Lord Kerz-Tak


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36 BBY, Dathomir

Physical description


Dathomirian Zabrak




1.89 meters

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Eye color

Firey Yellow

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Prosthetic right arm

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Known masters

Known apprentices

  • Katrina Kerz-Tak
  • Darth Deborrah(lightsaber combat)
  • Various Sith Acolytes


"'If power was something a Sith could long for, and if it was exercised, he should be eradicated and his successor as well. Too much power will the demise of the Sith themselves. And you Sith who disagree, you will see torture like no other. Just ask Darth Kio."

-Lord Kerz-Tak, Dark Lord of the Sith

Lord Kerz-Tak, firstly known as Kol Kerz-Tak was a powerful Force-sensitive male Dathomirian Zabrak Dark Lord of the Sith who lived during the waning years of the Galactic Republic and during the Clone Wars. He served as a Seperatist General in the Seperatist Alliance. Born on the world of Dathomir to a family of Sith Lords, Kol was the second son and child to Ghi Kerz-Tak and Juli Hig, younger brother to Clay Kerz-Tak, thus older brother to Katrina Kerz-Tak. Descending from a powerful Sith bloodline, beginning in the year of 3,801 with Kerz-Tak, each following member who succeded each, grew more powerful, thus advanced the abilities of each one. However, Kol grew to be one of the most powerful members in his family, surpassing his strongest ancestor, including his father, mother, brother and sister. Once he became a Sith Acolyte, in his teenage years, Kol's power fully surpassed that of his family, driving them into jealousy and hatred for him. This led to the death of his entire family at his hands, which he wouldn't even care about. Leaving his home world of Dathomir, Kol went on to join the the Seperatists, and would become a Seperatist General. During the Clone Wars, Kol fought against the Republic, as was even trained by Count Dooku, who would become his new and last Sith Master. During the war, Kol would encounter several Jedi Knights and masters. Some of those were Anakin Skywalker, Shaak Ti, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu and a few Padawans.

Kol's most notable missions were his attacks on the Jedi Temple from 22 BBY-20 BBY. Kol participated in the Battle of Dathomir, which involved the massacre of the entire Nightsister Clan, the Battle of Umbara, the main key in causing the Civil Wars on Dorin and on other several planets, during and after the Clone Wars.

At this time, Kol developed a strong rivalry with Asajj Ventress, who hated him due to his power in the dark side. Becoming one the youngest Sith Lords ever in Galactic history, Kol spread fear amongst the people of the Republic, including it's very own clone troopers, as even the Jedi themselves.During the war, Kol would encounter several Jedi Knights and masters. Some of those were Anakin Skywalker, Shaak Ti, Ahsoka Tano, Obi-Wan, Mace Windu and a few Padawans. At this time, Kol developed a strong rivalry with Asajj Ventress, who hated him due to his power in the dark side. Despite failing in several battles, Kol never ceased to please his master, including Darth Sidous, whom was amazed at his power, and hoped that he would even one day bring total destruction upon the Jedi. After Order 66 was initiated, Kol joined the Galactic Empire, established by the Dark Lords of the Sith Darth Sidious and Darth Vader. However, unbeknownst to him, he had a twin brother named Kol Kerz-Tak, as well, except he turned away from the dark side and joined the Jedi. The two brothers would encounter each other in 20 BBY, foighting in a fateful duel.


Early Life

"I really hate my family. That's all I can say"
-Kol as a kid

Born on Dathomir, in the year of 36 BBY to a family of Sith Lords, Kol would be the second son to Ghi Kerz-Tak and Juli Hig. Unlike his brother, Kol would quickly show his power in dark side by the age of three, where he attacked his own family. This would cause him to go through serious and torturous training for his first few years as an apprentice to his own brother. Nevertheless, a powerful Force-sensitive, Kol was quick in learning the lightsaber forms of the Jar'Kai and Shien style-reverse grip form. By the age of twelve, Kol would reach the title of an acolyte, in which would be the time he committed his first Jedi kill. While training alone, Kol encountered a young female Zabrak who was a Jedi Padawan. Disgusted by the presence of the Jedi, Kol mercilessly attacked the Jedi, and would easily overpower her, only to then slay her. At this time, Kol began to experience the full power of the dark side, which would only lead his family into further jealously and hatred for him. Similar in being the apprentice to his own brother, Kol would have his younger sister as his apprentice, one whom he would give painful lessons.

