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Concord Dawn


50 BBY

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1.86 meters

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"Gar taldin ni jaonyc; gar sa buir, ori'wadaas'la."
"Nobody cares who your father was, only the father you'll be."
-Malek Kriya

Malek Kriya, born under the name of Zatar Morak, and sometimes called Mal'Ko, was a male Zabrak Mandalorian warrior, bounty hunter, assassin, and mercenary, who lived during the final years of the Galactic Republic. Amidst the pan-galactic Clone Wars between the Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Malek was a prominent member of the Kriya Clan, Death Watch, and the Mandalorian Guild. Trained by his adopted father Dir Kriya, and mother Miranda Kriya, following his parents death at the hands of Tor Vizsla, Malek would vow vengeance upon the entire Death Watch splinter group. When he was adopted by the Kriya Clan, Malek would be the only Zabrak of the Kriya Clan. Up until the Clone Wars, Malek was known for his quick and easy kills on the most important senators in the galaxy, including promoting several terrorist attacks. At some point in 25 BBY, Malek joined the Cuy'val Dar, where he would work along side Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango Fett, and helped train clone troopers for the Galactic Republic, but would then he would leave itin 21 BBY. Although not a human, Malek was highly skilled in using any type of blaster, constructing weapons and grenades, as also fighting in unarmed combat. A gifted shooter with either a sniper rifle, blaster or a pistol, Malek was known for quick shots and easy kills, which led him to being a bounty hunter. He was also gifted in making strong Mandalorian armor.

Malek began his career as a bounty hunter at the age of seventeen, and a assassin when he was twenty-one. However not much is known about Malek's bounty hunter and assassin career, since most of his kills were kept in secret. Malek made a reputation as one of the most cold-hearted Mandalorian Zabraks in galactic history. During his life in the Clone Wars, Malek was a part of several organizations and alliances, each for a price, or for just his own interest & benefits. Besides serving the Kriya Clan, Malek served the Death Watch as a lieutenant, via infiltrator. During this time, Malek also worked for the Separatists as a bounty hunter and was often paid by both Dooku and Sidious. This ended in 21 BBY, when he returned to the Death Watch and after he joined a squad of elite soldiers called the Nite Owls, who worked alongside the Death Watch.

Despite the irony of Malek saying he didn't initially work with Pre Vizsla, Malek gained Vizsla's trust again as a Nite Owl and Death Watch member, being the second in command under Bo-Katan who was a lieutenant, as Malek himself was a Senior sergeant. Besides this, Malek was also part of the Mandalorian Guild, which he joined in 22 BBY, a few weeks after it's formation. In 20 BBY, Malek joined Bo-Katan and Pre Vizsla, along with their new allies Sith Lord Darth Maul and his apprentice Savage Opress in taking Mandalore, and relieving it from the pacifist and peaceful Mandalorian government, in the hopes of bringing back what was "their Mandalore". Coming together with an army of criminals from Black Sun and the Pyke Syndicate to the foot soldiers of the Hutt Cartels, they charged in on Mandalore and were successful in taking the planet, until the betrayal of the Sith. After this, Malek disguised himself as a Mandalorian super commando, and assisted Bo-Katan from the inside, and later joined her in taking back Mandalore from the Sith proclaimed rulers. Fighting alongside Bo-Katan, and Xasha Lazen, against the Shadow Collective, the two helped in having Obi-Wan escorted out the planet, after the Mandalorian warriors made a truce with the Jedi  Master. Following the fall of their Mandalorian homeworld, Malek later retreated to his home on Concord Dawn and permanently staying within the Mandalorian Guild, as he would later partake in several missions, and finding himself aiding the Republic a few times. Malek would also start his assassin and boubty huning career all over again, which he would do until the final year of the Clone Wars. In 19 BBY, after another year apart, Malek married his childhood friend, and later love interest Xasha Lazen. After their marriage, Malek decided to settle down, although he still went on several missions for the Galactic Empire, but, it did not keep him from being with his family. After tehe Mandalorian  Guild was temporarily dissolved,  Malek joined it once more under the leadership of the newly appointed Beviin Kabur.


Early Life (45 BBY-35 BBY)

"Such a sad way to lose one's parents. This boy didn't deserve it."
"No he didn't. We must take him as our own. And look at the helmet, it's a helmet worn by Mandalorian warriors.
"Young one, where did you get the helmet?"
"From my dad. He was a Mandalorian warrior, until Death Watch killed him, and my mom."
"We are sorry for your lost. Would you like to join us? We can train you in the Mandalorian ways, and live up to what your father was, maybe more"
"Yes, and once I become of age, I will kill Death Watch."
"Also, what's your name?"
"Zatar, Zatar Morak"
"Not anymore, as of today, you are Malek Kriya".
"Great, now Death Watch won't recognize me."
"'Ni kar'tayl gai sa'ad."
-Malek vows vengeance on Death Watch after being discovered by two Mandalorian warriors
Mereel Morak

Malek's father serving alongside Jaster Mereel during the Mandalorian Civil War.

A male Mandalorian, Malek Kriya was born on the planet of Concord Dawn in 50 BBY, under the name of Zatar Morak, to a human father, member of the Mandalorian Clan, the Moraks, and a member of the True Mandalorians, whose name was Boba Morak, and a veteran from the concurrent Mandalorian Civil War, and to a Zabrak mother named Nala. As soon as he was able to speak, Malek's father began teaching him the language of Mando'a, in which he would properly speak by the age of ten, after his adopted parents would continue his training. When he was just five years old, his father and mother were killed. Left alive, Malek looked up to see Tor Vizsla, and quietly vowed vengeance on the Death Watch splinter group. Following his parents death, while looking through his burned village, Malek found a Mandalorian helmet, which belonged his father. Sad and angry, Malek shouted in despair, praying and shouting why his parents had to be killed.

With no one around to care for him, and now an orphan, Malek began to wonder what would become of him, and if he would ever survive. Almost a week after the death of his parents, Marek was discovered by two Mandalorians named Dir Kriya and Miranda Kriya. Malek was however fainted from exhaustion and weak because of no food and water. Taking him to their base, the two gave him food and medicine to make him feel better, which it would. After recovering, Malek looked up to the Mandalorian couple and asked them who they were. The two revealed their names, and Malek seemingly knew that they were apart of the Kriya clan. Offering him to be their son, Malek agreed, and said that he would one day have his revenge on Death Watch, the one's responsible for killing his parents. Accepting him now as their adopted son, the latter changed his name in agreement to Malek Kriya, as his name before was Zatar Morak. Donning a new name, Malek began training under his new adopted parents, as also continued to learn the Mando'a language.

A new friend

"My name is Malek Kriya. What's yours?"
"My name is Xasha Lazen of the Lazen Clan. Nice to meet you."
"Likewise Xasha. Ii never knew our clans were allies, or as one can say friends."
"Same here. I hope we can be friends."
(Grabs Xasha's hand)"We will be friends, for I know I can trust you."
(Holds onto Malek's hands, and blushes)"Thank you, Malek."
-Malek and Xxasha met each other for the first time

Around two years later, in 43 BBY, when Malek was just seven years old, he joined the Kriya Clan in meting their close friends and allies, who were a group of Mandalorians named the Lazen Clan. Upon meeting them, Mmalek introduced himself, and despite being a Zabrak, he was welcomed as an ally and friend to the clan, since they cared not whether or not he was a Zabrak for they had known on what happened to them, despite the fact that he had never met them or told them. Nevertheles, they were proud to the fact that he was a Mandalorian. After introductions, the elder of the Lazen Clan introduced Malek to his granddaughter, whose name was Xasha Lazen. Upon seeing the young Mandalorian Zabrak, Xasha jumped up and went to introduce herself, as Malek would be the first to do so. Exchanging introductions, Malek and Xasha would instantly become friends, strengthening the bond between both clans. Since both clans had now decided to work and train together once more, Malek and Xasha found themselves training together several times, and when the two confronted each other in sparring matches, Malek often came out victorious, which always made Xasha proud, because she herself was later on able to beat Malek at his own game. As years passed, Malek and Xasha would then go on several missions together, often targeting Mandalorian enemies of their clans, to which involved killing of several members of rival clans, or destroying the clan itself from the inside. As the two got closer, the friendship betwn the two became stronger and stronger, to the point where it seemed they weren't even friends anymore, as was noted by the leaders of their clans, which were their parents, who each stated that both Malak and Xasha had secretly fallen in love, with either one not being aware of it.

Later , in 35 BBY when Malek was just 15 years old, he was appointed as the new leader of the Kriya Clan, after his adoptive father Dir passed it on to him. This made Malek the youngest clan leader in Mandalorian and galactic history. After becoming the new leader, Malek began planning his revenge for the Death Watch, but decided that it was best to give them a little scare. As soon as he stated this, Xasha came out and told him that she would help him devise the attacks on the Death Watch.

