Guards of the Empress


General information


Originally Sir Sil and Mistress Deborrah, then Darth Deborrah & Kerz-Tak


Lord Deborrah




Formed from

3,789 BBY(as the Deborrah/Kerz-Tak Alliance)






1,852 BBY as Guards of the Empress


3,779 BBY


3,754 BBY once more as the Deborrah/Kerz-Tak

Other information



I am Kol Kerz-Tak, my Empress. If history serves me right, my ancestor served you during the time of the Old Republic. Despite the thousands of years, my family remained ever loyal to you, and I am here to continue it, for I also serve you, Deborrah

-Kol introduces himself for the first time to Darth Deborrah

Guards of the Empress, formerly and most known as the Deborrah/Kerz-Tak Alliance, was an ancient group that was created in the year of 3,789 BBY by Debborah's parents, with the infamous Force-sensitive male Dathomirian Zabrak Dark Lord of the Sith Kerz-Tak. However, it would be tempoarily destroyed after the deaths of it's two original founders, which angered Kerz-Tak, seeing that the allaince they made was now destroyed. Although in 3,754, the heiress to the Deborrah family, which was none other than Lord Deborrah herself would re-create the alliance, with her new ally Kerz. Seeing this as the chance, the Deborrah/Kerz-Tak alliance was once more. This group consisted of many troopers, Sith, and very few Jedi, in which the most loyal members were the Kerz-Tak family, who contributed to the squad as both Sith and Jedi, reaching the ranks of Sith Lord and Grand Jedi Master frequently and numerous times. The appearance of this sect wasn't known through the galaxy during the time of the Old Republic since it kept itself hidden, yet it was the foundation of the Deborrah Empire, as it's ruling center. Based on Taris, with Kerz's influence he would spread it to Iridonia, where he was able to recruit several Sith members, thus making it seen as a Sith sect. Although it would suffer a tremendous blow with the death of one of it's last founders, which was Kerz-Tak, mostly known as the third founder. This would relatively weaken the squad temporarily, until Ker'z son, at a very young age would join him, as take his spot, along with his mother, who was the first female Zabrak Sith member of the Kerz-Tak family. To date it is one of the oldest alliance, as group which has had power in both sides of the Force, thus had strong influences on the Republic during the Clone Wars, in it's latter years. During Order 66, several clone troopers serving under Deborrah received the order from Darth Sidious, to which they would answer that it would be done. She quickly reacted by saying that it shouldn't because she had Jedi friends, and if they did it, they would be arrested and imprisoned. The troopers then disobeyed the order, and helped out the few remaining Jedi who were injured. During the order, Debs deeply worried for her friend Kol, who would go in exile, and wouldn't return until after his daughter's birth.