Family Betrayal

"It just goes to show, that even in family there is betrayal, a desire for power, hatred, and so much more."
-Kol after killing his entire family

A few years later, Kol would come face to face with his first ever confrontation, which happened to be with in his own side. Kol would eventually end up betrayed by his own family, to which he was pretty aware of, to the fact he didn't care much about them. While meditating outside his home, Kol's parents brother and sister devised a plan to kill him. Completely having his back turned, Clay took the first chance to attack, but Kol instantly awoke and threw a barrage of Force Lightning at his older brother. After attacking him, Kol threw one of his blades with the Force, impaling Clay in the chest, thus killing him instantly. After this, his parents and sister ran towards him to do the same thing. Katrina would diliberately shout insults at Kol and vicious attacks to which he eeach blocked easily. Gaining the advantage of the duel, Kol activated a third blade he had with the Force, and used it to catch his ister of guard. Working to perfection Kol took the oppurtunity to stab his sister from behind, killing her as well. Inraged, Kol's parents attacked him as well, but he would easily kill then without a struggle. Using Force choke, Kol snapped their necks and threw their bodies aside. Kol knew here that there is a desire power even in a Sith family, but as he stated eariler, he didn't care about his own family. Piloting the Cloaked Eage, Kol left Dathomir and went on to join the Separartists, where he accepted his new Sith Master, Count Dooku. Accepted by Darth Sidious as well, Kol would be introduced to an acolyte who would fight with him during the war, Asajj Ventress. At this point Kol was unaware of his twin brother, who was also named Kol, except the only difference was is that he was a Jedi.

Joining the Seperatists and the Clone Wars

First Battle of Geonosis

Although he didn't participate in the initial fighting, Kol was within the Geonosian arena alongside his master Caount Dooku, and Poggle the Lesser. He witnessed the attempted execution of Padme Amidala , Jedi Padawan Anakin Skywalker and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. After it failed, Kol watched as a Jedi strike force joined the battle, ehich ended in the death of several Jedi, to only which he would smile at. Recieving orders from Dooku, Kol returned to his ship where he would await his further orders, to which would have him serve as a Seperatist General. Kol would now be one of the newest threats in the galaxy.

Battle of Christophsis

"It is rather sad Ventress. You are assigned to a mission which you failed to complete. No wonder you lack skill and potential"
"Silence, just because you are also an apprentice of Dooku, that doesn't mean you have a right to command me. I am more powerful than you"
"Are you really?"
-Kol and Asajj Ventress argue about the failure of the battle right before he attacks her

Having not participated in the first battle of the Clone Wars, with Darth Sidious approval, Kol was assigned with Ventress invading the city of Crystal City. Assigned his own troops and Ventress hers, the wo set out in their own ships and were prepared to battle. As Kol arrived on the planet, he told his droids to atttack without mercy, and leave no one alive. Meeting few resistance, Kol attacked and killed several resistance fighters of the city without mercy. As his droids advanced, Ventress arrived as well, only to have her droids do the same thing. As Kol continued his attacks on the city, as destroying several buildings, Kol instantly sensed the arrival of the Jedi, who were Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan. He contacted Ventress and told her of their appearance on his scanners, to which she told would have no chance of arriving. Telling her never to overestimate his adversaries, Asajj ignored Kol's warning and ended the call. Kol would instantly ambushed by a squad of clone troopers and a Jedi Knight, whose name was Zach Vil. As his droids were each shot down, Kol ran and started slaying several clones until he used Force Jump to reached the young Jedi. Zach instanty reignited his blade. The two engaged in a short duel, where the Jedi Knight had no chance whatsoever. Kol despite being younger, easily overpowered Zach in lightsaber combat and would fatally injure him. The Jedi retreated with his remaining clones, as Kol would await the arrival of his two soon to be enemies. Kol would then leave the planet and become involved in Dooku's plan to attack the Jedi Temple.

First Attack on the Temple

"Impressive skills. You are powerful, but not strong enough"
"We shall see Plo Koon".
"You are no match for us. Surrender now Sith".

-Kol during his duel with Plo Koon and Shaak Ti

After departing Christophsis, Kol recieved a message from his master Count Dooku who ordered him to attack the

Kol dueling his first ever Jedi Master, Ki-Adi-Mundi, in the Jedi Temple during his attack on the Jedi Temple.

