF Trooper Razor about giving the mounts as much fuel as they could, before going into battle. What Razor did was grabbed his com, and ordered special gas tanks from BlasTech Industries.

Flak Edit

"You take left flak, I'll take right!"

–Boomdodger in battle

Sometime later, the battle begun, once the fuel arrived. The AT-RTs were running at the droids, with fire so massive, that is destroyed a whole squad. As the B1 battle droids broke through some lines, the clones would just blast backwards.

Moments later, the Jedi Generals Devis and Kahar arrived, to aid the 374th. But all in a sudden, they both felt a disturbance in the Force. They called for Dodge Squad, and set off for where the disturbance came from.

The Sith AcademyEdit

"Darth Maul! But I thought he was dead," -Kahar Zamet

Just as Dodge Squad, and the two other Jedi proceeded through Umbara, they soon notice a large structure that stood in their way. It was an ancient Sith Academy, which most likely held Sith Acolytes.

Very carefully, Dodge Squad and the Jedi made their way through the temple, with sudden moves. Just as they walked around a large wall, there were Sith everywhere. Everyone started firing, and swinging their weapons, hoping for life. Unfortunatly, the Sith didn't receive life, they received death. That had meant that the clones, and Jedi lived. As they made their way more, they soon met bots in a training room.

As they fought this battle, then soon came to live, but with an injured trooper of Dodge Squad. Luckily Dodge Squad had a medic, so he said to go without the other two. The others could only help but nod. They continued, to see a Sith named Varad Zagg, was meditating, to notice the others walk into his chamber. He growled with hate, and brang out his lightsaber, putting it in front of his head, and with his mind, created projections of Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, and Mace Windu to test them. But easily, since they telled of the red on them, they easily took him out.

Soon they came upon Darth Maul, and Savage Opress. The Jedi hadn't believed he had lived, it was eleven years ago that he was cut in half by Obi-Wan. But now he had cyborg legs. They started fighting, and a some point, Savage was kicked by Devis, and landed, with an escape with Maul. Lucily they all survived. But as they went outside, they instantly got a call…

Time for More WarEdit

Once Boomdodger engaged the Sith Temple, more of the Republic forces arrived on Umbara. That included the famous 501st Legion, 212th Attack Battalion, and the 666th Legion. But the 374th had to leave…

Aiding the BattalionsEdit

The first Republic vehicles and troopers to make it onto the surface of Umbara were the AT-RT walkers, which immediately opened fire on the Hover Tanks, distracting them so the LAAT gunships could make it onto the surface. The Hover Tanks opened fire on the walkers, but they were able to outmaneuver the blasts, and quickly destroyed the Hover Tanks, wiping out all resistance in the area. The LAAT Gunships were then able to land, droping off the 501st and Striker Battalion, who wiped out the Umbaran resistance in the area. As they were fighting the Umbarans, Rex and Dogma reported to Skywalker that there was a ridge to the south of their position, which Skywalker replied with that they could use it as a staging ground. With that, both battalions went to the ridge, where they got some much needed rest. Just then, a 501st trooper who was also named Dogma (called the other Dogma by Dogma himself) reported that all platoons had reported in before rejoining the rest of the 501st.

Soon, the 501st and Striker Battalion ended up being ambushed. First by an Umbaran Millicreep, which began shocking clones of both battalions to death, and then by the Umbarans themselves, though at one point the members of Dodge Squad, led by Alpha-47, known as Boomdodger, arrived, but in an instant they were all forced to fall back, losing an AT-RT in the process. Rex reported that he had called for an airstrike on the ridge, which resulted in everyone getting off the ridge just as two BTL-B Y-Wing Bombers, sent by General Krell and lead by clone pilot Oddball, bombarded the ridge with heavy firepower, wiping out all the Umbaran resistance in the area except for the Millicreep, which, after it was destroyed, Dogma decided to keep as his pet. Then, the 501st, Dodge Squad, and Striker Battalion got a much needed rest just as an LAAT Gunship, escorted by two Z-95 Headhunters, landed in front of Skywalker and Dogma. Out of the gunship came a Besalisk Jedi general. He had four arms, and a goatee on his chin. He wielded two lightsabers, and he looked like he meant business.

A New GeneralEdit

This Besalisk jedi was none other than Pong Krell. Skywalker thanked Krell for the air support, to which Krell replied with that the Umbarans are proving more resourceful than anticipated. Skywalker asked on why was Krell here. Krell replied that he had been recalled to Coruscant, effective immediately. Skywalker objected, saying that he didn't want to leave his men. Krell then said that the request was made by Palpatine himself, and the Council obliged, which was all they would tell him, and that he would be taking over the command of both battalions in the interim. Rex and Dogma said that to not worry about them until he got back, though Dogma was shocked that he would have to serve under Krell, as he knew all about his dangerous and suicidal tactics. Skywalker then boarded the gunship, and took off for Coruscant.

Once Skywalker departed for Coruscant, Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma said it was an honor to be serving under Krell. Krell found it interesting that the? clones were able to recognize the value of honor. Just then, he noticed Dogma's and Oreo's lightsabers, which he quickly confiscated, saying that it was against regulations for clones to use lightsabers, and made the two of them use their pistols they had in their holsters. He then said that there was a reason why his command was so effective, and that was because he did things by-the-book, adhering to protocol far more than Skywalker or Dogma ever did. He then ordered all platoons of both battalions and Dodge Squad to move out immediately before leaving, with all the clones following him. Soon, the 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad were all following General Krell towards the capital city when two umbaran creatures, called Banshees, attacked them. Not a single clone could take them down, not even Dogma because Krell forbidded him and Oreo to use the force. Eventually, Krell had to intervene. He activated his lightsabers, revealing that he wielded two dual-bladed lightsabers. One green, one blue. As quick as a flash, both Banshees were dead. Krell asked if anyone else wanted to stop and play with the animals, before telling all the clones of both battalions and Dodge Squad to quicken their pace, saying that it was not some training course on Kamino. Fives commented that Krell had a way with words. Rex said he was trying to keep them on schedule, which Fives replied with by raising everyone's ire. Rex responded quickly by claiming that they had a job to do, and to just treat general Krell with respect, and they would all come along just fine.

Assault On The CapitalEdit

The 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad had all been following General Krell to the capital city nonstop for twelve hours now, and they were all getting worn out. Even Dogma was getting worn out, despite his Force powers. One of the medics in the 501st, a trooper called Kix complained to Krell that they needed some rest. This made Krell lose his temper, saying that time was a luxery that they cannot, and would not, afford in this time of war. He then gave all of them the plan. Instead of probing the city's defenses first, as what Skywalker had planned, Krell opted for a headlong strike into the capital by having all the clones march forward, parade style, regardless of how much resistance they faced. Dogma knew from experience that this was a suicide plan, but he had no say in the matter because Krell was treating him like a normal private and was calling him Alpha-144 instead of Dogma. With great reluctance, some troopers from both battalions, with the remaining forces and Dodge Squad on standby, marched towards the capital, with no resistance from what they could see.

Suddenly, two explosions from the road leading to the capital city they were on and the death cries of two of the 501st troopers could be heard, forcing the clones to duck to avoid getting hit by debris from the explosions. The 501st and Striker Battalion stopped to see what was the matter. Apparently, they had lost two troopers, Oz and Ringo, to hidden landmines in the road. Rex asked Fives to scan the road for any more hidden landmines, which he did. The scans revealed that the whole road had hidden land mines in it, forcing both battalions to watch their step as they went along the road, not wanting to lose anymore of them to the landmines.

Then, an AT-RT driver of the 501st saw an incoming missle, and the clones ducked to avoid getting hit by it. After that, Umbarans appeared and opened fire on the clones. The clones of both battalions, realising they had been ambushed, valiantly fought back, but Rex ordered them to fall back, in hopes of luring the Umbarans into their own little trap. This made Krell, who had been watching from a safe distance, very furious at them, and reluctantly, he sent Dodge Squad and a few more clones of both battalions to help the clones that were fighting the Umbarans. Dodge Squad not-meaningly talked back to Krell by saying they thought it was just fine, and that they could do it. Krell though pulled out a saber and pointed it at Boomdodger, who with a lie, insisted they'd go down there. This reinforcement forced the Umbarans to fall back, with the clones trying to give chase, but they couldn't because a very enraged Krell used a Force scream to tell the clones to come to him. This made all their ears bleed. All except Dogma's of course, since he was used to Force scream because his Jedi Squad brother, Scream, often used it on Kaminoans as practice.

Immediately after the clones came back to Krell, he berated Rex for "disobeying" orders and compromised the entire assault because of his "failiure." Fives, Dogma, Oreo, and Boomdodger all stood up for Rex, saying that he had just saved Dodge Squad and both battalions from being annilhated, but they were silenced when Krell activated one of his lightsabers and pointed it at their necks. Rex defended himself also, forcing Krell to admit that he didn't command like the Jedi the clones were used to serving, certainly not like Skywalker, but nonetheless defended his tactics, saying that it may be difficult, but these were difficult times, and it had been proven effective. He then finally called Rex by his name instead of CT-7567, and said they were dismissed, leaving Rex, Dogma, Fives, and Boomdodger to ponder on what his words meant. Before they could however, they, Dodge Squad, the 501st, and Striker Battalion were forced back into action when they were once again ambushed by Umbarans. Fives asked Rex if Krell still intended to take the capital city with this strategy, while Rex replied that they would know more on that if they survived this Umbaran attack, as both battalions and Dodge Squad held their ground against the Umbarans.

Capturing The AirbaseEdit

The 501st Legion, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad had been holding their ground on the road to the Umbaran capital city for an entire hour when they recieved a new objective from Krell. He said he had gotten a message from General Kenobi, who had told him that the capital city was too fortified, and he and General Tiin needed his battalions to help them take it. Krell had replied that resistance from the Umbarans was greater than anticipated, and that they were holding their ground at the moment. Kenobi had given him his new task with his battalions. Apparently, there was an airbase to the west of the capital. It was resupplying the capital's defenses. If Krell, his battalions and Dodge Squad could capture that airbase, it would sever the capital's supply lines, allowing Kenobi's and Tiin's forces to assault the capital city. He had then reminded Krell that the entire invasion depended on his battalions and Dodge Squad before cutting off the transmission. Krell told Rex, Boomdodger, Dogma, and Oreo to map the coordinates, and to all troops so that they could move out immediately. The four commanding clones obeyed his orders, and they, their battalions, and Dodge Squad made their way to the airbase.

