Unidentified Bounty Hunter


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47 BBY, Naboo


20 BBY, Kamino

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1.61 meters

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"My task is simple, to hunt down and kill Kol-Kerz-Tak. With his death, I will get the best payment in bounty hunter history. Once he is dead, you're next, Jedi Knight'".

-The unknown Bounty Hunter to Ahsoka Tano

This individual was a male Human bounty hunter who was born on the planet of Naboo in the year of 47 BBY. He lived during the time of the Clone Wars and the latter years of the Galactic Republic. Though his name wasn't known, he was actually pretty well known by his assassinations on many important politicians who were affliated with the Galactic Senate and the Republic. He was hired a lot by Darth Sidious and Count Dooku. Those who refused to join the Separatist Alliance would be killed. One of his most known attempted kills was on Senator Riyo Chuchi of Pantora, which was foiled by Jedi Knight Clay Kerz-Tak, and the older brother of the powerful Force-sensitve Jedi Knight Kol Kerz-Tak.

After the failed attempt, Sidious sent him to kill Kol, who was on Kamino with his master Shaak Ti, who were talking to the Jedi Council on how to save Ahsoka. He had

The bounty hunter's death at the hands of Kol

recently captured Jedi Knight Ahsoka Tano, and held her for ransom and a hostage, to which he planned to lure Kol to him. At a moment where he was alone, Kol was walking in the rain, throughout the cloning facility in Tipoca City, as unknown to him the bounty hunter took the time to shoot Kol from behind, but missed after Kol deflected several blasts with his lightsaber, and then charged at him deflecting more blasts, only to then stab him through the chest. This second assassination attempt on an important figure of the galaxy unfortunately led to his death. Ahsoka, who was cuffed and tied with electric wired rope, was then rescued and freed by Kol. Though he was an excellent shooter, his blasts were defelcted by Kol, who ran towards him and stabbed him through the chest, which resulted in a quick instant death. His death shocked the Republic, knowing that Kol was once more threatened by the forces of the Separatists.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Credits for the bounty hunter goes to Darkjedi55