Attacks on the Death Watch (35 BBY-34 BBY)

"Never knew it was this much fun attacking a splinter group."
"Heh. Death Watch, it's name says it all. Death is always near you."
-Malek Kriya during one of his attacks on the Death Watch

Malek during one of his attacks on the Death Watch prepares his sniper rifle on Mandalore.

After he assumed leadership, Malek decided to plan mini attacks on the Death Watch at their base on Concordia, in which he would do for alomst a year. Coordinating his attacks, Malek would frequently disguise himself as a member of the Death Watch to keep them on edge and have them believe one member was betraying them for an unknown reason. Malek would often target their training grounds where several Death Watch warriors trained, in which he would often kill them by either grenade or by shooting them with a sniper rifle, and was often with the aid from members of the Kriya and Lazen Clans, as Xasha joined him on the primary attacks, which sometimes included capturing a member and killing him shortly after they recieved information on the whereabouts of Pre Vizsla. Sometimes, when Death Watch soldiers were ordered to attack Mandalore, via terrorist attacks, Malek would follow them, and hunt them down with his sniper rifle, to which he always got his best kills, thus kept them from hurting the capital city of Sundari. After staging several successful attacks, Malek decided that it was time to infiltrate them and gain their trust, as even could get him close into accomplishing his goals, in killing all of the Death Watch.

Death Watch Infiltration (34 BBY-20 BBY)

"'Aliit ori'shya tal'din". Family is more than blood
-Malek to the Kriya clan before departing to infiltrate the Death Watch

Malek watches over Mandalore disguised as a Death Watch member in 21 BBY.

At the start of 34 BBY, Malek told both the Kriya clan snd Lazen Clan that he would be going of to join the Death Watch under infiltration, and would stay as long as possible in order to gain the leaders trust. That way he would be able to accomplish his one dream goal. After packing his items, and an emotional farewell with Xasha Lazen. Malek went of to Concordia, one of Mandalore's moons. Piloting his Silent Watch I, Malek landed on the moon, just outside the entrance of the Concordian mines. Heading straight into the mines, Malek found a pair of Death Watch attire, took of his green Mandalorian Kriyan armor, and dressed up in them. After dressing up, another Death Watch warrior approached him, and told him he was late to a meeting. Glad that he wasn't caught, Malek followed the young warrior. As they left, the Mandalorian asked Malek who he was and where he came from, but Malek responded that it was none of his concern in a serious and threatening voice. Malek now knew that accomplishing his goal would take a while, as such rising through the ranks. By 29 BBY, Malek received the title of lieutenant and had gained Vizsla's trust, as also began to devise plans attacks on Duchess Satine, and the New Mandalorians.

Clone Wars (22 BBY-19 BBY)

"'Took only five years for me to be a lieutenant, but it took long enough for this war."
"The time to reveal myself is at hand Pre Vizsla, and once you see who I am, you will meet your end."
-Malek to himself while observing the First Battle of Geonosis.

Joining the Mandalorian Guild

"My name is Malek Kriya, son of Dir Kriya, and I have ben looking for you, to join you."
"I see, but why do you want to join us?."
"My birth name was Zatar Morak, as my real father was Boba Morak, a  True Mandalorian who fought beside your brothers during the Mandalorian Civil War. In his memory, I want to join you, and get revenge on the Death Watch, for they are responsible, not only for my father's death, but my mother's as well. She was just a innocent Zabrak, happily married to my father. My beliefs are true to the Mandalorians, and I am faithful to it, and I will serve you all, as my vode. I may be a Zabrak, but my Mandalorian heritage is the same. I am a True Mandalorian."
"You have proven yourself. Welcome to the guild Mal'Ko. You arenow one of us Vode."
-Malek is welcomed into the Mandalorian Guild by Khaled Skirata

The Mandalorian Guild

A few weeks after the start of the Clone Wars, Malek went in search of the Mandalorian Guild. After receiving word on it's formation, Malek gained an interest in joining them, since they honored the True Mandalorians, and some were apart of them,  or their fathers had served them. Searching on several planets of the galaxy, Malek was unable to find them at first, until one day, he unwillingly picked up an incoming transmission from the guild itself, who were contacting one of their own. Due to this, Malek was able to pinpoint the coordinates, and then headed to the Mandalorian sector, to where the Guild headquarters was located. As soon as he departed in his Silent Watch I, Malek landed a few clicks south of the Mmandalorian Guild headquarters, and left his ship. While walking, Malek was spotted by two Mandalorian warriors, one named Khaled Skirata and another unnamed warrior. The two generals of the guild approached him and asked him what his business was. Not wanting any trouble himself, Malek placed all his weapons on the floor, and asked if he could speak with the guild's leader Aloquar Ordo, but he was denied it, one because Alor was not present at the time, and because he would be mistaken for a Death Watch member. Malek was however able to prove that he wasn't a member of the splinter group, and that he was an actual Mandalorian, from his biological father's clan symbol, and also from his adopted parents. Seeing that he was the son of the late Boba Morak, and the now adopted son of the former leader of the Kriya Clan, Khaled welcomed Malek into the guild, announcing him as their new vode. Once he joined, Malek told the guild that he was currently doing a mission of infiltration on the Death  Watch, for already which he been doing for twelve years, and he was doing it to take them out from the inside, since they were responsible for the massacre of almost the entire Morak clan. Asking if he could continue with the mission, the high general granted him the request, but Malek also promised that he were to recieve any calls from them (Mandalorian Guild), he would respond and undertake any mission they told him to do, for he gave all his loyalty to the guild, and he would his serve all his new Vode with honor, and show what it meant to be a True Mandalorian. Malek would be part of the guild until it's dissolution in 20 BBY, but then rejoined it a few days later after Beviin Kabur reformed it.

Meeting an old friend

"I've missed you Malek."
"As have I Xasha. Forgive me for leaving like that all those years ago. I just-I-I had to do it. You know why."
"Yes I do Malek. It's ok, I have been away from my clan for a long time as well. Just like you, I joined the Nite Owls, a group of warriors within the Death Watch. I have gained the trust of it's leader and am now second in command. Without us knowing, we have been together all along."
"It seems so Xasha. When all this is over, I promise you that we will finally be able to be together.
"Really Malek? (grabs Malek's hands)"
"Really Xasha." (removes helmet)
"I love you Malek. (removes helmet)
"I love you to Xasha" (Malek and Xasha share a passionate kiss)
-After meeting once more, Malek and Xasha reveal their feeling sto one another, as Malek promises that as soon the Clone Wars ended, they would be together

After years apart, Malek and Xasha were reunited on Mandalore, shortly after Malek joined the Mandalorian Guild.

Almost a month after joining the Mandalorian Guild, Malek had already served alongside them in several missions, and such were attacking the Death Watch. When going on another mission, Malek decided first to go to Mandalore to fill up his ship with fuel. Landing on a dock in the city of Sundari, Malek was able to find a man to fuel his ship, who was a fan of the old Mandalorians, and as this happened, another ship landed, and wondering who it was Malek walked towards the ship and saw a female Mandalorian in white armor walk out. Once the Mandalorian came closer, Malek instantly knew that it was his childhood friend Xasha, since she was the only Mandalorian of the Lazen Clan to have purple linings on her white armor. Calling out her name, Xasha pulled out her blaster, believing it was an enemy calling her, but once she saw the gren armor, and the Kriyan symbol on the right sleeve, Xasha ran to Malek, and the two greeted each other with a Kov’nyn, or also known as the “Keldabe Kiss”. Embracing each other, the two expressed on how much they had missed one another, and as to the reasons why each one did what they did. Deciding to take a little stroll across the capital of Sundari, the two talked on how their life changed over the years. Malek and Xasha were eventually lucky in not being caugh,t since night was falling on the Mandalorian capital. Knowing it was best to return to their ship the two Mandalorians returned to the docks. Before going their seperate ways once more, the two spoke again on how much they missed each other, as how their work has kept them seperate for so long, keeping them away from the one person they wanted to be with. After this, the two removed their helmets and confessed their feelings to one another, and would share a passionate kiss. Deciding it was best to leave in the morning, the two shared their last moments together, and then departed the next day of to complete the missions they had set out more than a decade ago. Before each of them had left, Xasha had given Malek her necklace, which she had made when they were children. Malek accepted her gift, and the two kissed once more, as Malek made the promise again on the two being together.