When they arrived at the coordinates Rex, Dogma, Boomdodger, and Oreo were told to map, the 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad discovered that their was indeed an airbase. A close-up of the base revealed that it was heavily guarded, being filled with Umbarans, Hover Tanks, Crawler Tanks, and MHCs (Mobile Heavy Cannons) galore. There seemed to be only one way to the airbase, or at least what Krell thought was the only way: a deep, narrow path through a gorge. Rex and Oreo suggested that they do some recon to find another way, which Krell immediately dismissed, saying that they did not have time for recon. He then split both battalions and Dodge Squad up into two groups for the assault on the airbase. Most of the 501st, but also Dodge Squad and some of Striker Battalion were in the first group. The rest of the members of both battalions were in the second group. Leading the first group were Rex, Dogma, Fives, and Boomdodger. Leading the second group were Oreo, Sergeant CC-1119 "Appo," and Lieutenant CL-9761 "Trix." Also leadng the second group was Captain CC-9952 "Cole," who would become Dogma's new commander after Oreo died later in the war.

As the first group, consisting of most of the 501st and Striker Battalion, Dodge Squad, and also a few AT-RTs of both battalions, prepared to assault the capital, Rex and Dogma briefed them on the plan. This caused outrage from most clones of both battalions and Dodge Squad, including Fives and Boomdodger, who thought that Krell's
orders amounted to a suicide mission for them. The other Dogma on the other hand, agreed with Krell's plans, saying that they were running out of time and this was the best option. One of the 501st HWS (Heavy Weapons Specialist,) a private called Hardcase, didn't personally care. All he wanted to do was to help the Republic achieve victory with the help of his Z-6 rotary blaster cannon, fitting with his personality. Rex, Dogma, and Fives all argued for a bit before Fives ended up being silenced by Rex, saying that they had a job to do. So, the first group set off on their way and went into the gorge. As they walked in the gorge, the first group thought the Umbarans were showing no resistance. What they didn't know was that the Umbarans were baiting them into a trap.

Suddenly, the ground began to shake. Four Crawler Tanks emerged from the ground and opened fire, catching the first group off-guard. Both battalions and Dodge Squad realized it was a trap, and valiantly fought back. However, blasters would not work on the Crawler Tanks. Dogma wanted to use his lightsabers on them, but couldn't because Krell had confiscated them and stowed them in "a place where he could never find them." Eventually, Rex and Dogma realized they needed rocket launchers and explosives in the ground inorder to destroy the Crawler Tanks. By this time, the first group was sustaining heavy casualties from both the 501st and Striker Battalion, but Dodge Squad and the special Scythe Troopers of Striker Battalion remained intact. Rex and Dogma took up rockets from dead brothers, and fired them at the explosives, destroying the four Crawler Tanks (two of them still had power though) and sending Rex and Dogma into the air. Rex hit the ground hard, but sustained no injuries in his fall, while Dogma used Force Flight to land smoothly. The survivng troopers of the first group, including Dodge Squad, which was the only part of the first group to not sustain any casualties beacuse of their Alpha-ARC skill, then carried on their way to the airbase, stripping the last two Crawler Tanks with rocket launchers in the process, with Rex and Dogma personally killing the pilots of the two tanks. After that, there appeared to be no resistance, but Dogma and unknowingly, Boomdodger, sensed that they would be ambushed by the Umbarans again. Kix tried to convince Rex and Dogma to let him take care of the wounded, since he was a medic, but Rex said that Krell does not want him to take care of the wounded. This lead to an arguement between Kix and Rex, which was soon ended when Dogma used Force Scream, making their ears bleed and echoing all over the planet. Kix then complied with Rex, and the mission continued.

Meanwhile, Appo, Oreo, Trix, and Cole, the leaders of the second group, appeared concerned that the first group was sustaining heavy casualties. They reported to Krell saying that the second group was in the formation he requested, and asked if they should send them to help the first group. Krell said to them that he would give the order when he gave it, not before or after. The second group was then forced to watch helplessly while the first group was about to fall into another trap.

Just then, more Umbarans appeared with tanks. Instead of Crawler Tanks, these tanks were the MHCs. Boomdodger counted a total of six of these MHCs just as the first group opened fire on them, and Rex, Dogma, and the HWS of both battalions fired rockets at the tanks. The rockets took out the cannons of the tanks, but did not destroy the tanks themselves, leading Dogma to believe that they must be shielded. They were sustaining heavy casualties. but Rex had a plan. He intended to send Fives and Hardcase ahead to the airfield to steal two Umbaran Starfighters, and use them to destroy the MHCs while the rest of the first group covered them by holding out as long as possible. Rex sent out Fives and Hardcase to complete their objective, and he and Boomdodger told their plan to Krell, who became so furious that he told them to continue the original plan, or be relieved of duty before cutting off the transmission, stabbing a Striker Battalion trooper in the chest with one of his lightsabers in his anger in the process. The first group then decided to fight till the last man until Fives and Hardcase completed their objective.

The first group was on the verge of being completely annilhated, having sustained heavy casualties in fighting the MHCs which included a member of Dodge Squad named BlastHit badly wounded, when two Umbaran starfighters, being piloted in a crude and rough way by Fives and Hardcase, flew by and fired missles at the MHCs, destroying them and causing the first group to celebrate their victory. Krell then sent the second group to lay siege on the airbase, which they did so with pleasure. While the first group headed to the airbase to meet up with the second group, Dogma healed BlastHit with the Force. When BlastHit asked him how was he able to use the Force, even though he could do, but he didn't know, even though he was a clone, Dogma told him the story of his life and that of Jedi Squad. BlastHit was in such a state of shock that he fainted, causing Dogma to carry him on his back for the rest of the trip to the airbase.

At the airbase, Krell congratuated Rex, Dogma, Oreo, and Boomdodger on a job well done. Rex said to Krell that they had lost a lot of men trying to take the airbase, which Krell replied saying that it was a natural consequence of war. He then walked away, with Rex and Dogma both clenching their fists at Krell. After this, Dogma went to the barracks of the airbase and went into a meditative trance. In this trance, he used the Force to cure his accelerated aging, wanting to have a full lifespan like the Jedi. While he was in this trance, Fives and three 501st troopers named Jesse, Hardcase, and Fives took Umbaran Starfighters they had captured, and used them to destroy a Seperatist supply ship that was orbiting Umbara, and was supplying reinforcements to the surface, with Hardcase sacrificing his life to destroy it. Once they returned to the airbase, Fives and Jesse were scheduled to be executed by Krell for "treason against the republic." Rex and Boomdodger both tried to talk Krell out of this, but he refused. After this, Rex woke Dogma up from meditation and they went to the outside of the airfield, where Fives and Jesse were due to be executed.

Attempted Execution Of Fives and JesseEdit

Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma went to the front of the airbase, where a firing squad, led by the other Dogma and consisting of six 501st troopers were. Dogma recognized two of the men in the firing squad, which were Kix and the only rookie trooper left in the 501st, a private named Tup. Appo and a few other 501st troopers them marched forward with Fives and Jesse, and lined them up right in front of the firing squad. The other Dogma asked if the "prisoners" were to be blindfolded. No sound came in response, to which the other Dogma took as a no. He ordered the firing squad to ready their weapons, then to aim them at Fives and Jesse. The entire firing squad was breathing hard, they didn't want to kill their own brothers. Then, Fives spoke up, pleading one final time for Dodge Squad, the 501st, and Striker Battalion not to follow Krell's orders and do what they think is right. The other Dogma refused to listen, and ordered the firing squad to open fire on Fives and Jesse.

The firing squad did open fire all right, but they intentionally missed Fives and Jesse, their shots creating holes in the wall behind them. The other Dogma was shocked, and ordered the firing squad to actually execute Fives and Jesse. Rex and Dogma tried to convince the other Dogma to obey their orders, which were to not execute Fives or Jesse. The firing squad then dropped their rifles and walked away, with Rex and Dogma saying to the other Dogma good luck on trying to find men who would be willing to obey his orders.

Ten minutes later, Rex, the other Dogma, and Dogma had to report to Krell on the failed execution of Fives and Jesse. When they did arrive at Krell's position, he lashed out at them for disobeying orders, thought about executing Rex with them, activated his lightsabers, and was just about to strike Dogma down in his anger when a 501st trooper told Krell that there was an incoming transmission. Krell calmed down at that moment, and ordered the 501st trooper to put it through. A hologram of a clone from General Kenobi's Battalion, known as the 212th Attack Battalion, which Rex recognized as Waxer, said that the Umbarans had stepped up their attack, and that they had just ambushed one of the patrols and took their weapons and their armor, and were heading to the airbase. Dogma immediately knew that this message was fake, but was unable to tell Krell before the transmission ended. Krell said it looked like Rex and Dogma would be getting their stay of execution, for now. He ordered them to lock the "traitors" in the brig, and to order their battalions for an attack on the Umbarans, trying to intercept them before they can reach the airbase. He then gave them the coordinates to where they would intercept the Umbarans, telling them that their clone disguises could try to trick the clones with an ambush. After this, Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma readied their battalions and Dodge Squad, and departed the airbase.

A Traitor RevealedEdit

Half an hour later, the 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad were close to the coordinates in the Umbaran jungle where they would intercept the Umbarans. Rex told everyone to stay alert, as the enemy had their weapons and their armor, and could try to trick them with an ambush. After some more minutes of searching, during which Tup showed the other Dogma a vixus which had attacked the 501st and Striker Battalion earlier in the battle, some shots were heard. Both battalions and Dodge Squad realized they were ambushed by the "Umbarans," who were disguised as clones all right. It looked like the Umbarans were disguised as a platoon of the 212th. Striker Battalion, Dodge Squad, and the 501st valiantly fought back, using Mortar Cannons and blasters as weapons.

After several minutes of fighting, Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma walked up to a dead "Umbaran," and took off his helmet. They were shocked to discover that it was not an Umbaran, but a clone! By this time, Striker Battalion and the 501st were sustaining heavy casualties in the firefight. Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma all took off their helmets, and ran across the battlefield, screaming at both sides to tell them to stop fighting, as they were shooting their own brothers. They were not Umbarans as they were thought, but were clones. They then ordered them all to take off their helmets to show them they were not the enemy. Some troopers from both sides stopped fighting immediately, others continued until Rex took off the helmet of a 212th trooper to show them that they were all clones. After this, the fighting stopped, and the 212th trooper fainted from shock that they had fought their own brothers.