Jedi Temple in order to weaken the Jedi. Kol took the mission and went to Coruscant to fulfill his task. Upon landing, several clones blocked his entrance telling him to stop where he was, and to identify himself. Kol would not resist against clones. Kol would continue walking forward, where the clones opened fire. He instantly ignited his blade and deflected every blast back to the clones killing all of them. With no one left to oppose him, Kol entered the temple, and began working his way up to the Jedi High Council headquarters which was located in the southeast tower of the Jedi Temple. Kol's presence would alert many Jedi Masters within the area. Many of them went to the entrance of the temple in order to prevent other invaders from entering. Kol would encounter Jedi Masters Plo Koon, Ki-Adi-Mundi, and Shaak Ti. Each were eventually unaware of Kol's power, due to the fact that he was very

Kol easily defeated Plo Koon in their first duel in 22 BBY.

young. Kol killed few Padawans who tried to fight against him, as other Jedi Knights gave a smal

Kol dueling Shaak Ti within the Jedi Temple.

l challenge. Upon reaching the higher levels of the temple, Ki-Adi-Mundi was the first to challenge Kol. Kol laughed at the master saying he was no match for him, but Mundi countered by saying that it was his power that would cause his own defeat. Igniting his blades, Kol dueled the Jedi Master, throwing of several aggressive attacks, overpowering and battering Mundi's defenses. Mundi tried to disarm Kol, but was disarmed instead by Kol, who amplified his final attack with the Force. As he prepared to kill Mundi, Kol was surprised by a Force Push from Plo Koon. Hitting against a wall, Kol looked up to see the Kel Dor Jedi Master. Having advanced telekinetic abilities, Koon tried to use it to his advantage, but proved partly futile against Kol, who manipulated Plo's attacks. With few difficulties, Kol defeated Plo Koon. Another failed attempt at killing the Jedi Master, Kol was surprised by Master Shaak Ti. Kol was unaware of Shaak Ti's mastery in the Force, and of the Makashi and Ataru lightsaber forms. Despite how advanced he was in the same forms as well, Shaak Ti easily defeated Kol by disarming him and used the Force to slam him on the ground, temporarily incapacitating him. At the "mercy" of the three masters, with their blades on him, several other masters arrived to help in arresting him, including Obi Wan-Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker and Ahsoka Tano. As the Jedi spoke, Kol unleashed a fury of Force Lightning on all the Jedi around him,

Associating with Bounty Hunters

"So you are Cad Bane. I have heard of you, one of the best, right?"
"You got that right. Why you ask? You want me for a task?"
"Yes, I am in need of your service, bounty hunter".
-Kol asks Cad Bane for his service
Just like his Darth Sidious, Kol often contacted bounty hunters to do jobs for him that he himself couldn't do when in

Cad Bane's reputation made him Kol's most dangerous contracted bounty hunters of all time.

battle. One of Kol's most known was Cad Bane, as his second would be Blyss Razorback. During the war, Kol often asked Cad Bane for a task, to which Cad Bane completed easily. One known mission was when Kol asked Cad Bane to kill a young Zabrak Senator who spoke against the actions of the Separatists. Offering a high payment, Bane killed the senator on Coruscant outside the Senate Building. Easily completing the mission, Kol paid Cad five million credits, to which he found a very nice and excellent payment. After this, Kol encountered another bounty hunter, a young female named Blyss Razorback. While on Felucia, with General Grievous, the two were successful in capturing the planet, to which the Republic wouldn't be able to free until the year of 21 BBY. After setting up a base, he saw several droids shooting at a young girl, who was easily fending them of with quick precision and skill. Kol told the droids to stop in which they did. Upon seeing her Kol asked who she was, and she introduced herself as a bounty hunter. After that, she became one of Kol's most known female bounty hunters. Impressed by her skill with a sniper rifle, she completed her missions, not only for her contractor, but for his master as well. Some time later, Kol was in league with two more bounty hunters, whose

Blyss Razorback at the time she met Kol on Felucia.

names are unknown to this date. For the remainder of the first year of the war, Kol reached out to many of the galaxies bounty hunters. Some others were Aurra Sing and Embo. While doing his job in fighting the Republic, Kol's team of bounty hunters went on and spread fear across the galaxy with their quick assassinations. However, Kol's team of hunters soon collapsed because the majority of them were arrested, while some were presumed dead. After the collapse of his team, Kol reverted back to his original ways, sowing terror throughout the galaxy.