Joining the Separatists (22 BBY- 21 BBY)

"Know this, I do this only to get paid, and it better be a good amount."
"No need to worry bounty hunter, I'll make sure you get your money."
"You better, cause if not, this will be the last thing you ever see. UNDERSTOOD!
"Yes, yes Malek.
-Malek to Nute Gunray
After joining the Mandalorian  Guild, and meeting Xasha, three monthswould have already passed since the Battle of Geonosis. During this time, Malek came into league with Count Dooku and the Separatists, to which he would

Malek Kriya built a reputation as a bounty hunter during the first year of the Clone Wars, working for both the Separatists and Republic.

offer his services to. Starting his career as a bounty hunter, his skills and abilities rivaled that of notorious Duros bounty hunter Cad Bane, however, Malek did not seek in building any kind of known reputation. Despite this, Malek built his reputation in the most unusual way, to which was either siding with the one who paid him most, or gave him the neediest task. For five months, Malek worked for Nute Gunray as his personal bounty hunter, despite the fact, Malek would always reject Gunray's mission in going to kill Padmé Amidala, for he found it a waste of time in killing her, and this often led to disputes between the two, with Malek always winning by under threats, or by killing of Gunray's guards. Having strict regulations, Malek always got what what he wanted, as his desires in helping out the Death Watch through lies and deceit. While working under Gunray, Malek often recieved missions from Pre Vizsla as well, which were often small terrorist attacks. Meanless to say, Malek would make quite few appearances in the Clone Wars, because many pieces of information about him was never recorded or saved, after the initiation of Order 66, which destroyed several Republic records, and because he was very distant to many remote planets of the galaxy. However, for his few appearances during the

Malek Kriya, during the time he worked with the Separatists.

war, Malek was responsible for several attacks on several Republic ships, attacks on Mandalore, the deaths of several senators who spoke out against the war and Mandalorians who spoke out against the Death Watch, and although he had initial hate for the Death Watch, Malek always felt that they were disgracing the old Mandalorian ways and culture.

His most common kills were centrally based on Republic clone troops stationed in several military bases across the galaxy, commanders, and captains, which often granted him access to secret base locations that would essentially aid the Separatists. Although, Malek would then end up tricking the Separatists in giving them false information by the time Death Watch had fallen out of league with the them, he always left without ever being caught or captured after the discovery of his lies to them in 21 BBY. However, it had already been to late by then, since the Separatists had no idea on where to search for Malek himself, and the Death Watch alike. When working with the Separatists, Malek was able to walk out with a cash load of credits, which often ranked from 1 million credits and 4 million credits (to which he often stole), and with it he bought hundreds of weapon and armor upgrades for the Kriya clan, himself, the Mandalorian Guild, and also the Death Watch. In 20 BBY, Malek decided to permanently stay within the Kriya clan and Mandalorian Guild.

Joining the Republic, and helping the Jedi (21 BBY)

"As long as I'm paid, you will get what you want. Other than that, I want nothing to do with you Jedi or Galactic Senators. I am still surprised you contact me after all that I have done to your pathetic senators."
-Malek to the Jedi High Council and Galactic Senate

When under allegiance with the Jedi, Malek showed his skill with a lightsaber exceptionally.

After "leaving" the Separatists, Malek was summoned by the Galactic Republic, who needed his help. Accepting the offer to come to Coruscant, Malek left Concordia and traveled to the Republic's capital. Once he landed, several clone troopers were waiting for him, but for safety, they removed his guns and proceeded to take him to the Galactic Senate building, where he would meet the Jedi for the first time. Asked to speak, Malek stood up before the entire Senate and spoke that his recent actions were not crimes, but his job as a bounty hunter and assassin. Angered, Anakin shouted at the Mandalorian, but Malek replied if he threatened him, he could forget all the information he had on several Separatists, which could help them in the war by a fraction, to which would be enough. Calmed down by Obi-Wan, Anakin took his seat, while Ahsoka told him not to worry, and then Anakin listened to Malek. Taking a chip, Malek injected it into a slot, and what he had said eariler was true. Several pieces of information on the Separatists was revealed. Offering is services to the Republic, Malek also revealed that he was also one of the many training the clones on Kamino, while he worked for the Separatists, for he also got paid by the Kaminoans.

Shocking skills

"Just because you know the Force, doesn't mean that you will win Skywalker. Just like you, I know how to wield a blade. Serving my purpose as a Mandalorian, I learned how to use it by my adopted parents Jedi. So watch it with your overconfidence, it can cost you. Also just because you are the Chosen One, to me that means nothing, for you are still a normal person nevertheless, a Jedi for that matter. But you are a Jedi who confides too much in your own abilities, and when you do that, the Jedi stain themselves with selfish acts. They also end up going against what they believe. That will end up causing the demise of the Republic."
-Malek to Anakin Skywalker after defeating the latter in a lightsaber sparring match

After his conference with the Senate, Malek went to the Jedi Temple to recover his weapons, as his lightsabers, which was a shock to several Jedi within the Temple. Challenged to a duel by Skywalker as soon as he entered the room. Malek was however skeptical, and said he had no time to battle a Jedi, for he had more important things to do. As Malek walked away, with his weapons on stock, Anakin shouted at him calling him a coward, and that he was scared of a Jedi. Laughing at Anakin's outrageous statements, Malek accepted Anakin's challenge, and both headed to the training room to duel, while the Jedi Council watched, along with Ahsoka Tano. Taking out his two blades, Malek told Anakin that the blade he held in is hand, he had taken from a Jedi he accidentally killed when aiding an Twi'Lek girl, who had injured herself, as was also just a child, who was running scared. The Jedi had gone to attack him, and in defense he shot him. Never having the choice to kill him, Malek saw it as his only choice, and to honor the Jedi, he took the Jedi's blade for himself. Shocked in one way, Anakin just told Malek to get along with the duel, which would be quick and easy, but Malek would simply laugh, and ignited his blades. While Anakin charged and threw vicious attacks, Malek rarely moved and made quick work of his attacks through simple defenses and doges, mostly showing of his agility and skills in martial arts. Wanting to end the duel quickly, Malek swiped Anakin down and pointed his blades down at the Jedi, taking victory for himself, which eventually shocked the Jedi. Telling Anakin what the true meaning of each side of the galaxy was, as what everything meant to him, Malek put his blades away, and left the temple in his jetpack, and said he would await his mission. However, Malek held secrets against the Republic, which was his alliance with the Separatists at the same time. With this, Malek was able to cause the two sides to suffer heavy losses in numerous battles for almost a year.

Mission to Ryloth
"You got what you wanted, now where's my money Jedi?"
"Not to worry my friend, Master Skywalker, please present our friend with his money."
"You should at least say thank you Malek"
"That won't be necessary Padawan Tano, for it is you and your troops who should give me thanks
-Malek demands his payment to the Jedi

A few weeks later, Malek was contacted by Master Mace Windu, who requested his help on the Planet of Ryloth. Taking the mission, Malek returned to the Jedi Temple to receive his orders. Asking to help out a group of trapped Clone troopers, Malek departed of to Ryloth instantly to complete his mission. Using his ship as a distraction and bomb, Malek set it on autopilot and set it to crash towards several tanks, which turned out to be successful. Using his jetpack, Malek landed in the area of the trapped clones, where he helped them escape the area, as also several injured troops. Shooting down several droids, Malek led the troopers to safety, and rescued several other Twi'Leks as well. Successfully completing  his mission, Malek returned to the Temple here he received his payment. Much to their surprise, Malek handed them a storage device holding several information on the Separatists, and told them he was taking a temporal leave. Malek would later return to Concordia to continue his Death Watch infiltration.

 Leaving the Republic & the Mandalore Campaign

Rejoining the Separatists

"If you had done your job right Vizsla, we could have taken Mandalore, but your pathetic way of ruling this splinter group has lost us the planet."
"Now listen here Zabrak trash, if you think---aaaaagh (Malek grabs Vizsla by the neck)
"If I were you, I would be careful with what is said. You know how I am. I won't hesitate to kill any Death Watch soldier here, and you know it"
-Malek warns Vizsla of what his actions

Obi-Wan reveals a recording of Malek, who previously attacked a Republic cruiser in 21 BBY.

After leaving the Republic, Pre Vizsla, under orders from the Separatists ordered Malek to attack a Republic cruiser, to which he would oblige. Donning the original Mandalorian armor for just this mission, Malek attacked the cruiser, to which he would succeed and escape. Killing several troopers, Malek saw how weak the Republic Army was, and that it was a good idea he left them, although he was paid several times (however most of the missions are unknown). During the mission, Malek also stole several weapons and credits for himself, to continue his modifications on his attire. With word given out to the Galactic Senate, Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi, who was sent by the Jedi High Council went to investigate what were supposed rumors of treason. When Kenobi arrived, Malek was watching from a distance, however disguised as a regular Mandalorian citizen. Signaling an unknown man, Malek left the area and awaited for the man to complete his job. A few minutes later Kenobi was walking along with Duchess Satine near the memorial shrine, until a few seconds later an explosion occurred near the area. The blast caused a small amount of damage, but with several people injured. When the smoke cleared a  holographic display of Death Watch's symbol was left behind, leaving Satine shocked. From a distance, now his his armor, Malek smiled and took flight as he departed of to Concordia.

Welcoming the enemy


Malek disguised as a Mandalorian police officer on Concordia.

When Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine Kyrze arrvied in a Mandalorian shuttle, Malek was disguised as a Mandalorian police officer, who served alongside another member, who alongside Govenor Vizsla welcomed the the Jedi and Duchess. Shortly after welcoming the two, Vizsla handed Malek a datapad, to which he would take. Leaving, Malek returned to the Death Watch hideout. Removing the police attire, and placing his Death Watch armor back on, Malek would hear a Balutar-class swoop speeding in the distance, and it was getting louder. Using the HUD on his helmet, Malek scanned the incoming speeder and figure, which revealed itself to be Obi-Wan Kenobi. Deciding not to take any action, Malek looked at two fellow Mandalorians and decided that it was best for them to take care of the Jedi, for he had no intention of dealing with Kenobi again. Leaving the base to the two Death Watch soldiers, Malek took of in his jetpack and prepared himself for a confrontation that would occurr later on that day. While flying back to Vizsla, Malek recieved a message from one of the Mandalorians, telling him that they successfully captured Kenobi, and that they were gonna need help if anything else happened. Taking the message, Malek flew back to the base, only to arrive shortly after the two Mandalorians lost in a fight and were knocked out by Kenobi.

After a small fight between Kenobi and the Death Watch, Malek reappeared, but his alliance with them was unknown to Kenobi, as
Vizsla brutal

Alongside Vizsla and two other Mandalorians, Malek witnessess the execution of a Death Watch member after it failed to stop Kenobi.

had no idea that he was on the planet. Confronting the two, Malek handed Vizsla his blaster to which he would use to kill one of his own after failing to defeat the unarmed Jedi. Revealing himself to Kenobi and Satine, Vizsla ignored the fact of Satine's words on why he would betray Mandalore, to which he simply replied that she had tarnished the very name Mandalorian with her peace-seeking government. Returning Kenobi's lightsaber, Vizsla unleashed his Darksaber, which was black-bladed lightsaber that his ancestors had stolen from the Jedi Temple long ago, during the fall of the Old Republic, and then went to duel the Jedi Master. Vizsla unleashed strong attacks on Kenobi, as Kenobi went for defenses, and attacks as well as both of them kept dodging each blow, as one had the desire to kill. From lightsaber dueling, to a short unarmed combat fight, Kenobi would come out victorious after intercepting him in mid-air. Deciding not to chase him, Vizsla ordered Malek and two mother soldiers to launch missiles at the two escaping, which was done, but knowing they survived, Vizsla decided it was best to leave the planet and await another chance to kill Satine, as well, Kenobi.

March for Battle & Assassination Plots

"Haar'chak, Satine, gar' 'hut'uun!" (Damn it, Satine you coward)
-Malek to a fleeing Satine after failing to assassinate her

Malek's first assassination attempt on Satine fails, and instead, kills her driver Aramis.

Following a series of several unsuccessful plots to kill Satine, Malek became a part of Vizlsa's mobilized Death Watch army. Unlike the others, under orders from both Dooku & Pre Vizsla. Malek was sent to kill Satine which required in three assassination attempts on the Duchess. Malek first decided to plant a bomb in her ComfortRide passenger airspeeder in which was detonated it, to which damaged the engines and navigation computer. With the speeder now out of control, in a last minute attempt to save the Duchess, Aramis ordered Satine and her guards to jump, and doing so, they landed safely, but Aramis met with his end, when he crashed into a building. Angered by this, Malek decided to kill Satine using another method, as he was told by Vizsla again. Taking his sniper rifle, Malek first shot Davu Golec of Republic Ministry of Intelligence, who was secretly meeting with Satine in the lower levels of Coruscant. During the meeting Davu handed Satine an original recording of the message Deputy Minister Jerec, after the Senate had seen an altered version earlier that same day. Fllowing Davu's death, Satine fleed in horror at
Satine on the run

A scared Satine flees from Malek.

the site of her dead friend, while Malek went in pursuit of her, to which he would unfortunately lose in the Coruscant crowd. Yet again, after locating her, Malek tried to kill her with a thermal detonator, but was thwarted by Obi-Wan Kenobi, although the blast seperated the two. After landing from the building he had trhown the grenade from. Malek tried to finish her of with his blaster, but, yet again he was stopped by Kenobi, where the two engaged in a small fight. In the end, Malek was bested by the Jedi Master, and although he was thrown of a height by the Force, to which could've killed him, Malek ignited his jetpack and took flight, leaving whatever business that was bound to take place.

Ties broken and rejoining the Nite Owls

"Malek, nice to see you again."
"Welcome back to the Nite Owls."
"I thank you Bo-Katan."
-Bo-Katan welcomes Malek back into the Nite Owls
After the failed attempt in taking Mandalore, Malek along with several Death Watch soldiers, including Vizsla broke ties with Dooku and the Separatists, and despite the fact Vizsla vowed to kill the Count, Malek took little importance on the subject, and instead continued to carry on his duties. Unknown to Vizsla, Malek had joined the Nite Owls a few years earlier, to which he would rejoin after the Death Watch took refuge on the planet of Carlac, in which he would participate in taking the native Ming Po hostage for their own benefits. Meanless to say, Malek was against the fact of killing, because Malek had only done these actions in gaining the Death Watch's trust, and became furious whenever other members attacked or beaten. During one of the confrontations, Malek stopped a Death Watch soldier from punching a female Ming Po, because he hated seeing the women suffer, including the men alike who tried to defend their wives, or daughters. While the Death Watch formd an aliance with Lux Bonteri, son of the late Mina Bonteri, Mmalek returned to the Mandalorian Guild. Several times, Malek would take secret information from Death Watch, as he would even hunt down several of it's members, which he would get a price for from other Mandalorian warriors, whose names are unknown. Still, Malek helped with having the Ming Po as hostages. During his time on Carlac, Malek ended up meeting Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano, although, his presence would be unknown to her. That same day, Pre Vizsla was visited by several Ming Po villagers, who were demanding the release of the native women who were keeping as servants and then leave the planet forever, as to never come back. Malek seemingly wondered on what Vizsla's decision would be towards the cheiftant's demands, believeing Vizsla would decline and have them killed. Malek would'nt even know what the choice of Vizsla would be since he was ordered to go out and stand guard. However, during this time, Malek left to rejoin the guild and continue what his priority had been ever since he joined. However before leaving, Malek met up with Xasha who came up behind him by surprise, who was crying happily upon seeing him. Rremoving each one's helmet, Malek and Xasha kissed, where the two showed expression on how glad they were to see each other. Xasha knew that Malek had to go on another mission for the Mandalorian Guild, and said she was happy, for now they are closer than ever in reaching their goal. Malek smiled and kissed Xasha again, saying that the promise he made was closer than they expected, as was about to be fullfilled. Crying again, the two shared another kiss. Ggrabbing his helmet, Xasha put on Malek's helmet andtold him to take his time, for she would fill in his place, and when Malek asked how, she smiled and said that she already knew, and it was best for him not to know. Embracing one last time, Malek put on Xasha's helmet and the two went towards their respected places to complete their missions.

Discovery of the Secret  Republic Base

"The reason I hate the Death Watch so much was because around 25 years ago, the old leader Tor Vizsla murdered my family in cold blood. They destroyed my life all those years ago, and up until today, several members have already paid for the sins their brothers and fathers have comitted. Leaving me as an orphan was a mistake he made, and he paid for it with his life on Corellia."
"Killing Pre Vizsla now won't solve a thing. You know that, right?"
"I know, but even today they proudly praise the death of my bloodlne, the Morak clan. I won't have it. The Death Watch will pay."
"I understand your pain, but right now don't focus all your hate on one, it may kill you."
"Yes sir."

Malek alongside Redspark search for a secret Republic base on Carlac.

Prior to leaving the Death Watch organization at the Ming Po village, and after saying goodbye to Xxasha, Malek stayed on the planet of Carlac, and was pinpointed a location where he was set to meet Red, a general from the Mandalorian Guild, as also his master. While searching for the base, Malek was constantly receiving messages and calls from Pre Vizsla who was asking on his whereabouts but  Malek refused to answer. Angered at this, Vizsla sent a Mandalorian after him to find the young Zabrak, but Vizsla would be unaware of how prepared Malek was. A few hours later, the Mandalorian found Malek and pursued to grab him, but due to Malek's helmet being able to detect incoming targets, Malek pulled out his blaster and shot the Death Watch in his chest, killing him instantly, only to then bury him. Upon killing the Mandalorian, Red saw on how much hate he had for the entire Death Watch splinter group, and surprised on how he kept himself from killing it's leader, after serving them as an infiltrator for around a decade. Deciding not to even speak of why he hated, Malek told Red he would say why later, and then the two continued on their mission. After searching for another hour, the two Mandalorians finally stumbled upon the base, and quickly noticing incoming clone troopers the two ignited their

Malek and Red defend themselves from Republic clone troops.

jetpacks and flew to the top of a pedestal located right near the base. While the two looked down, Malek told Red of his strong hatred for the  Death Watch, to which he would also state that they destroyed his life, as they were going to pay for it. As night fell on the cold, wintery planet, an ARC trooper noticed the two Mandalorians. Calling for backup, he clone troopers instantly began shooting at the two, and eventually missing every shot. Not wasting any time, Malek and Red jumped of of the pedestal and began shooting back at the troopers in defense. Malek eventually wanted no quarrel with the troops, but to enjoy himself, Malek shot and killed several of the clones, except the first one, who was the ARC trooper that gave out with the warning. Leaving the base, Malek told Red he was returning to the Death Watch to continue the mission he had set out, and still was doing for ten years, since it was a promise he made for the Kriya Clan, as for the final surviving member of the Morak clan, who had just died a week earlier. When he returned to the camp, Malek saw Bo-Katan and two other troopers retuning after failing to catch both Bonteri and Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano.