After an hour of mourning for their dead brothers, the remains of Striker Battalion, the 501st, the 212th, and Dodge Squad all began to regret that they had killed their own brothers. Some of them even went as far as crying, Dogma included. Kix ran up to Rex, Oreo, Boomdodger, and Dogma, and told them that he had found the leader of the 212th Platoon that had attacked them, saying it was Waxer, and told them he was still alive. He then led the four commanding officers to where Waxer was. When they came, they found Waxer breathing hard, fighting for his life. He had been mortalliy wounded in the firefight, presumably from a Mortar Cannon. Rex asked Waxer on who gave him and the 212th Platoon the orders to attack the 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad. Heavily panting and coughing, Waxer told them that it was Krell. After a brief explanation, Waxer died from his injuries. Rex, Boomdodger, Oreo, and Dogma decided on a plan to arrest Krell, and rounded up all their men for it.

Once all the men from Dodge Squad, the 501st, the 212th, and Striker Battalion were rounded up, Rex and Dogma explained the plan. They were to go up to the airbase and arrest Krell for treason against the Republic. Knowing this plan was highly treasonous, Rex, Boomdodger, Oreo, and Dogma gave every single clone the option to opt out. If they were to opt out, they had to do it now. Every single clone from all battalions and Dodge Squad stepped forward, meaning not a single clone opted out, having seen what Krell was responsible for. Rex then said that from this point forward, they were to be entering uncharted territory. As what he said, the orders were to arrest Krell for treason against the Republic.

The 501st, 212th, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad were soon at the airbase ready to arrest Krell. However, they couldn't just go arrest him yet. They still had to release Fives and Jesse from the brig. To do this, Dogma ordered two of his men, CT-4581 and CT-2217 to go get Fives' and Jesse's weapons and armor. Around this time, no one knew this until later, the other Dogma deserted the group, deciding to stay loyal to the traitorous Krell. Meanwhile, the rest of the clones went into the airbase. First, they went to the brig, where they released Fives and Jesse from imprisonment and gave them their weapons and their armor back. Then, they went to the command tower.

Capture and Execution of General KrellEdit

Once the 501st, the 212th, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad arrived at the command tower, Rex and Boomdodger told Krell, who was looking out the window, that he was relieved of duty, and Dogma and Oreo summonded their lightsabers back from Krell, who had confiscated them earlier in the battle. As the clones readied their blasters and Dogma activated his lightsabers, Krell replied that it was treason. Rex then told Krell to surrender, as the rest of the clones slowly inched forward toward Krell. Krell had to explain his actions, saying that "he was surprised the clones could figure it out." Rex gave Krell the option to surrender one last time, saying he was outnumbered.

Krell refused to accept this. He unleashed a force push so powerful it slammed every clone against the wall, which resulted in Oreo's and Dogma's lightsabers deactivating in the process. The clones recovered quickly, as they opened fire on Krell and Dogma and Oreo activated their lightsabers and engaged Krell with his two dual-bladed lightsabers in lightsaber combat. However, because he had four arms, he was able to both engage Dogma and Oreo and deflect the shots from the rest of the clones at the same time, causing casualties to all the battalions and leaving Dodge Squad member BlastHit badly wounded again, this time with a slight lightsaber slash to the leg. Soon, Krell had enough. He declared that he would not be undermined by "creatures bred in some labratory" before slicing off Oreo's arms and jumping off the command tower, landing at the front of the airbase. Dogma ordered two of the surviving troopers of his battalion to take the wounded Oreo and BlastHit to the medical bay. The rest of the survivng troopers from the 501st, 212th, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad, including Rex, Fives, Jesse, Dogma, Cole, Boomdodger and Tup then left the command tower in pursuit of Krell.

Meanwhile, after landing at the front of the airbase, Krell was confronted by more troopers of the 212th, 501st, and Striker Battalion. He immediately activated his two dual-bladed lightsabers and massarced scores of clones from all the battalions with both the Force and his lightsabers before fleeing into the jungle just as the survivng troopers who had confronted him at the command tower emerged from a door, weapons ready and in Dogma's case, lightsabers activated. However, they were stopped by the other Dogma, causing Rex to point a pistol and Dogma to point his lightsabers at the other Dogma's neck. The other Dogma called them traitors. Rex then took off his helmet and said that he too once believed that being a good soldier meant doing everything they told you to do, but eventually, you have to make your own decisions. That, along with a final warning from Tup when the other Dogma aimed his blaster at him, convinced the other Dogma to lower his weapon. After he lowered his weapon, three troopers, one from each battalion, tackled him to the ground and put handcuffs on him. Rex ordered the three troopers to take the traitorous other Dogma to the brig, while everyone else went in pursuit of Krell, running into the jungle in the process. While they were running, Dogma contacted Generals Kenobi and Tiin, who had successfully taken the capital thanks to the destruction of the supply ship. He informed the Jedi that Krell was a traitor, they were in pursuit but let them know he was coming for them. Kenobi and Tiin ordered him to try to capture Krell before he escapes Umbara before cutting off the transmission.

Soon, all battalions and Dodge Squad split up into squads, and spread out through the jungle to find Krell. Rex contacted all of them, asking if they had found anything. One trooper from one of the squads replied that they lost him, right before Krell ambushed that squad, annilhating it completely just as the trooper said he was too powerful. Fives told all battalions that he was coming, but Krell jumped into the jungle and was no where to be found. Suddenly, Krell's voice echoed all over the jungle, leaving all the clones except Dogma confused on where he was because he had shielded himself from sight. Krell said to Rex that he should have listened to the ARC Trooper and the ARC General from the begining, cackling madly as he was talking. He then said that Fives was right. He really was using all the clones, including Dogma. Then, Krell emerged from hiding, cackling madly, activated his two dual-bladed lightsabers, and began killing clones left and right. Dogma activated his sabers once more and faced Krell in lightsaber combat again, making a series of fast
parrys and leaping back and forth between either side of Krell, a movement known as Form VII, or "Vaapad," while the rest of the clones from the 501st, 212th, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad opened fire on Krell. Eventually, Krell began killing clones from all battalions with his bare hands, breaking the backs of a 501st trooper and a Striker Battalion trooper in the process. Then, he picked up Tup and threw him across the jungle.

Tup however survived being thrown from Krell, and he landed right near a native creature to Umbara known as the Vixus. He noticed that the Vixus was hungry, which gave him an idea. He contacted Rex, Boomdodger, and Dogma, saying that if they could, they had to force the traitorous general towards him. Rex asked why, which Tup replied by saying to trust him before cutting off the transmission. Rex and Dogma then ordered what was left of the clones, who had by this time sustained heavy casualties from all battalions except Dodge Squad, who had only Boomdodger injured in the arm when a blaster bolt was deflected by Krell and hit his arm but managed, to form a circle, and lure him towards Tup. They made it look like they had to fall back, with Krell in pursuit. Tup then yelled at Krell, calling him ugly and to "come and get him." Krell took the bait, as he ran towards Tup, waking up the Vixus in the process. At the last possible moment before Krell struck Tup down, he was picked up by the Vixus, catching him off-guard. The remaining clones from all battalions opened fire on Krell once more, with their blasters set to stun this time. Though Krell managed to cut his way free of the Vixus, at the cost of his lightsabers, he was unprepared when Tup came to him and fired a shot at Krell, stunning him and ending the firefight. Rex and Boomdodger commented on the nice job that Tup did, and a 501st trooper put two pairs of handcuffs on Krell's arms and took him back to base, where they locked Krell up in a cell near the other Dogma and captured Umbarans. While doing this, Dogma healed Boomdodger's wound with the Force, which amazed Boomdodger to the point where he fainted, causing Dogma to carry him on his back until they reached the airbase.

Half an hour later, Krell woke up, only to find himself in a cell and Rex, Boomdodger, Fives, Dogma, Jesse, Tup, and the newly healed Oreo, who had to get cybernetic arms after his organic ones had been sliced off by Krell, staring at him. Rex asked why would Krell betray the clones. Krell said that because he could, because they fell for it, and because they were inferior. After some more questioning, it was revealed that Krell had seen a vision in which the Jedi would lose this war, and the Republic would be torn apart from the inside. In its place was going to rise a new order, and Krell would rule as part of it. It was also revealed that Krell had been secretly working with the Umbarans, hoping to prove his worth to Dooku and become his new apprentice. He was also confident that the Umbarans were going to retake the airbase, and free him. All of this shocked the other Dogma to the point where he realized he shouldn't have stayed loyal to Krell and immediately lashed out at him for making the other Dogma kill his own brothers. Krell replied that the other Dogma was the biggest fool of all the clones. He had counted on blind loyalty like his to make his plan succeed. Rex questioned this, and he, Boomdodger, Fives, Jesse, Dogma, Tup, and Oreo went to the outside of the airbase to decide Krell's fate.

There, Appo told them they had repaired the transmitter. It looked like it had been sabotaged. They had recieved a message from Kenobi, who had told them that his forces had captured the capital, and the remaining Umbarans were indeed heading to the airbase, hoping to recapture it. Rex told Appo to get all the men on the parimeter, as they had to prepare for a full-scale invasion. Rex, Boomdodger, Fives, Jesse, Tup, Oreo, and Dogma then debated Krell's fate for several minutes before it was decided that he had to be executed. So, they went back to the brig, and released the other Dogma to take him into Republic custody, while Rex told Krell to turn around, and face the wall, which he did. He then said to Krell to get on his knees. Krell taunted Rex, but got down on his knees anyway. Rex then prepared a pistol and Dogma activated a lightsaber, and they both prepared to execute Krell for his treason. However, they were hesitant to do so, as Krell kept taunting them over and over again.

Suddenly, a shot rang out across the room, hitting Krell in the chest, silencing him, and ending his life. But the shot didn't come from Rex's pistol or one of Dogma's pistols. Every turned around, only to see the other Dogma, holding one of Fives' pistols. He panted, saying that he had to do it because Krell had betrayed them.