Mission on Korriban

"You are Kol Kerz-Tak, am I right?".
"Yes I am, and how do you know?"
"I met your ancestor Kerz-Tak, thousands of years ago. A perfect being of evil, death, pain and destruction he was'
"You have fulfilled what I predicted, you have become the most powerful Sith Lord in your family, I sense it.
"Also, I am your true Sith Master. Do you accept me, thus my teachings".
"Yes, my master. I accept your teachings".
-Kol and XoXaan converse on Korriban
Towards the end of the first year of the war, under orders from Dooku's master Sidious. Piloting his ship, the Cloaked

XoXaan as she appeared to Kol, firstly in 22 BBY.

, Kol landed on the planet of Korriban, where he instantly felt the power of the planet, which was infused completely with the dark side, thus was the burial ground for the Sith Lords of the past. While on the planet, Kol encountered the spirit of XoXaan in a vision, a Sith Lord of the past, who was one of the first. XoXaan told Kol that she encountered his ancestor Kerz-Tak, years after her death, which she deemed a powerful and great Sith Lord, whose bloodline has exceeded her expectation, thus has fulfilled what she knew it would do. In the vision XoXaan told Kol how soon he would be a Dark Lord, thus

Just like A'Sharad Hett, Kol would become XoXaan's apprentice.

be a key in annihilating the Jedi. Kol question XoXaan, where she told him that she was his true Sith Master, as Dooku was not. Kol accepted her as his true master, and vowed to return when the time came, to which she said, he would know by her. Years later, after the Great Jedi Purge ended, and the fall of the Galactic Empire, Kol returned to Korriban, where he was trained by XoXaan, along with Darth Kryat, which caused a dramatic increase in what his power was. Upon the ending of the vision, Kol opened his eyes to see a necklace upon his neck, which held an ancient Sith emblem, created by his future master(XoXaan). Kol concealed it from his later Sith master's, who were Sidious and Vader, until his return to Korriban.

Second Attack on the Jedi Templ (21 BBY)

"You want her back? Pay up, or I kill her!"
"Master, don't worry about me, I can handle myself"
"But, Ahsoka!"
-Kol threatens to kill Ahsoka Tano unless the Republic surrenders

Kol engages Ahsoka Tano in their first duel in 21 BBY.

At the beginning of 21 BBY, under orders from his master, Kol would attack the Jedi Temple once more. Kol would however encounter an unlikely opponent, who was Ahsoka Tano who surprisingly attacked him at the moment he entered the temple. Kol activated his blade and began to duel Ahsoka. Despite being a Padawan, Kol was surprised at her strength in the Force and skills with a lightsaber, seeing how young she was. Matched in unarmed combat, Ahsoka proved to be his second toughest opponent, aside from Shaak Ti. Using everything he had, Kol aggressively attacked Ahsoka, battering her defenses, thus disarming her shoto from her left hand, but wasn't destroyed. Engaging each other in the Djem So, Ahsoka was able to gain an advantage, only to later be overpowered by Kol again. Taunting her, Ahsoka unleashed a powerful Force Push, that sent Kol flying towards a wall. Laughing, Kol revealed his second blade and charged at Ahsoka, this time showing more aggressiveness.

Kol defeats Ahsoka after a long intense duel.

Ahsoka in one way, proved to be as afst Kol, even destroying his second blade, but became overconfident, thinking she would be victourious, but Kol took the last strike to swipe her by her leg, making her to loose balance, and easily defeated her. Sensing the other masters, Kol used a electronic device that left Ahsoka unconcious. Kol then carried her body and took her to his ship, and planned to use her as a hostage in order to keep the Republic on edge. When the remainder of the Jedi arrived, they only saw Ahsoka's lightsaber hilt's lying on the floor, as a handheld holo-projector on the floor. It activated to show Kol, standing by a weakened Ahsoka in force-restraint cuffs.In transmission, Kol told the Council that if the Republic didn't surrender, Ahsoka Tano would die by torture. The council was worried and didn't know what to do, in knowing loosing a Jedi, would be a serious cost. Anakin demanded to rescue her, but Kol simply reacted by choking Ahsoka with the Force, stating any attempt would cause her to be tortured slowly and would be extremely painful. Kol ended the transmission and said he would await the Republic's answer within one day.