Taking back Mandalore

"These Sith say they can help us take Mandalore. I see it as an opportunity to complete the task I set out for so long."
"What is that sir?"
"To kill Pre Vizsla. And know that you now you must die"
"WHAT? No, please don't----"(blasts fired)
"Since I told me, you had to die, and I'm not sorry."
-Malek kills a Mandalorian after telling him his intentions of killing the Death Watch leader

A broken alliance

"Wow, my kin, Sith Lords, interesting. I wonder what it is that they plan".
"We will have to wait, see and hear. But I don't trust them, not one bit, and soon they will die."
"I don't either, but no matter how much I hate Vizsla, I agree with him on betraying them and killing them, but we are gonna have to be careful with these two Sith. They are stronger than they look. One thing that Vizsla does is that he underestimates others. I don't. That is why I am careful around these Zabraks. I have killed dark-side users before, but these two, I'm not so sure."
"So you think it would be hard to kill them?
"Yes, the Force is their advantage, while we have nothing, which is what they believe. For our advantage is something we each know, but are not all the same. Like some, I can resist many types of Force attacks, or as one can say, Jedi Mind tricks.
"Well that can benefit us."
"Yes it can, but right now let's focus on our mission, and on how we will kill them."
-Malek and Bo-Katan discuss about the fate of Maul and Savage

Pre Vizsla and Darth Maul form an alliance in order to takeover Mandalore, and to also get revenge on Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Some time after Carlac, Malek joined Vizsla on an expedition in space. While roaming they came across a ship, to which held both Maul and Savage in it's cockpit. Both siblings had already claimed themselves as Dark Lords of the Sith, but were critically wounded following their defeat against Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. Taking the two Sith brothers with them, the Death Watch brought them to their base on the swamp moon of Zanbar. Due to Malek's skills in contructing iems, he provided Maul with new cybernetic legs, replacing the ones made by Mother Talzin and a artificial substitute for Savage's severed arm. Since both Maul and Vizsla had a common enemy, the two formed an unstable alliance, focused on taking down Obi-Wan. Malek had no intention of getting involved with the Jedi, although he found that this would be the perfect chance to kill Vizsla. Revealing his intentions to another Death Watch member, to avoid problems, Malek shot the Mandaorian in the head and took his body and threw it into a swamp.

Mustafar Mission

Shortly after the formation of the alliance between Maul and Vizsla, the Death Watch leader was already bent and ready on attacking Mandalore, as he also had men standing by him and waiting on the planet. However, Maul stated that they weren't ready, and to do a successful attack, he suggested in enlisting the Black Sun, who were located on the planet of Mustafar. Malek would join Vizsla, in addition with other Death  Watch members in traveling the the planet. Upon arrival, they met with the leaders of the Black Sun, in which they were escorted by Ziton Moj to meet with them. After a small audience with the Black Sun leaders, both Maul and Vizsla were mocked, only to later on be killed at the hands of Savage Opress by throwing is lightsaber, decapitating them all. After this, Ziton decided to join Maul's alliance. Due to the Black Sun joining the Death Watch as well, the splinter group had now gained the supplies that they needed for their cause. Later returning to Zanbar, Maul and Vizsla both argued on their visions of taking control of all Mandalore, but of course their was only one vision of success, to which Maul preferred his, and the only choice Vizsla did was quietly subject to Maul's orders, but began to plot matters into his own hands. Shortly after their discussion, the Pyke Syndicate under the leadership of Lom Pyke said he was wiling to join them, since he had no desire to oppose Maul.

Mission on Nal Hutta

Once the Pyke's joined Maul's newly formed Shadow Collective, the next step in the plan was to head to Nal Hutta, where they now seeked to enist the Hutt Grand Council to their cause. Things wouldn't go as planned as negotiations would be a complete failure, bounty hunters appeared from their hiding spots and began pursuing iring at the brothers and Vizsla, while Malek, Bo-Katan and her Nite Owls were awaiting the return of the two. In return Malek began firing at the bounty hunters holding them back, killing several Hutt guards easily without even moving, as only to later engage them in unarmed combat, where he easily beat Sugi as Savage took care of Embo, and killed the remaining Hutt guards by shooting or by breaking their neck.Dengar and Latts Razzi were also easily beaten by Malek, but since he was on a strict schedule, he decided to let them live. The bounty hunters were then able to flee safely, although Oruba was captured in the aftermath. Wirth his last words, the Hutt told the Death Watch warriors and the Sith Lord brothers on where Jabba had taken refuge. Sayingthat Jabba had fled to Tatooine, under orders from Maul, Opress killed Oruba, while Malek took care of destroying the palace completely.

Final Mission, Tatooine

After learning that the Hutts had fled to Jabba's Palace the Zabrak brothers and the Death Watch launched a mini attack, where they were giving Jabba one last chance to join them, or he will die. Now at the hands of the Shadow Collective, jabba and the Hutts were amazed at how they performed in action, and in doing so, the Hutts agreed to join them. Not amazed at all, Malek left the palace only to catch up to both Vizsla and Bo, who were planning on taking over Mandalore after they finished of both Savage and Maul.

The Mandalore Takeover

"Mandalore is now ours. After years of waiting we have proclaimed our home and returned the true Mandalorian faith. And now with Satine's rule at an end, I am now proclaim myself as Mand'alor."
-Pre Vizsla to the Death Watch
After the formation of the Shadow Collective Maul began forcing his

Malek alongside Bo-Katan and Pre Vizsla confront Satine during the Takeover of Mandalore.

leadership upon the Death Watch, which now left both Bo-Katan and Pre Vizsla plotting the deaths of both Maul and Savage, as also Malek agreed to participate in taking their lives. While the "army" attacked various targets across the capital city of Sundari, causing havoc and terror. Under orders, Vizsla and Death Watch were sent to "capture" the Sith brothers and to bring them to justice, as even acting as saviors. Through an act of manipulation and lies, Vizsla quickly gained the people' support by demonstrating that Duchess couldn't protect them anymore. Later, Kryze was arrrsted by both Mmalek and Vizsla, while Vizsla took the chance to have the two Sith brothers arrested and had them sent to Sundari prison. Naturally, Vizsla stated he had no intention of spreading their success to the other 2,000 neutral systems. Showing his honor, Vizsla said that he would still finish of what they agreed with eariler, which was to remove Kenobi, and that Maul would have no choice and to the submit to the Death Watch's leader's rule.
Death of Vizsla
"I would have preferred shooting Vizsla, but not killing him in that extent."
"Change of heart, eh, Malek?"
"No, but I have a formal way of killing my enemies"
"It's true Bo, I have known Malek for a long time, and his executions don't involve such a brutal kill."
"Who are you?"
"I am Xasha Lazen, and like Malek here, I also joined the Death Watch, and later, the Nite Owls. I did it for the same reason. My hate for Vizsla began he killed my parents, because they stood against them. They were true Mandalorians. Me and Malek will help you in removing both Maul and Vizsla, but that's it.
-Xasha Lazen reveals herself to Bo-Katan, after Malek reveals on how his intentions deffer from that of others
DecapitationOfVizsla-Censored-Shades of Reason

Malek, on the far left side, alongside Xasha Lazen, stare, stunned, at Vizsla's decapitated body at the hands of Maul.

After the two brothers were imprisoned, Vizsla took the title of Mand'alor, claiming it was rightfully his. However, all were unaware on how easy both Maul and Savage were able to escape, with an extra hand, who was none other than Almec, the former Prime Minister of Mandalore. After they escaped and reached the palace, they entered the throne room, where Maul instantly challenged Vizsla to a duel, and Vizsla would accept. Similar to his duel with Obi-Wan Kenobi, Vizsla used his jetpack, blaster pistols, grenades and his Darksaber to gain an advantage over the Sith Lord. However, althouhg he was able to hold out against Maul, it would not be enough to defeat the Sith Lord, and Maul would prove victorious. On his knees, and at the mercy of Maul, Vizsla said his finals words, which were "Like you said, only the strongest shall rule" and accepted his death.
Infiltration and Prelude to Mandalore's fall

Disguised as a Mandalorian super commando, Malek gives of a warning to Bo-Katan on incoming super commandos.