Soon, LAAT gunships came to extract what was left of the 212th, 501st, Striker Battalion, and Dodge Squad, with a fully-healed BlastHit. As all battalions boarded the gunships, taking the other Dogma into custody in the process, Rex questioned the values of war. Fives replied that he didn't know, but he did know that someday the war was gonna end. Rex then questioned what would happen to the clones then. The answer would be revealed one to two years later, as the gunships took all the battalions from the airbase and back to the cruisers, ending the Battle of Umbara. The battle ended with a Republic victory, but with heavy casualties, especially to the 501st and Striker Battalion. Dogma, Oreo, and Captain Cole then spent the next few weeks trying to recruit more troopers, both fresh from training and from other units, to join Striker Battalion, in hopes of replenishing their troops. Dogma even trained some of them in using scythes and electrostaffs to combat saberstaff-wielding opponets. Soon, however, Dogma was given another mission, one in which Scream and Lady would assist him, Kenobi, Skywalker, and Skywalker's padawan, Ahsoka Tano, once again.

Battle of Kamino Edit

Boomdodger: "'s been a long time since we were here."

Droidpopper: "Yeah, infact I thought we'd never be back here."

Boomdodger: "Yep."

On 21 BBY, the Republic found out that the Separatists had been planning to attack Kamino's capital, Tipoca City, which was the home of the DNA of Jango Fett. Not only was there just the normal old DNA of Jango Fett, but there was also Boomdodger's DNA, the Force-sensitive clone troopers. Of course, he hadn't known that he was Force-sensitive, know one but Devis Trooper and Kahar Zamet did. Jedi Master Paku was with Dodger onboard the Bravier, Boomdodger's ship which is most likely coming to an end.

It was hours later that the attack would begin. Boomdodger and the 374th were on Kamino, their homeworld.
File:Battle of Kamino.jpg
They hadn't been there in at least a lifetime. Really they hadn't been there since about one year ago. They looked around at all the buildings, and soon they entered the barracks. It was such a long time since they were there too.

Soon, Trident ships came bursting out of the walls of the hangar. Clones were blasting everywhere, and most of them died. The droids were everywhere, soon Boomdodger fell back, and went to the barracks to assist Rex, Cody, Echo, Fives, 99, and the other young cadets. Unfortunatly, the droids went there too, but they managed.

Meanwhile, the war soon ended, with the Separatists fleeing really, and Boomdodger also was in the promotion of Echo and Fives, who which became ARC Troopers. Sadly, 99 died during this war.

The Survivors (21 BBY) Edit

"In even the greatest of losses, we shall survive,"

-Quailfire's quote to all of SOTS

On 21 BBY, Boomdodger was met by Alpha-144 who was named Dogma. He spoke of the Survivors of 


the Siege, a group that always survived in a siege. That did happen to Boom a lot, so he decided to join it.

After joining SOTS, Dodger had been in many battles which he survived. That wasn't until there was a big battle, with many clones wounded. Boom had arrived there later, seeing Dogma and Gun Good trying to heal a trooper, until Dogma found out he was dead. They moved on to the next, who was named CT-4445. He was badly injured on the leg and arm, but
Boom said he could help somehow. Examining him, Boom then said there was nothing he could do. Just then Clone Trooper Kix arrived. He tried to heal the clone, but an instant later they all heard a big sound. From around the corner was a Sith. Boomdodger pulled out his blasters, and started to fire at it. The Sith blocked, and used the Force to push Boom away. From the corner the injured trooper was on, the troops were gone, even the injured trooper. At the feet of where the injured trooper would slightly stand, he saw a thermal detonator. With a slight surprise, he quickly ran for an edge nearby, and jumped off into the grassy plains of Maridun. From the back of the base he jumped off of, Boom saw a whole battalion of clones, ready for action. And in the back of them was Gun, Dogma, and many more including the injured clone trooper. Once Boom got to the back, the clones marched into action since there were still droids. And just as it says, even in the greatest of losses, the SOTS shall always survive, even if it means being shot down, or being in an explosion.

Funeral of Master Paku (20 BBY)Edit

At some point, General Paku died at the hands of General Grievous. Boomdodger had attended his funeral, in honor of the old aged Jedi, the other Jedi mourned just as well. Everyone weeped in tears, including Paku's padawan, Mia Roads. The funeral ended in tears, as everyone also wore their black cloth, and white clone trooper 'garments' as Boom called them.

Separatist Supply Lines (20 BBY) Edit

'Boomdodger: I'm in deep here, advisor."

Clone advisor: "Good, 'cause the Seppies have something called, 'supply lines.'"

Boomdodger: "What, little boxes of big supplies?"

On 20 BBY, about two months after Paku's funeral, Boomdodger was informed by his advisor that he had to
stop the Separatists in a very special way. Inside the Ebon Hawk, the ship which Devis owned, Boomdodger received a call from his advisor, with a special mission.
Skirmish on Corellia Edit

During the supply lines of the Seppies, a war had been going on on Corellia. Dodge Squad was told that they'd have a special mission there, without the 374th since of Dodge had their Alpha class ARC Trooper ranks. They were to get information on the supply lines, and escape uninjured in any particular way. Boom didn't feel it would go out well. Really, they had to at least get the information back to the Chancellor on Coruscant.

As Boomdodger rode BARC speeders with BlastHit, and Droidpopper, to catch up with BlastCharge and Snapshot at the base of a mountain. They had been trying to climb it, but Boom noticed that BlastCharge had broken his leg. Luckily Snapshot was the squad's medic. He tried to heal the wounded BlastCharge, but couldn't, and it seemed he was going to die. Boomdodger took off his helmet, and held it near his waiste. He said they had to get up the mountain somehow. But they couldn't was the thing. Then he heard a clanking sound, and steps in the snow, knowing it wasn't any Dodge Squad members. They all turned to see BX-series commando droids ambushing them. In an instant, Boomdodger shot one to the ground using his pistol. Then Droidpopper dodged a droid's blast with a duck, and came back up behind the droid, and giving it a head butt. Snapshot picked up BlastCharge, who thought he could walk himself, but he couldn't, especially when he got shot in the back by a commando. He fell to the ground, but Snapshot helped him up again. Quickly, and while running listened for his heart beating. It was going very slowly, and then a commando shot BlastCharge in the back again. He fell to the ground, and Snapshot couldn't carry him. He just left him, and ran. Even if it wasn't the clone way to do, BlastCharge had already died. As the others ran, Boomdodger ran backwards, blasting droids, then quickly turning, and running with the others.

It was sad that Charge had died, but Dodge Squad had to finish their mission. Boom called for Dodge 48, which had been Droidpopper. He said to scout the perimiter for any ways up, or into the droid base located in the mountain. Droidpopper ran out, looking for a good place. But Boomdodger spotted something peculiar, that looked medal, and couldn't call Droidpopper back since he was too far, plus something else sounded peculiar. He heard gasps and clanking, which made Boom run out, to see Droidpopper gone. Boomdodger called for BlastCharge, and Snapshot to help him get to the medal object, which seemed like a door. They thought they'd find Droidpopper in there. As they walked in, there was a factory, but the conveyor belts had boxes in them. On the other side of the factory, was a window, with Droidpopper on the other side of it, but he was being carried by the cyborg General Grievous. Boomdodger lead the three surviving men through the factory, to the other side, where they broke through the window, sending Grievous to flee. Why had he been so scared of Boom? Luckily the information was in that room, which they got, and escaped with, and another lucky thing was, Droidpopper was okay, but with a tiny injury.

Battle of SarrishEdit


In the year 20 BBY, the Galactic Republic targeted holdings of the Confederacy of Independent Systemsthroughout the Outer Rim Territories in a campaign termed the Outer Rim Sieges. Following a victory at Duro, a Republic Navy fleet chased the Separatists along the Corellian Trade Spine hyperlane into the Expansion Region. They ended up in the Vensensor sector, which was represented by Senator Veedaaz Awmetth in the Republic Senate, at the edge of Separatist-loyal space. Sarrish, one of the worlds of the sector, became the site of contention between entrenched forces from the Separatist Droid Army and the Grand Army of the Republic's 212th Attack Battalion, led by High Jedi General Obi-Wan Kenobi and Marshal Commander CC-2224, nicknamed "Cody."

The BattleEdit
Boomdodger simply stood as his console on board the cruiser Deathwing. Only realizing that he got a message from the planet Sarrish of the Outer Rim Territories. Republic forces were screaming, and momentarily the console simply said, <MESSAGE DOWN>. Boomdodger knew he had to get help, in which he called for the famous Dodge
Squad. Only one member had recently died. BlastCharge.

He later rode on the Gun Dark to the surface, in which seemed to be a large massacre. Blasts from the droids were everywhere, causing the Gun Dark to topple over, making the troops inside it fall out to the surface. The gunship then flew back to the atmosphere.

Seeing clones behind a gunship for cover, they swiftly ran to it. It had members of the 212th, and at least two clone commandos including CC-5576-39 nicknamed "Gregor" and Boss. They talked about the battle and how they'd escape. But there was a giant massacre.

Soon they had a plan. They'd have Gregor and Snapshot distract the droids by running across the field, while the others called for a gunship to pick up the survivors. Doing just that, it soon came, and Gregor was "missing in action" during the distraction, and Snapshot was the only one left. He told them to go and leave him. He risked his life. He hid behind boxes, shooting battle droids around him. He then realized there were too many, so he shot a nuclear can, and it caused the others to blow, killing him and the droids.

The Swift Eagle (21 BBY) Edit

Sometime after the 374th's mission on Dantooine, Dodge Squad, which had only four members now, were on a patrol, but soon Boom tripped on a medal object. He ordered Dodge 48, 49, and 51 to dig it up with him.

The results had been a large ship, which Boomdodger took for himself. But luckily that was the end of the patrol, so he decided to ride it back. Over the entrance of the ship, inside it, it said Swift Eagle and then under that it said A Smuggler's Ship. Boom maybe wasn't a smuggler, but he would take it.

Crisis (20 BBY) Edit

Boomdodger: "You're a Sith, of course."

Slick: "You know of me?"

Boomdodger: "No, but I know of the Sith, I have battled many."