Skirmish in Space

"You're stronger than I thought Jedi, despite the fact you are young".
"Hmph! I thought the same of you Sith, but I won't let you get out of here alive."
"Same here. Incredible, the underestimation of our abilities will determine who lives".
"I couldn't agree more"
"That is one thing about you brother. You don't think about what surprises can hold in store for you"
"Brother? Who said that?"
"Me, your twin Kol. My name is Kal"
-Kol and Ahsoka during their second duel, right before he is interrupted by his twin Kal
Kol now having the Republic in his grip, began to put his next plan into action, in where he took Ahsoka to his Confederate destroyer

Kol's super tactical droid Filt.

where he placed her in a force-containment field. Guarded by his droids, his droid captain B-334 and his super tactical droid Filt, guarded the cell. While heading to the bridget, he recieved a message from his droid pilot about an incoming transmission from Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker who offered him a million credits. Kol angirly stated taht money was of no concern, to then he quickly ended the message. However, Kol was unaware that his twin brother, whom he had no idea of, was inside his ship. As Kol wandered through his ship, he felt a strange distrubance in the Force, but paid no mind to it. As he passed by Ahsoka's holding cell he heard screaming and two droids begging for mercy. When he entered he saw Ahsoka free from her bonds, with a Electrostaff from one his IG-100 MagnaGuards. Taking his lightsaer in arm, Kol destroyed the staff and grabbed Ahsoka by the neck. Looking at his belt, Ahsoka used the Force to take his second blade, which he presumably replaced the one she destroyed on Coruscant. She fougt Kol within his own ship, where she destroyed several droids, to which he questioned on how she ecaped her bonds, to which she had no idea. Using his agility, Kol tried to gain an advantage, but one duel had made Ahsoka leaened a great deal about him. During the duel, Kol was struck by Force Lightning and was sent flying towards crates. A figured emerged from the shadow to reveal another Zabrak with a purple-lighted lightsaber, who revealed himself to be Kol's twin brother. The Jedi said his name was Kal, and after having a instant Force vision, Kol clearly saw he was looking at his twin brother. Kal ran to help Ahsoka, which surprised her seeing she was fighting one brother who alligned with the dark and another who followed the path of the light. Handeing her his own blade, Ahsoka threw Kol's blade at him which he caught easily. Taking up his blades, Kol engaged in a intense duel with his twin brother and Ahsoka. Kol had problems dueling his brother because both knew the same forms of lightsaber combat, thus had similar Force abilities in the dark side. Seeing he wouldn't make it out, Kol choked the two with the Force and threw them across the cargo room, to thgen run to his ship and escaped, leaving his ship to be destroyed by Republic Forces. However, his twin brother and Ahsoka were able to escape the ship as well, to then return to Coruscant. Kol returned to his master and told him of his brother. Dooku questioned Kol, to which he said he had no idea of him until now. Kol simply knew that he had now met with exact match in everything he knew. Angered at his apprentice, Dooku contacted Sidious and asked him what to do. Kol was not aware of the conversation, but only met to being betrayed by his master, to which would follow in Ventress's betrayal as well a week later.

Return to Dathomir and joining the Nightsisters

I offer myself to you Mother Talzin, as your servant".
"You have returned Kol. Long ago your parents associated themselves with us and now finally, you have come to continue that alliance."
"Yes, Mother".
-Kol offers his service to Mother Talzin

Prior to Ventress's arrival, Kol returned to Mother Talzin, knowing that his mother was a Nightsister as well. Upon his arrival, was treated as a hostility, Talzin welcomed Kol into the coven of the Nightsisters. Talzin, using a magic incantation, she used it to enhance the abilities of Kol, amplifying his rage, and injecting magic into his body. Given a more muscular appearance as well, Kol was unaware of Ventress, who was also a Nightsister. Knowing the hatred between the, Talzin hid Kol from the presence of Asajj after her arrival. Kol's presence would never be known to Ventress until after the Battle of Dathomir, which had the complete destruction of the Nightsisters. Kol however fought in the battle destroying several droids, and tanks as well. Nevertheless, Kol would await for the opportune moment to get Ventress.