Prior to the battle, Malek had previously disguised himself as a Mandalorian super commando in order to help his new allies. Following Vizsla's death, Malek knew that he had no choice but to join Bo, since the Death Watch faction was particularly still alive. Shortly after some members of the Death Watch sided with Maul, in the dark of night, Malek sneaked behind one Mandalorian super commando and killed him by breaking his neck. Taking the armor, and disguising the dead one in his armor, Malek brought the body to Maul and told him that this Mandalorian was trying to sneak in the castle to kill the Sith Lord, but he was able to finish him of. Maul would believe the story and gave him the rank of commander, which allowed him to be second in charge in the super commandos. However, when Korkie Kryze tried to rescue his aunt Duchess Satine Krye, Bo-Katan aided in the escape, to which was revealed that she was Satine's sister. As they escaped, Malek noticed several Mandalorian commandos chasing them, and would quickly contact Bo and Xasha (secretly), who prepared themselves to fight. However the rescue failed, causing Malek returned to Bo-Katan where he regained his armor back, and would later take the fight to the traitorous Mandalorians. Some time later, Obi-Wan was captured by the Mandalorian super commandos, after he himself also failed to

Malek defending himself from blaster fire against the Mandalorian super ccommandos.

rescue Satine Kryze. During Obi-Wan's capture, Satine was brutally killed by Maul, who used the Darksaber in order to torture and get back at Obi-Wan, since he had no desire to kill him. Knowing that they had to rescue the Jedi Master, Malek went of with Bo-Katan of to the Sundari prison. During this situation, Xasha revealed herself to the Nite Owls and remaining Death Watch member.
Battle of Sundari
"This was a costly battle, we lost a lot of great men. No matter how much I hate the Death Watch, these who fought for Mandalore didn't deserve it. They died with honor."
"I say the same. Sadly some members of our clans Malek fought as well, and died. They were our Vode, who showed what it meant to be a true Mandalorian.
"Bo, we are sorry for your sister. There was nothing we could do."
"It's not your fault.  She died for what was right, as did our warriors."
"We will continue fighting alongside you, as vode."
"(Malek and Xasha) It was an honor to serve under you, and meet you Bo."
"Likewise,  Malek and Xasha"
-Malek, Xasha and Lazen during the Battle of Sundari
File:BoKatan-Kenobi BattleOfSundari.png
Arriving at the prison, Malek, the newly revealed Xasha and Bo-Katan saw Obi-Wan being escorted by the super commandos. Devising a quick plan, the Nite owls, and few remainng Death Watch soldiers ambushed the commandos, with Malek killing of three of them, one by shooting him in the face, and another by causing his jetpack to go out of control and crash into a nearby ship. Bo then handed Obi-Wan an extra jetpack, in order for them to leave the prison and fight of against Maul's Shadow Collective. Flying through the buidlings and skies of Sundari, they battled against several commandos, each shooting and killing one another at a fast pace, suffering heavy casualties, which was the same for the city below. After finally engaging them in the hangar, which lead towards the Sundari docks, a giant door opened to reveal Sundari in ruins. Joining Bo-Katan in helping Obi-Wan being escorted of the planet, Malek knew now that the Death Watch was very similar to any other Mandalorian group, except the fact that they were all different in views, but it would still not change or relieve his hatefor the Death Watch, including Bo-Katan, whom he would ironically end up becoming friends with. After Obi-Wan left, Malek kept fighting alongside Bo and Xasha who were hoping that they could one day rebuild their planet back to how it was.

Leaving the Death Watch and return to the Kriya Clan & Mandalorian Guild

"It's time for us to go home Xasha. We have done al that we can here."
"Are you sure Malek?"
"Yes, Mandalore will be rebuilt, and on that day we will return."
"You promise Malek?" (grabs hold of Maleks hands tightly)
"(embraces Xasha) I promise Xasha."
-Malek and Xasha shortly before leaving Sundari

Malek and Xasha, Mandalorian warriors and members of the Kriya and Lazen clans.

After the near destruction of Sundari, Malek and Xasha decided to leave the planet of Mandalore to go back to their respective clans. Upon their return to Concord Dawn, both Malek and Xasha were greeted by their clans, welcoming for their partial success, although they weren't the ones who killed Vizsla. Oce he returned, Malek was greeted by the Kriya elder who weclomed him home, and promoted his as head of the Kriya clan once more, because he was dying and needed someone to watch over the clan as soon ass he died, which would be any time. Malek would however not decide to take head of the clan a second time, because he felt he had mope to do in the galaxy and see other places, such as rejoining the Mandalorian Guild, for they were also his family, and that he had me them a promise. Acccpeting his leave, Malek gave head of the Kriya Clan to a young female named Mirta Kriya, and told her that he knows she would be a great leader, in not only protecting the clan, but leading the children in the right way. After this, Malek and Xasha had an emotional farewell, and as he boarded his ship, Xasha looked at Malek leave with her hands holding her heart, while the sun setted on a quiet night on Concord Dawn. Leaving Concord Dawn, Malek traveled to the Mandalore sector, where he would later meeting up with three fellow Mandalorian warriors. Upon returning to the headquarters of the Mandalorian Guild, he was welcomed back by his fellow Mandalorians, as seeing that he had completed the mission he started several years ago, but he still vowed to destroy the final remaining members of the Death, and whenever new ones would join it. Right after his return, Malek was flying around his old home, where he would find a Mandalorian super commando, who had survived the Battle of Ssundari, and was seemingly looking for someone to kill, therefore, the target was Malek himself. When he got closer, Malek could see that it was the captain of the commandos. Malek's presence would not go unnoticed, for he would be shot down by the Mandalorian captain, who would injure him on his arm. Left only to defend himself, Malek took up one of his lightsabers in defense, whilst the captain took out a blaster. Deflecting several blasts, Malek was able to charge onto the commando and destroy his blaster. Flipping behind him, Malek snapped the neck of the Mandalorian and would take his armor for his own, which he would demonstrate to the guild. Malek was then allowed to wear the armor for his own, and with it Malek would wear the armor throughout the final year of the Clone Wars, and throughout the early years of the Galactic Empire.

Fighting for the Guild

"The Mando Ver'verd'tsad is my home. I am a part of it, and I stay strong to our Mandalorian beliefs'. I have said this before and I will say it again. I am a Mandalorian! Vode An!"
-Malek upon his return to the Mandalorian Guild
Malek Kryia wanted poster

A wanted poster of Malek placed all over the galaxy under orders from Chancellor Palpatine.

Shortly after his return to the guild, Malek took part in several missions throughout the galaxy. A few weeks after the Battle of Sundari, Malek restarted his careers as an assassin, in which he would often get the most difficult of targets, to which many were corrupt senators, traitors, and other assassins alike. Nevertheless, Malek would complete the missions without wasting a single breath, to which he would often recieve high payments for. While away, Malek contacted Xasha several times, promising her tht one day he would come and visit her, for at the time being he wasn't able to because of his numerous back-to-back tasks. As months past, Malek's identity started to become more known to the galaxy, and was put on the galaxies most wanted list. A fully feared Mandalorian, Malek had now become what his father had always wanted for him, which was a True Mandalorian. Aside from this, Malek fought several battles against other Mandalorian groups who had hate for the guild. This was seen several times on Ryloth, Felucia and on Umbara. Malek also plotted his own attacks on the Jedi Temple several times, in order to gain their attention, and was able to pull it of, as even was able to make them think that it was caused by the Separatists. During this time, Malek would also learn a lot of battle styles, and shooting techniques from his Vode in the guild, since he was amongst the youngest ones. Through more battle and assassinations, with the guidance of his vode and the guild, Malek would evolve into the most fearsome Zabrak ever, even surpassing the fear that Maul had usually spread out amongst his enemies. Malek himself stated that he was glad for all his vode in helping him, as they advanced his abilities in shooting, fighting in unarmed combat, and started to gain a much more brutal tactic whenever he fought against enemies of the guild. Malek was most noted in the guild for his fast learning, quick talents, master manipulator, cunning, as even a great strategist.

Mission to Maridun

"I will pay you five million credits if you get rid of this senator for me, please."
"Make it an even six million and you got yourself a bounty hunter."
"Deal. Thank you sir."
-Malek is contracted by a Twi'Lek counselor to kill a corrupt Republic Senator
Once Malek became the galaxy's most wanted Mandalorian mercenary, he decided to to take a break from the action, as such he earned a well deserved rest. Malek however was not afraid that he would be caught, in which he thought it would be a good idea to let the Republic think he was long gone. While Malek rested in the headquarters of the Mandalorian Guild, tending to the vehicles and weapons alike, as even upgrading them, he received a message from an unknown assailant who was requesting his help. Malek would answer the message and meet his contractor on the planet of Maridun. One he landed and picked out his personal sniper rifle, Malek met up with a Twi'Lek counselor of the Galactic Republic. Because of this mission, Malek now knew that he wouldn't be able to keep himself from doing his bounty hunting job, which was what kept a notable figure within the Mandalorian Guild, Kriya Clan, and previously, the Death Watch. Uusing a holo-map, from within his helmet, Malek discovered the location of the corruptive Republic senator, who was visiting a Separatist informant on the planet. Climbing up a small home, Malek armed his sniper rifle and took aim at the senator, and although the senator's ally wasn't part of the deal, Malek decided it was best to kill him as well, so there wouldn't be any witnesses. Shooting twice, Malek killed both the senator and his Separatist ally. Killing both successfully, Malek recieved his payment, and returned to the Guild Headquarters, now under the leadership of Beviin Kabur.

