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This CWCharacter page is open to everyone. You make your charcter stories, and add as many pages as you want. You can do what ever you want on this page, but I won't tolerate people who edit pages from others, without permission, or just delete it for the fun of it. If you want your page protected just inbox me

The Clone Wars Adventures Character encyclopedia that anyone can edit.


While this wiki is a place for fans to make their own unique characters, and therefore has very few format guidelines,

there are some rules which must be followed. Please do not add any foul/inappropriate language to pages, if you do there will be punishment

1 Time- Warning(depending on what rule is broken)

2 Times- Banned for a day

3 Times- Banned for one week

4 Times- If it is your player's bio you are editing and it has foul language, then it will be removed and you will be banned for 12days

5 Times- Banned forever

6 times-What's the point? YOU'RE DELETED

(punishment changes in certain cases)

Wiki Usernames that contain foul/inappropriate language will not be allowed to edit. Ever.

Describe your topic

Clone wars season 4 wallpaper by snipsnskyguy1-d4973pj

Write a description about your topic. Let your readers know what your topic is about and add some general information about it.

Video Section


RvB2 Ryan vs. Brandon 2

really cool lightsaber duel


Light Saber FX Battle

A really good chiense martial arts reinactment of the phantom menace duel