Skirmish on Dathomir

"We meet again Ventress"
"Sad, yes of what happened to the Nightsisters. Tragic, and good friends of mine"
"However, you I hate'"
-Kol during his duel with Asajj
After the battle, Kol followed Asajj throughtout Dathomir until she met Talzin, who would depart soon after. Kol ran

Kol and Asajj cross blades for the first time, since being apprentices to Count Dooku.

across the Dathomirian planet until he ran to a injuerd Ventress. Igniting his blades, Kol charged unto Ventress who would ignite her blades in defense. Shwoing immense hatred for one another, and mastery in the Jar'Kai, the two would engage in their first duel since being betrayed by Dooku. Disgusted for his alligeance with the Nightsister clan, Asajj insulted him and blamed him for the death of her clan, to which Kol responded he had no idea that it would occur, not did he imagine the massacre of the sisters, whom his mother had ties with. Despite the fact they were allied to the same clan, both stated they would have never worked together. As the duel escalted towards the Crucible, where the duel would end. Repeatedly saying that she had more power than him, where Kol countered by saying not to underestimate her adversaries, even in the dark side.

Kol defeats Asajj, proving that power will not always result in victory.

Kol eventually overpowered Asajj, and said that too much power will never give one victory, thus would be futile against him. Kol, would catch Asajj of guard with Force speed, and used a double strike to uppercut Ventress into the air, and vulnerable. Kol kept his blades pointed at Ventress's neck, to which he decided not to kill her, in which is still unknown. Ventress would then leave, but Kol would however remain on Dathomir, and begin to plot his future attacks on the Jedi Temple, for to although he was not part of the Separatists anymore, Kol still planned to cripple the Republic for the Sith cause. Having no more loyalty to Dooku, Kol still kept in contact with Sidious, who would become his new apprentice, which remained a secret to Dooku.

Second Skirmish on Dathomir

"First Asajj, now you. Must be bad luck"
-Kol to Savage

Kol engages in combat with Savage Opress for the first time on Dathomir.

Personality and Traits


"You're nothing but a heartless being. You show no sympathy, remorse, or emotions whatsoever. You are death in the body of a Zabrak. Fueled by the dark side, you care for nothing, and enjoying inflicting pain on the innocne Kol."

"How right you are Ahsoka Tano, but yet I to have a heart
-Ahsoka Tano to Kerz-Tak

Thorugh his own nature, just like Darth Sidious, Kol was evil incarnate, as described by the Jedi temselves, including several Sith Lords. Unlike his parents, Kol never dreamt on full domanation of power, nor absolute rule, to the fact it always failed. However his views did not change how he really was. Lord Kerz-Tak was extremely sadistic, remoreless, merciless, had no sympathy whatsoever, and had a strong desire to take what was rightfully his. A fearful figure to many, Lord Kerz-Tak was one of the most feared Sith Lords of his time, however Darth Vader was more feared than him. His own master Darth Tyranus even feared Kol himself, due to the presence of his power. Kol spread fear throughout his time in the Clone Wars, as a deadly Separatist General. However, Kol himself was rather patient when wanting to achieve his goals, as was even able to manipulate many of his enemies into joining them, before betraying them, and killing them as well. Smart and intelligent, Kol knew how to weaken the Republic troops simply by striking where it would hurt them the most, which would be there hearts, thus explains how many of the troops declined to continue fighting. Even when a child Kol had unusual behavior where he was deemed a sociopath entity by his own family, whom he killed. Kol described that killing of his entire family was his greatest achievement besides reaching the rank of Dark Lord. Kol was seen as one of the few psychopathic Sith Lords ever to live in Galactic history.

Kol's mastery in the dark side of the Force and in lightsaber skills were only a fraction of his evil, and corruptive nature, but had a strong weakness to what was a love emotion. This was seen when he met a young female Zabrak, who was an adept in the dark side of the Force, This weakness almost led to his death at the hands of Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. Not wanting for his weakness to completely decimate him, Kol killed the young female Zabrak. Despite shedding a tear, his love for the young Zabrak gave him strength.

