Cole Gorogdrive, the son of Xeres Gorogdrive, and Lauren Gorogdrive. Cole became a respected Republic officer, like his father, and later on became a Republic General of 84th Elite Corps. Brother of Chrome Gorogdrive, Zhan Gorogdrive and Jenet Gorogdrive, he was the oldest, and the only one that wasn't force sensitive.

Early Life (4272 ABY-4277 ABY)Edit

Cole was born on the planet Coruscant, in the upper levels, two years after his birth, Zhan and Chrome were born. He always admired his father, every night, he would tell him a story from any war his dad was in. He shot his first gun when he was four, the same year his sister Jenet was born. But a year later, dad had to leave, for an expedition against pirates in the outer rim. He said his goodbyes, and left. After a month, a message came through. Gorogdrives, family member, and Republic General, Xeres Gorogdrive, is considered KIA, from pirates in the outer rim. Our sympathy is with you. There will be a funeral service next week, even if we don't recover his body. -General Zyn Mom invited over his uncles; Slice, Veck, Brace, Atom, Axe, Ace, Wes and Ben. Cole couldn't bear the thought that his dad was dead. His father's death inspired him to be like him. He wanted to be a Republic General. That was his life goal. And so he worked at it from there, his determination to be as successful as his father drove him to do great things, to be one of the best students in class, to lead by example, to never give up.

Mid Childhood (4278 BBY-4291 BBY)Edit

Cole still was sad, even depressed about his father's death. As he grew older, there's been days where kids in the classroom where told to bring their mom or dad into class to tell the class what they did. Cole never gotten the chance too. His mother was always busy dealing with matters in the Senate. So Cole would go up in front of everyone and tell them everything about his dad. This made him feel good about himself, knowing he'd spread the legend of his father around even more. But by the age of thirteen, Cole enlisted into a junior military training program, which its goal is too train leaders, and future military personnel. Cole did just that. He became a better leader by the time he was fourteen, and was out shooting the guys who've been in this program for years. Cole later found himself at the Xeres Gorogdrive Military Academy when he was nineteen years old. The Academy was named after his father, and served as a memorial to him as well. Cold succeeded in all of his classes, and when he was twenty one years old, he found himself becoming a Republic Military Officer of the 84th Elite Corps. Cole would soon go on and lead this very battalion into several dangerous battles.

To be continued