Mission to Felucia

Shortly after the reformation of the Mandalorian Guild, alongside several members, Malek headed to the planet of Felucia. After landing on the planet, Malek and several other Mandalorians recieved an incoming transmission from a clone commando named Boss, who was informing them of the situation.

Mission on Umbara

Marriage to Xasha Lazen

Personality & Traits

Ib'tuur jatne tuur ash'ad kyr'amur.
-Malek Kriya
Malek Kriya was a rather cruel, manipulative, cold, and malicious individual. A strong individual, Malek kept true to his Mandalorian heritage, both of that of his biological parents, and adopted parents. Trained under the Mandalorian way, Malek proved to be the most cunning of his family, as the most manipulative. This proved effective when he infiltrated the Death Watch and kept his disguise for more than ten years without being detected, thus kept his identity of being a Zabrak a secret, until revealing his face to Pre Vizsla himself. Driven by vengenace for almost 25 years, Malek thought of nothing but killing Pre Vizsla, and eradicating the entire Death Watch faction form existence. During his tenure with the Death Watch, Malek showed his ruthless ambitions and actions against Death Watch failures, who were deemed so by Pre Vizsla, and was often ordered to kill them, which he was gladly do, as he always responded "With pleasure" in Mando'a. Rising through the ranks as a lieutenant by 29 BBY, Malek gained Vizsla's trust. The same thing happened when he joined the Nite Owls, as where he gained Bo-Katan's trust, as becoming her right hand man, and second in command. The reason Malek had such a cold and ruthless personality was due to the truama the Death Watch had inflicted him upon murdering his parents. However, during the Battle of Sundari, after witnessing the death of Satine Kryze, and even making a truce with her, in aiding her in the enitial battle, his attitude and anger towards her changed, as did Xasha's who understood that she fought for what she believed was right, but the two still kept their hate for the Ddeath Watch, and with this, Bo-Katan saw no reason to hate them, and surprisingly, she respected their views on the splinter group. Malek kept his cold traits for a long time, but very few times, Malek would smile and be kind, but this was only seen with his wife and children, while with his vode in the
guild he was firm as they were the same with him. Also due to his Zabrak physique, Malek possessed two hearts like all Zabraks, and even had a extremely strong resistance to physical pain. This was seen when Darth Sidious tortured him and his wife with Force Lightning after the two failed to kill a still-loyal Republic senator in 18 BBY.

Despite his cold personality, Malek himself was rather wise, telling his new family that family was more important than anything else, even more important than getting rid of your enemies. Also, Malek was kind to his adopted brothers, and sisters, including children, since he cared a lot about their safety because they were so young and defenseless. Malek kept these traits throughout his entire life, and proved in being the most mysterious Mandalorian Zabrak of all time, since he also had a strong altering personality, which depended on the situation. Aside from this, he was very loyal to the Mandalorian Guild, and honored the True Mandalorians, of whom which his biological father Boba Morak descended from, and as well he was loyal to his master Redspark Holocron, who taught him many techniques and tactics that improved his skills, despite the fact that at the time he had joined the guild, he was seen as a master shooter. His loyalty granted him amongst the highest ranks in Death Watch and Nite Owls groups alike, as was even feared by his fellow comrades. This wasn't the same in the guild, for he had kept several parts of his reputation a secret. Nevertheless, he kept most of his loyalty to the guild, and to the Kriya Clan and Lazen Clan alike.

"Mhi solus tome, mhi solus dar'tome, mhi me'dinui an, mhi ba'juri verde."(We are one when together. we are one when parted. We will share all. We will raise warriors)

-Malek and Zasha during their wedding in 19 BBY

Malek, just like any one had a weakness, which was his heart.  Throughout his life, Malek developed a close relationship with a female Mandalorian, who was named Xasha and she alike developed a close relationship with the Mandalorian Zabrak, to which the two ended up becoming really close friends, to which would become something more after the start of the Clone Wars. Both worked together several times and helped each other when one was ever injured, or near dying.  By the first year of the war, Malek and Xasha discovered their feelings for one another, where the two confessed their feelings through a passionate kiss. The two were later marry in 19 BBY. After their marriage, Malek and Xasha started to work for the empire as bounty hunters, where they recieved large payments for their work, to which the two ended up working alongside Boba Fett numerous times. Two years later, in 17 BBY, Malek and Xasha gave birth to a Zabrak boy, and named him Boba Kriya, who they would train in the Mandalorian ways, and in 14 BBY, the couple gave birth to a girl and named her Mirta Kriya.

For almost a decade, Malek and Xasha took on numerous tasks in hunting down the Jedi and taking their lightsabers as trophies for themselves, or for the Emperor, and even they killed traitors who spoke out against their contractors. While working for the Empire, both also carried out hundreds of assignments for the Mandalorian Guild, and were sometimes against the Jedi. By 3 BBY, Malek and Xasha had grown tired of the Empire, and so they retired from the bounty hunter business and returned to their new home on Mandalore, and gave their full services to the guild once more. As he got older, Malek's several views rarely changed, and kept his same persona as was even more aggressive to many of his clients, where he even got to the point of killing them.



Malek had a small amount of helmets in his life, to which each depended on who he was a part of. Despite each helmet have a different physical appearance, it containment's remained pretty much the same. Each helmet was able to record play videos via command, compensated automatically for low or high light conditions, picked up on minute sounds and amplified them and could connect with the on-board computer of Revenant, assuming the transmission wasn't being jammed. The helmet also allowed hi to breathe in space for a considerable amount of time during the Clone Wars, and after it as well. The helmet also contained a infrared-vision, which helped him detect Jedi, troopers, and several others from miles away. Also, Malek's helmets contained HUD (heads-up-display), which allowed him to scan his surrounds in any direction, without moving, which helped him a lot during the Takeover on Mandalore. He was able to scan the surrounding environment as well as a 360-degree field of vision. Despite not all helmets containing an antenna, Malek modified his final helmet from within to have the same ability as an antenna. With this, he was capable of intercepting and unscrambling com-link and starship comm transmissions, and controlling the HoloNet with nothing but his eyes, and he even he placed an advanced penetrating radar that allowed his HUD to provide information on nearby rooms, and could be used to scan the HoloNet and connect with databases, allowing him to perform tasks which would normally, or mostly required a computer terminal, such as searching databases for individuals or even trading on the stock market and buying real estate, from anywhere that was accessible through the HoloNet. Also the antenna provided Malek with information on what types of weapons his enemies had in their possession, thus could also scan it's schematics and weak points. Malek's vizor was also enhanced with technology that allowed him to see great distances without the use of the technology clone troopers used to see droids from afar, which were electronic binoculars. When not at his post, Malek could give commands from his helmet and send it as a message to his comrades.


Malek's armor often depended on who he worked for, or who he was aligned with. Each armor consisted of their own unique style and design, however, each were constructed of the same material. Malek's first sets of Mandalorian armor all consisted of an impenetrable material, which came from the skin of the Zillo Beast, which gave Malek protection from lightsaber attacks and blasterfire. The Mmandalorian armors used by Malek during the Clone Wars were the  Death Watch Armor, Nite Owl Armor, and his first Green Kriyan armor consisted of it. All were made of the same Zillo Beast material, but were easily noticed in differences, such as color, or helmet. Aside from it, Malek added a feature to his armor which kept it from ever rusting or getting old, even degrading. As he got older, Kriya re-modified his armor to become more resistant to hard impacts, crashes, explosions, ice, freezing temperatures, overwhelming heat, and protection from other dangers, and it also had a cooling system, which was seen with his Rred Kriyan armor. Although Malek's armor were all different in many ways, every single one of his armor had the same materialistic constructions, schematics, and features. His leather ultility belts had about nine pouches, as the center of each had two symbols halved. One half was of his orginal Morak clan, and the second of the Kriya clan, showing the unity between his family. Also, in 14 BBY, Malek added duraplast to his armor, to which allowed it to sustain a great deal of damage without degrading, despite the fact that he had used Zillo Beast skin, the animal had long been extinc since 21 BBY, to which contributed to the reason as to why he added it before it was extinct, since he could no longer use the beast's skin, Malek banned the skin from his old armors, and rebuilt them with duraplast, and gave them to young teenagers of the Kriya Clan. Duraplast was eventually placed on his Red Kriyan armor, as then it would become his main armor later on in life.

Daeth Watch Armor

Malek's Death Watch armor consisted of a light-blue and grey color. HIs shoulder pads were both a darker-shade of blue, with white in the middle, as the right one donned the mark of his father's clan (Clan Morak), and the left, of that of his new clan (Clan Kriya). Malek mostly used this armor when he infiltrated Daeth Watch several times prior to the Clone Wars, and few times after it began. However, not much info is known on this armor, since Malek kept his profile low for almost ten years, which is believed for how long he used it. Other than that, the only known use of it was his successful infiltration of Death Watch, which lasted for ten years, and was close in bringing the splinter group down. After that, Malek went to join the Nite Owls, where he would begin working along side Bo-Katan, only to yet again, secretly work alongside Pre Vizsla. Knowing his hate for the Death Watch leader, Bo told Malek to keep a low profile when he was around, which he did.