"No matter how much I would want them eradicated, I have respect for the Jedi to a certain degree"
-Lord Kerz-Tak

Unlinke other Sith Lords, Kol had a strong respect for the Jedi after his encounter with Jedi Padawan Ashley Skysword and Ahsoka Tano. His respect for the Jedi often led him to develop enemies within the Sith themselves, to which he reacted by torturing or killing. That action would often give him respect as well. Just like Sidious, Kol betrayed most of his apprentices under the pain of death, or deeming them failures.

Kol was against the Rule of Two, which was created by the Dark Lord Darth Bane thousands of years ago. He believed that it would weaken the ruler, due to the desires of the apprentice, and he himself sided with One Sith created by Darth Krayt, in which he thought power should be to one alone, and the successor should be the one who slays their master.

Powers and Abilities

"The dark side, something my entire family has had in their bloodline. Descending from powerful Sith Lords who lived in the time of the Old Republic, I have inherited all of the power. Due to this, I have created abilities that only I know. Just like my old master, Darth Sidious said: "The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural"
-Lord Kerz-Tak

Trained by his own parents, later by Darth Tyranus, Sidious and Vader, and finally XoXaan, Kol would prove to be one of the most powerful Sith Lords in Galactic history. A powerful Dark Lord of the Sith, Kol's power in dark side reached to match both Sidious and Vader, even though either of the one was close in defeating him several times in lightsaber combat. A perfectionist in the dark side, Kol developed several dark side abilities that he himself only knew, and was even able to learn several other powers that quite few Sith were able to. During Order 66, set by his fourth Sith master, Kol was one of the few Sith to eventually kill Jedi single handed without the use of his lightsaber.

Lightsaber techniques and training

A powerful and an icredibly skilled duelist, Kol was a master at the Juyo, Makashi, Ataru, Jar'Kai, Shien-style reverse grip variant of Form V, Niman and Djem So. Seen as one of the greatest Sith combatants with a lightsaber, Kol only had a few Jedi and Sith opposers who could match him. Some were Yoda, Darth Sidious, Ahsoka Tano, Anakin Skywalker, Shaak Ti,

Jedi Master Shaak Ti proved to be Kol's match in both the lightsaber forms of the Makashi and the Ataru.

and some of his apprentices. Due to his advanced skill in lightsaber combat, Kol was able to fend of five Jedi at a time, which he demonstrated during the Yuuzhan Vong War, and in the Clone Wars when he attacked the Jedi Temple in late 20 BBY. He managed to fight Sidious of in a draw after becoming the Dark Lord's apprentice, only to later be apprenticed to Darth Vader at one point. Kol was even able to use use several lightsaber forms together, like the Jar'Kai with both the Makashi and Ataru. Kol highly favored the Jar'Kai, Makashi and the Ataru, since he had incredible speed in either form. A master at Force speed, Kol proved to be a formidable and a ferocious opponent, where he used it to his advantage and catch his opponents of guard in a duel, as took the chance to kill them. When using Force speed, Kol appeared to be a phantom, and a blur of motion. Whenever he used the Shien-style reverse grip form, Kol used agressive attacks to overpower and disarm any who fought against him. Despite his mastery at combat, it is unknown how many have defeated Kol. The only kn

Kol launches agressive attacks on Asajj Ventress in their duel on Dathomir.

own one to defeat him was Shaak Ti. When it came to the Jar'Kai, Kol was agressive, which he demonstrated when he dueled Asajj Ventress. Kol mostly used the Jar'Kai to taunt his opponents and despite the fact the Jar'Kai had a few weaknesses, Kol was able to overpower those weaknesses, where he could deal two-handed blow strikes, able to put weight on blocks and defenses due to his physical strength, and including other tactics he himself created in order to combat and ban the weak spots of the dual-blade combat. Kol would mostly rely on the Force instead of the two blades like some Jar'Kai practitioners. Kol's Jar'Kai was often underestimated by the Dark Acolyte Asajj Ventress, to which she lost multiple times against Kol in sparring matches and in their duel on Dathomir after the massacre of the Nightsister clan.When in combat with his opponents, Kol would often use lethal combat techniques. Such were cho mai, 'cho sun, 'cho mok, 'sai cha, 'sai tok, and 'mou kei. Whenever Kol used these techniques, he was a dangerous and deadly opponent in close comabt, especially because of his quick attacks. Just like his strong and powerful offensive attacks, Kol had a strong and legendary defense with a blade, making it hard for him to be defeated.