Around 20 BBY, Boomdodger was onboard the Ravager, his new flagship that he got after the destruction of the Bravier on Kamino. In the bridge, he waited for the rest of the Brave Fleet to arrive, but it took them forever. Soon he was attacked, attacked by what seemed to be Sith. Blasting their way through, Dodge Squad made their way for the hangar. The Swift Eagle was waiting for them. As they stepped in, they also got into the bridge and took off for Kamino.
File:Dodge Squad Fight.jpg

On the world of Kamino, Dodge Squad was attacked by a Seppy cruiser, but they weren't anywhere near Tipoca luckily. Out of the cruiser jumped the Sith that attacked Ravager. He landed on the roof, bringing out his sabers. The others, Dodge 47, Dodge 48, Dodge 49, and Dodge 51 got up on the roof, and started firing. It was a big battle, and then the Sith revealed himself. He said he was Slick ShadowKnight of the ShadowKnight Family, a family of pure Sith blood. Then he used the Force to push them all. Then Boomdodger go up, and quickly switched his blaster to stun. Very quickly he fired it, and it hit Slick, causing him to fall. The other Dodges got up, and picked the Sith up, as Boomdodger picked up the lightsaber. Carefully, he turned it on, the red blade shined in his face, as if he knew he would carry it once. Then he deactivated it, and told Dodge 48 and 51 to put him in the prison cell onboard the ship. They did just that.

Soon Slick awoke, and heard docking. He looked through the door, to see that clones that weren't a part of Dodge Squad, but another squad had been walking on. One had the name 'Jett' written in Aurebesh on his leg. Slick grinned. Boomdodger saw him grinning, and walked over. He asked why the grin? Slick just said
File:Boom's Laugh.jpg
he liked grinning, scum. Boomdodger said I don't take scum as a word. Slick said that Sith are like Jedi, then Boomdodger laughed. He knew everything about a Jedi. Slick wondered why, but felt a strong disturbance in the Force, two of them actually. The ship took off a few minutes ago, and then there was a boom. Boom ran to the cockpit, and telling the one named Gurfstation to keep watching Slick. Once he got to the cockpit, nothing was outside, and he went to the main hold. Jett was hacking into the computer, and Boomdodger shot him in the arm. Then Jett magically turned into a Sith. He pushed Boom away, and went to free Slick. Boom ran to the prison, to see that Gurfstation was on the ground, breathing. Boom looked in the hangar, where a Sith fighter had landed, then the two Sith jumped in, taking off.

Boomdodger quickly hopped into the pilot's seat, and turned auto pilot off. Then he grabbed the controls, and started a pursuit between Swift Eagle and the Sith cruiser known as Dreadnaught. They came upon Tipoca, and flew around and over it's buildings. They came out of it, and going up into space, towards the Ravager. Ravager fired it's weapons once the Dreadnaught came upon it, and in an instant, it was blasted by the turrets, and down, down it fell toward not Kamino, but Felucia. The Swift Eagle was right on Dreadnaught's tail, watching it crash in the horizon. It landed beside it on top of a large hill. He told Gurfstation and Droidpopper to keep watch, as he went to investigate. Boomdodger put on his Phase II helmet, and grabbed his two DC-17 hand pistols, and set off.


The Sith cruiser had crashed beside what seemed to be a large tower. Once he got to the crashed Sith, he didn't see anyone, thinking they were vaporized in the crash. But then Boomdodger was lifted in the air. He was put on top of the tower, revealing Slick, Jett, and Slick's apprentice: Cash. Jett pushed Boomdodger into a cell, using the Force. The door was closed, and then Slick used Force-lightning to zap Boomdodger, but thought he'd die instantly since he was a clone. But he didn't, the disturbance came back to him. Boomdodger fell asleep.

Boomdodger awoke inside the cell. His stomach growled. He said he was hungry, and the Sith just threw in the food. Boomdodger asked why he was put in the cell, as if he were needed, and the Sith answered they felt a great disturbance in the Force, and thought it was Boom. Boomdodger denied, though he could do what he called Mind trick. The Sith walked away after a talk, then Boomdodger got a call from Alpha 13, and Null 11 Ordo. Nau'ur Ordo came in. Boomdodger told them he was captured, then Ember told Boomdodger to rememebr his training, if he was an Alpha-ARC, then he was born for this. The call went off, then Boomdodger knew what to do. He saw a key above the door, outside the cell. The Sith weren't looking, so he reached out for it. He couldn't reach it, but closed his eyes, believing he could. Then the key magically came to him, and he unlocked the door. The Swift Eagle still awaited Boomdodger at the hill, and Boomdodger quietly set bombs, and in an instant, it blew, and the Sith jumped off, as soon as they knew. Boomdodger did the same, and ran to the Eagle. He told it to start taking off, and it did just that, and he jumped on before it really did. The Sith watched as it took off, and Slick knew he'd meet Boomdodger again, and that would be the final battle.

Chasing Ahsoka Tano Edit

After the Bombing of the Jedi Temple Hangar, Boomdodger was put on guard duty at the Republic military base to guard the the suspect Letta Turmond. One night, Ahsoka Tano said Turmond had requested her precense, into which Fox let her through, and Boomdodger lead Tano to Turmond. Ahsoka told them to give her a minute and they left.

Inside the main room, Boomdodger watched the screen with Fox. Apparently it looked like Tano was choking Turmond, but strangely the sound hadn't been working. They grabbed their weapons and ran to the cell. When they got there Turmond was already dead and Tano was taken into custody.

Later Tano was found out to have escaped, and the chase began. General Skywalker and CT-7567 known as "Rex" came along and the chase just got worst. They chased her all the way to a pipe with water leading down to the Underworld. Just as Rex, Fox, and Boomdodger arrived, Ahsoka jumped onto a ship going down into it, and they returned to the Jedi Temple.

The UnderworldEdit

Later they searched the Underworld for Tano in two teams. One lead by Skywalker, the other lead by Plo Koon. Rex assisted Skywalker and Boomdodger in the first group while Wolffe assisted Plo Koon. There was eventually a call from the guards there that Ahsoka had been on Level 1312. But she escaped with Asajj Ventress.

Later Wolffe stunned her when she was surrounded by bombs, and that made her even more guilty. They then took her to the court, and the trials would begin. Would she be guilty? Or would she pass?

The TrialsEdit

After the trial with the Jedi Council, Ahsoka was proven guilty, and would be in court in front of the whole Republic. All Boomdodger knew was that Captain Tarkin was not representing Tano, and Padme` Amidala was. When it came, Chancellor Palpatine asked if she was guilty, in which there was a no. Then Tarking began his speech. Soon Boomdodger realized Anakin Skywalker wasn't there, and he'd been trying to prove that Ahsoka was not guilty.

Soon he arrived just before Palpatine said if Ahsoka was guilty or not, and revealed Barriss Offee was behind all of this. She explained how the Jedi Order was falling, and that struck grief into Ahsoka. She was taken to the prison, and Ahsoka was not guilty.

Anakin offered to have Ahsoka join the Jedi Order again, but she did not accept this, and she left Coruscant.

Kashyyyk Edit

"Towards the end guys, c'mon!" -Receiver

On 19 BBY, towards the end of the Clone Wars, the 374th were on Kashyyyk, as a war goes on. Mygeeto,
File:Great Jedi Purge.jpg
Felucia, many planets were in peril. Boomdodger was on the front linse, noticing he was out of ammo. Mia Roads, one of the leaders of the 374th, was blocking blasts, sensing something was not right. Boom put his pistols in his pocket, and from his back pulled out a Z-6 rotary blaster cannon. He blasted away.

Execute Order 66Edit

As he collected more ammo with Receiver and Roads. He saw Gree getting a message from what looked like a Sith. In an instant, he got the exact same message. It was mentioning something about Order 66. Boom was confused. But he turned to see Receiever aiming his pistol at Mia's head. Boom kicked him down, grabbing his pistol, and shooting him. He turned to Yoda, who was with Tarfful and Chewbacca. Yoda held his saber at a ready position, but felt a disturbance in the Force. Boom looked over the edge, to see Luminara Unduli being killed. Then he turned to Yoda, with a shake of his head.

Running to his ship with Mia, Boomdodger made sure no clone saw him. He ran into Swift Eagle with M1-L0 waiting. In an instant, clones spotted them taking off. They started to fire. But luckily they escaped.

After being called by Devis, he set of for Alderaan.

Galactic Civil War (0 BBY-4 ABY)Edit

The Rebel AllianceEdit

"They were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Naturally they became heroes." Leia Organa

On the date of 18 BBY, Boomdodger, Mia, and Imone arrived on Alderaan with the Swift Eagle. Little did he know Devis was already there, but Kahar and Flash had still been trying to arrived onboard the Defender. Devis told Boom that they would form an alliance, but it would take some time for it to be established.

Many years soon passed, and it had been 0 BBY. The alliance was formed, and after a tratorous battle over Yavin IV, the alliance had flown to Hoth.

Protection with the Survivors (2 ABY)Edit


On 2 ABY, Boomdodger was informed by his old leader, SaiTorr Ecwropri that he was to go to Coruscant in secret, and into a luxury home, where he'd meet all the other survivors of the Survivors of the Siege in a special meeting. Once he got there, SaiTorr started to announce a speech. He also asked Boomdodger to stand guard while he did. So Boomdodger pulled out his sniper rifle, and watched for anything suspicious. Soon the announcement was over, and Boomdodger was met by his old brother, Gun Good. Two Force-sensitives. During the speech, SaiTorr spoke of Kamino. It made Boomdodger scared that it was in peril. So soon after the meeting, he'd leave for Kamino. But Gun Good felt Boomdodger was scared, which he was. Boomdodger denied as many times as he could, but soon confessed he was. So Gun said he'd come with Boomdodger onboard the Swift Eagle to go to Kamino.

Skirmish on HothEdit

"Go, go, go! We cannot let the Imperial Army win!" -Boomdodger before his escape

On the snowy world of Hoth, very unlike to Carlac, the Rebels had made a base known as Echo. Not only when Boom was on his computer, listening to Han and Leia fight about different things, but it was that he always had a virus.

That wasn't until one day the Imperial Army attacked. The Rebels got into ditches, and some that were pilots got into snowspeeders. But Boom couldn't stay to fight, he went with Kahar, and Xander to fly to the gas planet Bespin's Cloud City.

Betrayal on BespinEdit

"We got to do something. We cannot leave Captain Solo in carbonite," -Boomdodger

Once arriving on gas planet Bespin, Boomdodger and his allies were invited to a dinner with Lando Calrissian. Agreeing, they walked through corridors with Lando. Lando was Han Solo's good friend, despite Chewbacca. Little did they know once it happened, Darth Vader was waiting. Solo was taken prisoner, with the others captive. But they'd be let free once they 'experimented' with Solo. Finding out he'd be turned to carbonite. Later they were forced to escape, trying to take Solo with them, but he was taken away by Boba Fett to Tatooine to be a reward for Jabba the Hutt.