Nite Owl Armor

Malek joined the Nite Owls in the year off 25 BBY. After joining the squad of Mandalorian soldiers, Malek quickly gained the trust of it's leader Bo, which granted him one of the highest ranks, besides Bo's leadership. Once he received the armor, Malek quickly re-customized it into his own special armor, keeping the color and everything else outside of it the same. The shoulder pads had a blacishh-grey color, that were blaster-proof. Making it similar to his original armor, Malek's Nite Owl armor was amongst the strongest of the squad. Resistant to all types of attacks and conditions, Malek became known for his creativity of Mandalorian armor. The armor itself was grey, with a hint blue. His leather belt donned the symbol of the Nite Owls in it's center. His suit allowed him to carry his two pistols, and were held by a brace to keep them from falling whenever flying with his jetpack (which is similar to all his armors). Up until the Takeover on Mandalore Malek donned the Nite Owl armor, until he temporairly changed back to his Death Watch lieutenant attire.

Mandalorian supercommando Armor


Following the death of Vizsla at the hands of Maul, Malek became furious, due to the fact that Mandalore was now under the control of the Sith, including Savage. Now with several other Death Watch members turning against them, Malek had no choice but to join Bo-Katan in an attempt to take back Mandalore. Seeing that he had a sinlge moment for his advantage, Malek assaulted a Mandalorian super commando and took his armor. He contatced Bo and told her of what he was doing, and that it would be a great way to feed her information, to which she would agree with. While infiltrating, Malek had an easy time keeping himself undercover, but was often disappointed in the order given. When Satine was broken free by her sister and nephew, Malek assited in their escape from afar, but only to witness their capture. Hours later, Kenobi arrived on the planet after recieving an urgent message from Satine herself. Once more in his original Nite Owl armor, he saw the Jedi go into a supercommando disguise, after knocking out another Mandalorian, however after another failed rescue attempt, Kenobi was captured alongside Satine. Sometime after the Battle fo Sundari, Malek found the Mandalorian super commando captain, who was eventually looking for the Zabrak. After a smal fight, Malek donned the horned armor for himself, since when Sundari fell to the Sith, he wore the orginal commando gear. Malek would wear the captain's armor until destroying it, and returning to the normal Red Kriyan Aarmor, which was a gift from Dir Kriya.

Red Kriya Armor


When the Galctic Republic fell to the Dark Lord of the Sith Darth Sidious, hewould replace it with the Galactic Empire establishing it as the New Order of the entire galaxy, Mmalek recieved a gift from his adopted parents. Upon opening it, he saw that it was the orginal Red Kriyan armor worn by members of the Kriya Clan. Donning it as his own, Malek placed the symbols of the Mandalorian Guild on his right glove, and the Kriya clan on his left shoulder pad, as the morak Clan's symbol on his right shoulder pad. Constructed with duraplast, this armor eventually ended up becoming his main armor thorughout the later years of his life, as was mostly used for bunty hunting missions for the Empire and Mandalorian Guild alike. After he left the empire, after noticing that he was no longr needed, Malek would upgrade it, and recontruct it with durasteel which gave him several amounts of protection from blistering heat, frigid cold, and monumental physical stress, blaster shots and lightsaber shots, after he remodified the steel. Years later in 25 ABY, Malek remodified it with Beskar. While in this armor, Malek was given the nickname "Blood that walks" due to it's meanacing appearance.


Malek wore a Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpack, which was seen on all of his armors, but each were styled in different ways and sizes. The fuel tank was able to hold enough fuel to give him three 20-second blasts, 20 three-second blasts or one minute of continuous operation. Every three second blast moved Malek up to 100 meters horizontally or 7 meters vertically. Fett could reach a top speed of 145 kilometers per hour with a maximum range of two kilometers. Directional thrusters featured gyro-stabilizers to apply counter-thrust for maneuvering and landing.The top of his jetpack consisted of three long-range missles, that could reach targets up to almost 30 feet away, as even it contained a turbo-projected magnetic grappling hook with 20-meter lanyard (replaceable with 100 meters). This was however replaceable with his anti-veicle homing missles that he used when attacking multiple targets, whowere either speeidng away, or were chasing him. Malek was also known for creating his own Mitrinomon Z-6 jetpacks, that always worked without fail, and were also made with an anti-magnetic material that kept him from being puled by magnetic field, giving him an advantage in flight, as to even fly faster. Malek was also mostly known for having several similarities in equipment,to hat of which Boba Fett himself had. This caused the two to often be compared, but the two always cleared out that they were different in many ways.


Malek had a variety of weapons that he used when eithr a bounty hunter or assassin. His primary weapon during the early years of his life was a typical type of Mandalorian blaster, two WESTAR-35 blaster pistols, and two Jedi lightsabers, both consisted of blue-synthetic crystals. However, once Malek began his career as an assassin and bounty hunter,  Malek's primary weapons of choice were either Adventuer slugthrower rifle or a X-45 sniper rifle, which he shot with incredible and deadly accuracy. Malek had several snipe rifles, of which he made himself, which proved to be far better in shooting range, and had better magnifying scopes, also accuracy, than those he bought.Also, Malek had to Warlord pistols, which were his signature weapons in close kills, or when he wanted to kill his target in point blank range. Although he was not a Jedi, Malek knew how to perfectly wield a lightsaber, as he even knew quite a few styles, and such were the Jar'Kai, Soresu, and the Makashi. This would shock several members of the Jjedo Oder, and such were Shaak Ti , Luminara Unduli, Yoda, and several more. It was more shocking when he was able to defeat Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker, and Jedi
Padawan Ahsoka Tano single handedly, despite the Jedi's advantages with the Force. When working for the Jedi, Malek gained an interest in sparring with several Jedi Masters of the order. His most common victory in a sparring match was against Luminara Unduli, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and surpringly, Shaak Ti, who was labeled as one of the most powerful masters of the Jedi Order. Almost a year after the death of Pre Vizsla, the former Death Watch leader had lost his Darksaber to the Sith Lord Darth Maul during their duel. However the Sith Lord lost it after he was defeated by his former master Darth Sidious, which also attributed to the death of his brother Savage Opress st the hands of the Dark Lord of the Sith, in which the darksaber would later come into Malek's possession, which he donned as his own. Uusing cutting-ede technology, Malek was able to build a second Darksaber, and banned the Jedi lightsabers he had once held.

As the Clone Wars progressed, Malek added several features to his Mandalorian armor and added more weapons to his arsenal. By 21 BBY, Malek's new weapon of choic, which was seen by the time of the Takeover of Mandalore. The first one was a self-customized blaster pistol, given to him by his adopted mother, upon his acenson as leader of the Kriyan Clan, that bared similar resemblance to the same pistol his father Boba Morak had. His second sidearm was a concussion grenade launcher, given to him by Boba Fett, after the latter encountered him prior to the dissolution of the Mandalorian Guild. Since Malek was unable to equip both at the same time, he used one at a time, but was able to switch quickly and choose targets faster than usual.

His wrist gauntlets also became a mounting point for many weapons. His right gauntlet had a Czerka ZX miniature flame projector that a cone of fire five meters long and a meter in diameter. The flamethrower had a corded fuel line connecting to a backpack canister holding fuel forat least three minutes of operation. On his left gauntlet, Malek equipped a Dur-24 wrist laser that had a range of more than 50 meters. After being exposed, Malek added a protective shield that only enclosed, but also concealed both weapons. Just like Boba Fett in his later years, Malek carried a Kelvarex Consolidated Arms MM9 mini concussion rocket, which utilized computer target tracking,however, he carried it on his right gauntlet. Several of Malek's weapons were similar to that of Boba Fett, as some of the most common were Type-12A anti-personnel rockets, Type-12B stun rockets, and 1126 rockets. HIs left gauntlet also had fibercord whip that had a grappling hok at the end, which was 20 meters long, which was used to entangle and immobilize a target. It also held retractable vibro-blades and a dart launcher.

Talents and Abilities

Malek was a gifted shooter, weapon and armor maker. He was also specialized in the art of lightsaber combat and martial arts. Since he was 12 years old, Malek was trained in the art of the lightsaber by his adopted parents, who themselves knew it as well. A master at using two blades, Malek used his knowledge of the Jedi as an advantage whenever he confronted them in battle. Malek was able to dual wield a blaster and lightsaber at the same time granting him an advantage against his enemies, as also a formidable opponent in close combat.

Skilled in the art of unarmed combat, Malek made use of it when in sparring matches with the Mandalorian Guild, and against several former Death Watch soldiers during the Battle of Sundari. He also skilled in using a jetpack, and could even disable an enemy's jetpack in mid-flight. When flying, Mmalek could easily dodge blaster shots from his attackers, and could even focus his aim on shooting in mid-flight.

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