Force Abilities

"Enough of this! It's time I show you what true pain is Darth Kio".
-Lord Kerz-Tak
Aside from his skills with a blade, Kol had tremendous power in the Force, and was one of the most powerful and
greatest Force users of all time, which was stated by by several Jedi, and dark side adepts, including his own masters. Kol's power in the dark side was so strong, it led him to create the most mysterious Force powers of all time, from the dark energy that dwelled within his body. Considered an energy of complete darkness by Ahsoka Tano, Shaak Ti, and Master Yoda, Kol mastered the dark side of the Force, in ways that many Sith Lords before him couldn't. History has proven that he was the strongest member in his entire family, surpassing the power of his ancestor Kerz-Tak. Kol was a master in the ability of Force lightning. Kol mostly used it in duels as an lethal attack, and even a way to torture his enemies as to surrender or to get information from them. If provoked, Kol could use it at a potency so high he could kill an adversary on impact, paralyze them, or leave them in a state of shock. Kol could even use it to cause ships or certain types of droids to short circut, or even explode. It was even powerful enough to cause a planet-wide blackout. He was able to merge lightning attacks with lightsaber strikes and amplifying blade attacks with sudden arcs of dark energy and
even able to charge lightning on his hands and unleashed it with devastating force that it almost killed or destroyed everything in its path. He was even able to grab Force Lightning with his own hands and use it as a very deadly whip, and couldeven reflect it back at others with his bare hands.

He was able to take control of his enemies on attacking each other, which was known as Force Mind Tricks. He even unleashed Force Pushes with so much force that the enemy was killed on impact of the wave and could even clear large hallways. He had certain similarities in Force abilities to Starkiller's clone, especially when it came to Force Lightning, his favorite ability. Whenever he was provoked he would use a dangerous ability known as Force Fury where he would build up sufficient levels of energy and then channel it through his body. While using this, his abilities were amplified to three times his power. He could also vaporize vehicles and his enemies alike. He was able to amplify his ability with Tutaminis, and redirect blaster attacks back to his enemies, as to absorb it and channel it to Force Lightning. One of his best Tutaminis abilities were absorbing lightsaber energy with his own hands and amplify it to his Force abilities unleashing a stronger wave or blast of Force Push or Force Lightning. He had a powerful offensive attack becoming one of the most powerful Force potentials in history possibly surpassing Galen Marek's clone Starkiller, and Galen Marek himself including the Dark Apprentice. Although it was later proved that Kol's abilities were matched to the orginal Galen Marek and his clones. Certain types of abilities that Kol used were Force Push , Force Pull, Force Time, Force Shadow, the Jedi Mind trick, Force Wave, Force Wound, Force Choke, Force Corruption, Force Grip, Force Whirlwind, Force Kill, Force illusion, Force lightning, Force Crush, Force Repulse, Force Gravity, Force Shockwave, Saber Throw, Saber Barrier, Telekinetic lightsaber combat, Force Flight, Force Wind, Force cloak, Force speed, Force Immunity and Force Fury. One ability Kol created was Force Charge. It gave the user, in this case Kol, the ability to charge up the dark energy within his body, and the energy from an entire planet and release an attack so devastating, if used on a city, the city would be left completely in ruins. Other abilities that Kol created are still unknown to this day.

Other abilities

Aside from his formidable skills with a lightsaber and in the Force, Kol was highly advanced in martial arts, also known as unarmed combat. Asajj Ventress compared Kol's martial art skill to Krismo Sodi, a member of the Kage Warriors, who were all masters in unarmed martial arts. A very agile and skilled warrior, Kol could fend of his enemies with just this skill, without using his blades nor the Force. This was seen was he was disarmed and outnumbered by the Jedi High Council, which included Ahsoka Tano and Anakin Skywalker, during his forth attack on the temple in 20 BBY. Kol easily overpowered the Jedi with his martial arts abilities, to the point he incapacitated Mace Windu, Shaak Ti, Plo Koon, Obi-Wan easily, but was matched by Ahsoka Tano, to which he was still able to overpower.

Under tutelage from Darth Sidious, Kol was also a master in the art of Sith alchemy, which he often used and mostly against the Jedi. Kol even knew Sith magic, a knowledge and power he gained from his parents.