Jabba's Sail BargeEdit

On Tatooine, after recovering Han Solo, and trying to escape, the famous Rebels are captured by Jabba Desilijic Tiure. They were going to be fed by him to the Sarlacc. Luke Skywalker was first, but he managed to escape. They were all given weapons by Artoo, and the skirmish began.

At some point, Boomdodger was pushed by a guard into the Sarlacc. Devis saw that he fell in, and grabbed a stick froom a guard, and kicked him in. Devis put the pole beside Boom, which he grabbed. The sarlacc's tounge grabbed Boomdodger's ankle, but with the toss of a gun by Kahar, he blasted the tongue. Brang back up, Boomdodegr continued fighting. It wasn't until later they had won the battle, leaving to Home One...

Assault over EndorEdit

"Alright men, this is for the Rebel Alliance. For the Republic. For victory!" -Boomdodger to his personal platoon onboard Home One

After a briefing on Home One, a platoon of Rebels set off for Endor's surface. But the real battle took place
File:Battle of Endor-Victory.jpg
in space. Inside Home One's docking bay, the Swift Eagle stood beside Ebon Hawk and Millenium Falcon. Han Solo allowed Lando to pilot the Falcon, but only if he promised not to get a scratch on it, Lando had promised.

The fight began later, and it was insane. The one named Atom was piloting an X-wing fighter. The Swift Eagle teamed up with the X-wing here, and helped it to destroy a Super Star Destroyer. They blasted at its top, as they destroyed, destroying it. Then Swift Eagle got a call to help destroy the core of the Death Star.

They flew threw, quickly, swiftly. TIE Fighters came out of the walls, but they managed. The Millenium Falcon, Ebon Hawk, and the Swift Eagle came to the core, firing each two ST2 concusion missles. They quickly turned, and flew for it. The explosion was right behind them. The Swift Eagle flew out first, then the other two. They flew to Endor to 'party' after everything. The Rebels won the war. Victory.

New Republic eraEdit

Learning the Jedi WaysEdit

"Boomdodger, how would you like to be a Jedi?" -Devis to Boom

On 5 ABY, Boomdodger was alone in his quarters onboard the Endar Spire, Devis' cruiser. Devis soon knocked, and Boom allowed him to walk in. In fact he'd allow someone like Kahar or Devis to walk in without knocking. Devis walked on, straight and tall. Then he asked if Boom wanted to be a Jedi. Boomdodger knew it was a great honor to be a Jedi, and at first denied, but Devis pushed him to do it. Boomdodger sighed and accepted.

The Apprentice of DevisEdit

Boomdodger's first training lesson was in Endar Spire's training room. He was supposed to lift things with the Force, and dodge blasts with a lightsaber. It went well. Boomdodger never knew he was Force-sensitive until now. He also did dodging the blasts fine. Later, he was to duel Thorn Set. When he did that, he did just fine, except still needed to work on lightsaber dueling. But the Force was strong within Boomdodger.

Journey to the Old RepublicEdit

Boomdodger: "What was it like in the Old Republic?"

Devis: "Old . . . in fact I also know Kahar was in the time, you should ask him."

Boomdodger: "Where is he?"

Devis: "Should be arriving shortly."

―Boomdodger and Devis regard the Old Republic


Sometime after becoming a Jedi, Boomdodger was told by Devis that he'd be going on a "journey" to the Old Republic, which was apart of his training. There he'd learn by Revan how to learn the ways of the dark side energy. This meant he'd learn how to utilize Force lightning and etcetera.

A portal was located in the Jedi Temple. This was a portal that would take him to the Old Republic to begin a weekly training from Revan himself. But this was the restored Revan―somewhat a Jedi. Revan's story ended recently before where Boom would arrive in the Old Republic era. In fact it was towards when Devis was Revan's apprentice. It was like as if they were buddies, and they would be great ones toward the Clone Wars and so on.

Revan's story began when he was just a Jedi around his twenty-thirties. Eventually after the Mandalorian Wars he became a Sith Lord with his "apprentice" Malak. Once meeting the Sith Emperor they continued their journey during their reign as Sith. Eventually after being captured by Bastila Shan, he had his memory wiped. He then started his second Jedi journey. Eventually he confronted Malak one last time, over Lehon onboard the Star Forge. Winning against his Sith apprentice, and peace was there until more Sith arose during the time of Darth Bane.

Once walking through the portal, with a wave goodbye, Boomdodger saw nothing but the landscape of Coruscant. The Jedi Temple was nearby, and he though landed in the good old Training Temple that he trained in at his time. In his "disguise" padawan robes even though he was a Knight, he approached Room T16, where Revan and Devis was. Knocking on the door, he opened it. Revan and his apprentice turned to face the door.

Learning the Dark ArtsEdit

Though Revan had lost his memory, he agreed to teach Boomdodger the dark side energy. First he tought Boomdodger the choke. All he had to do really was lift the victim up, and start clenching his hand, tighter and tighter. And the way Boomdodger would not turn to the dark side was if he never often used it, which he promised. He also learned something called Sider. It allowed him to choose a side when using dark side energy. Then eventually he learned the hardest. . .Force lightning.

Revan told him he had to bring in the dark side energy, and as a Jedi had to make sure it didn't corrupt him. Doing as told, Boomdodger allowed the dark side to come. Then instants later, a spark came out of his finger tips. . .lightning. He did it. Eventually after a night of dinner, Boomdodger left for his time, looking at the image of Revan on the way. Then putting that image in his head quickly, a flash of light came upon him. He was home. Boom demonstrated his new skills to the Jedi, in amazement.

A New LifeEdit


The Mandalorian Guild.

He dissapeared before him, becoming uncounscious, Boomdodger saw the image of Devis on the cruiser Endar Spire. It wasn't until moments later he realized what had happened, the Sith had nearly killed him though Boom's eternal life. Devis saved him, but then the ship became an earthquake. It was going down, towards the planet Concord Dawn. There was a sudden sound of blaster fire, causing Devis to back up, using his speed to get to the escape pods, not bringing Boom.

Boomdodger was picked up by the leader of the figures that attacked the ship, using their ship in the hangar to get down to the surface. Later Boomdodger awoke from his sleep, seeing what seemed like Mandalorians all around him. One had red torso armor, with golden boots, gloves, and helmet. But he took off his helmet to see a familiar figure, which caused Boomdodger to flash back to a sudden scene, but he still couldn't remember who it was.

Another that had his helmet off, had grey hair and brown eyes. His sideburns went all the way to his grey beard, also being accompanied by a grey mustache. His hair was slightly twisty, but just by the side. He wore a hard, red shirt that seemed more like iron, with a grey bandoleer going over his left shoulder. He looked down at him, looking at the one that seemed familiar. He grinned, and nodded.

The man that had grey hair mentioned his name was Aloquar Ordo of the Mandalorian Guild. Boomdodger replied with asking what the Mandalorian Guild was, and who he was. Aloquar frowned at this, realizing this man that was similiar to the one with the golden helmet had lost his memory. Aloquar answered that it was a guild of Mandalorians, in which were on no sides but theirs, and worked as basically mercenaries. Boomdodger only nodded, looking over to the man with the golden helmet. He told him that they both seemed familiar.

The man nodded, saying his name was Nau'ur Ordo, and basically the child of Alor. Boomdodger asked who Alor was, with an answer of Aloquar. Boomdodger got up, asking what happened, and also saying they still didn't answer who he was. Nau'ur answered that his name was Boomdodger, but in time it was most likely he'd get a new name. They also answered that he had lost his memory after a battle with a Sith Lord. Boomdodger hadn't known who he was, and what a Sith was.

They replied to that by saying a Sith, was one they could work for, but also enemies to the Jetii. Boomdodger asked what a Jetii was, and what language they spoke in. They replied to saying in Boom's language it meant
Jedi, and Boomdodger flash backed again. They said the Jedi were peacekeepers, and that they belonged on Coruscant. They also told Boom that he was once a Jedi, but they'd be able to give him a new life in the Mandalorian Guild. Boomdodger seemed nervous, but replied with an okay. He hopped out of the medical bed, asking Alor where there was a refreshment room. Alor smiled, and lead him to the room.
Joining the Mando Ver'verd'tsadEdit

Boomdodger arrived in the refreshment room five minutes or so later. One last time, he asked Alor that they were offering him a new life. He nodded, and walked off. Boomdodger though a moment, looking at gear on a rack with a sign on it written in Mando'a, but Aurebesh under it, 'BOOMDODGER.' He stared at it, it had a golden helmet like Nau'ur's, but with blue lines on the side, and a Mandalorian sign on the top side, that went along with golden gloves and boots. The torso armor was simple Mandalorian armor with blue markings. He then decided his future.

Khaled Mereel and Nau'ur Ordo awaited Boomdodger in the mess hall. As they saw him approach, Nau'ur, or as the Mandos called him, Corn Bread, noticed Boom staring at him. Eventually Khaled had told Boomdodger after they had a meal that they were going on a tour of the base. Boom gave a curious look, but agreed that he must have a preview of the guild.

They came upon the training room in about two hours once they started the tour. It was filled with Mandalorians in training, which Boomdodger would soon become. Nau'ur informed Boomdodger that training took place each evening. Boomdodger saw a woman in red Mandalorian gear, who seemed important and was watching the Mandos train. He had asked who it was, and it was revealed by Khaled that it was the general Mirta Brokar. She seemed fierce even without seeing her face, and Khaled told Boom not to get on her bad side.

Months later, when he was in the middle of his training, Boomdodger was asked by Ferrigo Prosstang for help on the planet Ryloth. He flew on a cruiser to Ryloth, where there had been droid survivors from the Clone Wars. He then had a flashback, able to control his mind after a swift scene. Later during the battle, since of all the help Boomdodger gave, Ferrigo asked him if Boomdodger would like to be part of Clan Prosstang. Boomdodger though for moments, saying he'd join it, and Ferrigo then said, 'Welcome ad'ika,' which meant son.

The GuildEdit
Dealing with JabbaEdit

Around a week after Boomdodger joined the guild, Boomdodger was stationed with Avra Radum to go with him throughout the galaxy. One day they were called by Beviin Kabur, Mirta Brokar, and many other of the guild members to Jabba's Palace on Tatooine. They were yet told that they had been summoned, or hired by Jabba to work for him, gathering Bantha meat, guarding the castle, and more. Avra had told Boomdodger to work for Jabba, yet do it unwillingly. The Hutts were scum to him. Agreeing, Boomdodger followed Avra to their ship, the Resistable.

Tatooine's surface was nothing but remote sand, Banthas, and skeletons. Few huts were spread across the surface, nearby was the town of Mos Eisley. Jabba's Palace was one hundred meters away from where the Resistable landed. The large, rocky pillars that Avra and Boomdodger would have to go around stood in their way. The castle nearby itself was surrounded by rocks, built ontop a hill, with a cave underneath. The Sarlacc at the Great Pit of Carkoon was nearby, where Jabba would feed his enemies.

Avra looked to Boomdodger, who looked back. They then continued on on their BARC Speeders, going to the palace.

The throne room itself was packed with smugglers and bounty hunters of all sorts. It was packed with other people too, included Jabba Desilijic Tuire himself, and his personal protocol droid. Avra and Boomdodger couldn't navigate through the throne room, in which they had been looking for Table 2. Just as they heard a familiar voice, they turned their heads to see Beviin Kabur waiting. He nodded, waving a hand telling them to take a seat.

They then had their talk about working with Jabba, yet going to do it unwillingly. They didn't want to work for Jabba that much, at least some of them. The meeting with the other members of the guild was a little while, and
eventually Boomdodger found out this wasn't Jabba they were encountering. It was another unidentified Hutt. Jabba had died years ago! Boomdodger and Avra went to deal with him.
Memory ReturnEdit


"<It is me!>"

Around 9 ABY Boomdodger was on the surface of Mandalore when he heard a beep behind him. He saw that there was a green droid, rolling toward him. He drew his weapon, feeling a shock in his mind. The droid then showed a hologram of him in a Jedi form. He then remembered everything, he remembered who he was! He then felt anger inside him. He grabbed his lightsabers, then took off for the guild, ready to be confronted.

When he got to Aloquar, he told him he wanted to know why they took him in. Why they stole his old life. Aloquar answered that they saved him from a ship about to be blown up. Boomdodger just stared, and activated his sabers. He then looked to Ferrigo Prosstang, which caused him to be stunned. He wasn't going to kill them. Maybe Aloquar knew this was to come. The battle then began.

It took an hour to finish, and eventually he deactivated his sabers. He fell to the ground looking around him, and he knew he was really a friend to them. They saved his life. He had a new family. A new affiliation. He had vode. He then left Mandalore, and took off for Coruscant with his astromech, and would help the Mandalorian Guild anytime. He was a Jedi Mercenary.

Sith HolocronsEdit

Boomdodger saw the shuttle coming in for a landing. Out from it came Gun Good and Dogma Blarthfire. Boomdodger explained to them how he got word from the Jedi Temple that there were Sith Holocrons here on Mustafar. It obviously explained why they landed outside a Sith library.

Once they found the first holocron, they were in for a surprise. A low voice sprung to life, and Dogma knew who's it was. Malgus. It was the gatekeeper of the holocron, and dark magic came out, trying to possess the three. But they ran for the exit, where it was safe. But Boomdodger was grabbed on the way, being possessed, but he managed to destroy it with his lightsaber. Dark magic corrupted him, but he managed to stay on the light side with dark powers, kind of like his master. Later they found the other, destroyed it easily since Boomdodger
was now immune to dark side energy, and found out that the last one was on Umbara.

When they got to Umbara, it turns out there was a Sith Academy. The Sith were waiting, so they easily fought, decades to three. Soon they got to the Holocron, and found out it was being guarded by a Sith who said he was known as Lavastun or something. They dueled him until they destroyed the holocron. They left the temple just in time, for it blew up. But the Republic had a new enemy: Darth Lavastun.

Meeting Cryshta MargoEdit

Sometime after Boomdodger recovered his memory on Mandalore, he got a call from the new leader of the Mandalorian Guild, Beviin Kabur, that assistance was needed on Muunilinst. Kabur said something about impending Death Watch attacks, and that caused Boomdodger to swiftly make his way to Swift Eagle, and fly to Muunilinst.

Once he was landing, his cruiser was shot down, causing him to jump out the ship. He crashed on the ground, and saw his ship not severely damaged, however it crashed beside a Mandalorian fighter with the markings of the Margo Clan, a clan which Boomdodger knew of, but never met them. Its leader was Tracy'uur Margo, some human male with a name in English that meant Blaster.

Down over a ledge was a female Mandalorian warrior that was fighting two Death Watch members. She had long dark hair and light skin. One of the Death Watch members spotted Boomdodger, and used his jetpack to fly up and encounter Boomdodger. It was a good thing Boom was trained, because this Death Watch member was fast, but with one fire of Boomdodger's pistol, he took out the Mandalorian, and continued to helping the female.

The Death Watch member took her down, and she stood there on the ground, ready to be dead. Fortunately a sudden lightsaber blade with the color of red went through the Death Watch's neck, and he stood there. Boomdodger used his hilt to touch his head, and it fell off his head, and he fell to the ground. He gave his hand to the female warrior, and she got up.

She thanked him, and soon they did the rest of the mission together. She said her name was Cryshta Margo of the Margo Clan. Boomdodger asked her if she wanted to come to his quarters on Coruscant to "talk." They did this, and realized their bond grew bigger and stronger.

A New ApprenticeEdit

On 15 ABY, Boomdodger got his first apprentice when he was a Jedi Master. The first apprentice's name was Mal, Mal Skyclanker. But many years later on 500 ABY, Boomdodger got a new apprentice who's name was Ambigious Gay, but like to call him either Gay or A.G. sometimes. Boomdodger vowed not to teach him the Jar'Dai, until he was better in growth, and more of a Jedi Master.


Mal Skyclanker was a human male born sometime after the Clone Wars ended on 19 BBY. He was found out to be a Force-sensitive on 1 BBY. Later on 15 ABY, he was taken the apprentice of Boomdodger, and he trained to be a Jedi Master. Soon he had succeeded, and sat in the Jedi Council, but hadn't been sitting in the High Jedi Council like his master.


Ambigious Gay was a human male, like Mal, and was born on 485 ABY. On 500 ABy at age fifteen he had gotten a speeder from his soon-to-be master, and at the time he was orphaned. Days later he was officially an apprentice to Boomdodger. Boomdodger vowed not to teach him the Jar'Dai, until he was better aged, and a complete Jedi Master. Soon he had stolen the scroll to learn it, which was located in Boomdodger's quarters, and read it, and he learned the Jar'Dai and performed it in Boom's face on accident. But he was still his apprentice, from that point and on. He was given eternity by Boom himself. Ambigious Gay sat on the Jedi High Council.

Return of Marka RagnosEdit

"Ragnos? I am not aware of him," Boomdodger

"An enemy from the Old Republic. I fear something bad is coming," -Devis

On 14 ABY, the Jedi High Council received a message from the one called Marka Ragnos. He was saying for the Jedi to come get him, try and defeat me. So Devis said he'd go, and no one else. Once he
got there, he was being taken down easily, but then Boomdodger came along. He took over for his master.
The DuelEdit

Boomdodger allowed Devis to escape. Even though he was eternal, Boomdodger felt he'd die, and again even though he can't. Many times Boomdodger was cut, and soon was forced to escape. Once he started escaping, Marka cut his right hand off, then Boomdodger used his left to Force-push Marka away. Boomdodger ran faster, and came upon Swift Eagle. He flew it to Coruscant with one hand, which is why he turned on auto pilot.

Once he got there, he was sent to the medical bay. He layed there in a bed, Devis sat at the other side. Devis clutched his fist, and vowed that he would never, ever, let a Sith, or enemy touch or hurt any of his friends again.

Rise of the Fallen JediEdit

On 13 ABY Devis completed his training in the new lightsaber cross and was about to invade Marka Ragnos' temple but then a shuttle landed outside the Jedi Temple. A hooded man walked into the temple with a red Twi'lek. Most of the Jedi Masters walked to the man when Devis saw a gunship coming his way he ran out of the way. When it crashed they man show his face, it was Marka Ragnos. All the Masters and every Jedi activated their lightsaber then the gunship opened up a revealed a little kid with a blue lightsaber and a bunch of Sith.


He was inside a bacta tank for about two days now. Boomdodger was floating inside Tank 464. Despite he was in the medical bay, he could sense the battle outside. His eyes were closed, and in an instant, the waters walked away. Boomdodger fell to the ground.

Boomdodger looked up to see a Sith looking down at him. He asked Boomdodger to join him, but Boom denied. Then he saw his sabers on a table beside the bacta tank, and used the Force to pick them up, and pull them to him. In an instant he stabbed the Sith in the stomache, and ran out to join the battle outside.

The Fallen Jedi ArmyEdit
Boomdodger ran out to the hangar to see a massive massacre. Devis was killing Sith like crazy, one by one. He looked to the right to see Marka Ragnos charging at him. He was kicked, and landed near Devis, who looked
down at him, with Boomdodger looking back up. Then Devis went to Ragnos, and engaged him in a lightsaber duel. But Boomdodger still just layed there, then got up and saw Devis losing his battle already.

Marka Ragnos readied his saber, pointing it at Devis, but then all of a sudden, a hole appeared through him, with a light green blade going through his stomache. He started to fall, but then Ragnos' head was cut off by Devis' lightsaber. Dodger was revealed to be standing behind Marka, with his lightsaber activated, then turned off. Then the Sith Army fled, without a leader they couldn't fight, and the Jedi Temple was safe.

Raid on Coruscant (15 ABY) Edit


During 15 ABY, Boomdodger had been sitting in his chair with the Jedi High Council. His master, Devis Trooper was sitting with him as well, but there was also Kahar Zamet. But then they got a call from someone, which made
File:The Death of Jedi Temple.jpg
Devis go to the planet Tython. He eventually returned, yes. But at the time there was a big battle. The Battle of Coruscant finally began, even though it wasn't supposed to be. The battle then started, and was being lead by a sith.
The Sith Edit

As a giant cruiser landed in the temple's hangar, and a Sith walked out. He looked like to have his face, but that is because he did. They started lightsaber combat, but Boomdodger hesitated to kill, or injure his brother, since it was RC-0905, or Blast Radum. But then suddenly a saber came through his chest, and it was his squad mate who was a Jedi named JinLo. After that, they found out bombs were set in the temple, and there was no deactivating them. So they all had to escape, even the injured Blast.

Evacuation Edit

As everyone escaped the Jedi Temple, Boomdodger noticed Kahar Zamet was missing. He spotted him under a large pillar which had fallen, so he ran over, and used the Force to lift the pillar, making Kahar escape. Then once they escaped, the temple blew to smithereens, with flames everywhere. Then they saw the Ebon Hawk take off in the distance. Eventually Devis Trooper returned, and showed them an asteroid, and there he built a Jedi Temple, and best of had a force field around it so it wouldn't be attacked. But Coruscant was also still in command of the Republic.

Rise of the NecromancersEdit

"This . . . this can't be possible. The Sith are rising again! As . . . necromancers."

On 20 ABY Boomdodger was invited to a vacation with Spectra Phantom and Cody Starlight on Tatooine. They had a drink at Mos Eisley Cantina, and were pulled into a booth by a Rodian who called himself Quanto. He said he had a mission for them, a bounty. They didn't accept this since for one, they weren't bounty hunters, and for two, even if they were, the details of the mission didn't seem like killing.

Eventually Quanto insisted this, and he said he could use skilled mercenaries to do this, and that's when Spectra and Boom thought about this. Cody just say there, wondering what would happen. That's when they came out of talking and agreed to do this on one condition. They'd have a ten thousand pay for each of them, and a five thousand for Cody.

Quanto grinned and allowed this. Then they entered the the Smacker, Spectra's Aka'jor shuttle, and they were off for Dromund Kaas, which worried Boomdodger for certain reasons he couldn't yet explain. But it have to do with the galaxy.

The Great DemiseEdit

New and final story coming July!



Boomdodger's legacy was not a normal legacy. However he never died, he had many things that continued this legacy. This included his lightsabers. All of his lightsabers, even parts, were a legacy. His training saber, first real lightsaber, second, third which was the broken saber, though dual-wielded so two, and his current red-bladed saber he got from a Sith apprentice of Biggs Mistshriek, though later constructed another orange-bladed saber he constructed on Ilum. He did that because it was easier for him using dual-wield sabers.

Another legacy was his two ships: Swift Eagle and a disguised ship that looked like a mercenary ship, the Malice. The Swift Eagle he got during the Clone Wars. The Malice he constructed during about 9 ABY before a special mission. The enemy at the time would've seen them in the Rebellion ships, so they needed a disguise ship.

In time during the Mandalorian Guild, he was adopted by Ferrigo Prosstang, becoming a member in the Prosstang Clan. Yet he was a Jedi, he was also a Mandalorian mercenary, upon losing his memory. After a time as a Mandalorian, it had returned, upon being in the guild maybe a year. After a deadly fight against the guild alone, he eventually had won, but was being controlled by his anger. He simply stopped the fight, luckily not killing anyone including Aloquar Ordo, Nau'ur Ordo, and his father Ferrigo Prosstang. From that point and on, he was a Mando Jetii that did everything only for the good.

Boomdodger continued to have many legacies. He even continued other legacies l like the one Dogma Blarthfire told him to continue. That was the legacy of Jedi Squad. It comes to show, that the Jedi Code would always take over a legacy. Always to say. . .

There is no emotion, there is peace.

There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.

There is no passion, there is serenity.

There is no death, there is the Force.

Armor and Equipment Edit

During the Clone Wars, Boomdodger wore Alpha-class ARC gear, with a consisting of blue armor markings. He had a light blue visor, and antennas on each side of the helmet, and his breathers were blue on the front, white on the other sides, but on his left breather, had a picture of the Mandalorians, since he was close to them. His body gear included a pauldron and a kama.

As a Jedi, he wore light brown robes during his knightly and master times. He had a hood, covering most of his face, and clone trooper-like boots and gloves. Later as a Jedi he wore adept-like robes, that included a grey hood and cape, black boots and gloves, and a robe-like shirt that was light blue.

Boomdodger wore great gear during the Clone Wars, and good robes as a Jedi, and they helped him to stay safe, and not be 'naked' in any way. Of course he doesn't want to wear a T-shirt or something like that. That would be boring.

In time he came to wearing Jedi/Mandalorian armor. It seemed a bit like Revan's armor, but slightly different. He wore a mask that had the markings of the True Mandalorians, and a symbol with half of the Jedi Order and the other half the True Mandalorians. He wielded one red lightsaber and an orange. Along with gear looking like Revan on the lower part. He wore a Mandalorian chestplate, with the rest of the cloth along the edges.


First LightsaberEdit


Boomdodger's first lightsaber was just a simply training lightsaber that had a silver hilt with a golden top. The bottom was black with a little black 'wheel-like' thing. On the side was a baby blue button, which would activate the blue blade. Inside obviously it carried a blue lightsaber crystal that he found on Ilum when constructing a lightsaber. That Devis told him, he had to find a crystal before sundown, otherwise the ice gates would close and he'd be trapped in the crystal cave for nineteen whole days, or at least a whole rotation. He only used it in training now.

Second LightsaberEdit


Boomdodger's secondary lightsbaber was a two-bladed saber. Each side had a blue lightsaber crystal-powered blade. There were red buttons all over it, but two activated the saber sides. This one was also constructed on Ilum, but he didn't know that training lightsabers weren't often created on Ilum. So that was his second trip there despite the Clone Wars. Meaning as a Jedi. But eventually it had been stolen from a Sith Lord, and the lightsaber was corrupted basically, and red blades started coming out of it instead of blue. This had though been a part of Boomdodger's legacy in fact, it was made on Ilum, and eventually stolen from the Sith Lord, and was actually passed down from Sith apprentice, to Sith apprentice. And yes even though Boomdodger had eternity, he had a legacy.

Personality and Traits Edit


Boomdodger was yes a clone of Jango Fett, though only about half of that was him. He was a Force-sensitive. During his time as a Jedi, he had the worst adventures yet. Even though he used dark side energy to confront his opponents such as Biggs Mistshriek and Lord Scar, he was always attuned to the light side. He was a master of about every Force power. This included mind trick, Force choke, Force lightning, Tutaminis, Force push, Force pull, and so much more. When in lightsaber combat, he would know all the forms, and even combine them. He knew the Form I, Form II, Form III,
Form IV, Form V, Form VI, and Form VII. He even combined multiple of the seven forms, to make Form VIII.

Boomdodger was eternal. He never died. The only way he could've died, which he did, was if a very powerful Force user used an ancient power: the Deatholacta. But when in war with Biggs Mistshriek and Lord Scar, Boomdodger was invincible, though wounded badly a million times. He was always accompanied by his master Devis Trooper, his temporary master, Kahar Zamet, sometimes but hardly Flash Goldbooster, Dogma Blarthfire, and so much more Rebellion allies. Though eventually Biggs Mistshriek was a small ally when he was a mercenary. He was hired for two million credits, and helped to capture Lord Scar.

Relationships Edit


"He's one of the best buds you can ever have," -Boomdodger talking about Imone


Being taken the companion on Boomdodger, he helped in battles such as the Battle of Carlac. Once Order 66 was issued, Imone was nothing destroyed, and onboard the Swift Eagle flew to Alderaan with Boom and someone else not killed in Order 66. Boomdodger's trusty, loyal, and faithful companion was M1-L0. As Boom called him, he was the best astromech you could ever have. On 22 BBY, a time after the Battle of Geonosis, he found Imone lost on Coruscant after being separated from his droid party.

He was later a succesful droid in the Rebel Alliance. He helped Boomdodger always, except when Boomdodger dueled Marka Ragnos, Boomdodger told Imone to stay at the Jedi Temple, since he didn't want to be cut in half or anyting. Imone had green paint on him.

B8-CT8 Edit

B8-CT8 was the secondary companion of Boomdodger. He named him Rex Bacta, named after Rex Bactapack, and when Boomdodger or a friend was injured, B8-CT8 would heal them.

J-4CK Edit

J-4CK was Boomdodger's third companion, and also a back up droid sometimes for M1-L0 when he was inside the Droid Room on Coruscant or other. He had orange paint with a face that was like a Jack-O-Lantern's face. It was painted black. He had thruster jets and other special installations including a party button.

Ferrigo ProsstangEdit

Ferrigo Prosstang was the adoptive father of Boomdodger, and a Mandalorian in the Mandalorian Guild. He offered to adopt Boomdodger after he was alone when he had amnesia. Boomdodger accepted this and was adopted on the planet Ryloth.

The ProsstangsEdit

The Prosstangs were Boomdodger's family. It carried lots of members from even before Boomdodger's time. It had Ferrigo Prosstang, Handalora Prosstang, Noratine Prosstang, Boba Prosstang, Boomdodger, and many more.

Devis TrooperEdit

Devis Trooper also known as Abeloth Fraint was a Jedi human male that was Boomdodger's Jedi Master. When he
File:Devis trooper img 396.jpg
was corrupted around 1,198 ABY, he started an empire and was at war with the Jedi. He later had no connection with his old friends, and was lost.
File:Kahar Zamet.jpg

Kahar ZametEdit

Kahar Zamet was a good friend of Boomdodger, and a zabrak Jedi. Kahar was one of the last Jedi in the galaxy from the Great Demise, an attack by Darth Varan to wipe out the Jedi Order. He later became the new Jedi Grand Master for nine years, and on 2,010 ABY, Boomdodger was the next for five years.

Luke SkywalkerEdit

Luke Skywalker was a human male born on 19 BBY to Padme` Amidala. He had a sister named Leia Organa Solo. Luke Skywalker was the founder of the New Jedi Order and a Grand Master like Boomdodger, Devis, and Kahar. It is said that he died between 45 ABY and 137 ABY.

Cryshta MargoEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit

Boomdodger was made as a character in the game Clone Wars Adventures, beginning with the name 'Blasty Cannoner.' Boomdodger's adept concept art had been made on 9/13/2012. Originally he wore the Ermi Jedi gear, (his master's gear,) to take place for Adept while he tried to get it. He has a Jedi Adept form of a LEGO minifigure, using Barris Offee body gear, cape, and hood, then using a clone trooper head.

Sometime in 2012, Boomdodger was made a character in LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars, Star Wars: The Complete Saga, and any other LEGO Star Wars game there had been from 2000, to 2012. Boomdodger had been made in many real world forms, such as LEGO, LEGO Star Wars games, and more!


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