Xur Eon
Experimental jedi armor by imzadialpha-d3292al
Biographical information
Homeworld Coruscant
Born 38 BBY
Physical description
Species Zabrak
Gender Male
Height 6'
Eye color Blue
Skin Color Red
Weaponry 2 Dual-Bladed Lightsabers, 2 Single Bladed Lightsabers (Clone Wars), 2 Single Bladed Lightsabers (After CW)
Chronological and political information
  • Rise of the Empire
  • Rebellion/New Order
  • New Republic
  • Sith Resurgence
  • The Republic
  • The New Order
  • Reformed Jedi Order
  • The New Republic
  • The Imperial Alliance
  • The Galactic Federation
  • The Second New Order
Known Masters
  • Mace Windu
Known Apprentices
  • Petra Eon

Xur Eon is a red-skinned Zabrak Jedi knight. Born on Coruscant with the ability to control the Dark Side of the force as a Jedi, he became one of the most powerful beings in the Galaxy. He is best known for his contributions in the Clone Wars, creating The New Order, and setting up the New Republic after the collapse of the Empire.

Early YearsEdit

Xur was born 38 BBY on Coruscant to Exiled Jedi Master Osiris Eon and Sith Lord Darth Hydria. He was raised in secret as Osiris and Hydria avoided any contact with the upper levels of Coruscant. However, when he was 6 years old, Osiris killed Hydria as she attempted to take Xur as her apprentice and become the true Sith Lord. Unable to live with himself, Osiris left Xur at the Jedi Temple, and was never seen or heard from again. Mace Windu then found the child and took him in to analyze him. Sensing the great power within the boy and his ability to control the Dark Side of the force, Windu took the child under his wing to train him. The young Eon proved to learn quickly, as he was able to master a dual-bladed lightsaber at the age of 10, and by the time he was 15, he could dual-wield with a single-blade as well. He grew so quickly, that Mace Windu brought Xur along with him to the First Battle of Geonosis, where Xur was able to get his first taste of the Clone Wars, and become good friends with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. At the battle's conclusion, he was made a full Jedi Knight.

Knighthood and The Clone WarsEdit

Swtor-covert-pilot-suit-male thumb

The Sith Flight Suit Xur used for his initial knighthood, but used a black robe instead of the chest armor.

Xur participated in the many initial battles of the Clone Wars, working in close tandem with Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi. When he turned 16, he was dispatched to Christophsis along with Kenobi and Skywalker in order to take control of the valuable system. There, he, along with Skywalker himself, was able to meet Ahsoka Tano for the first time. Their initial relationship was a tense one, since Xur's patience was limited. They often clashed early on, but after the Hutt Crisis was averted, they became good friends and formed a sort of "brother and sister" relationship. This came up very often throughout the Clone Wars, as they became one of the most formidable tandems that rivaled even Skywalker and Kenobi, which they conveniently worked together with often.

Eventually, the 502nd Legion was commissioned for him as an off-shoot of the 501st, and Captain Raven was made his "Right Hand Man".

Ahsoka's Framing and Xur's ResolveEdit

When Ahsoka was framed for the murder of Letta and three clones, Xur's trust in the Republic plummeted to the lowest levels possible. His emotions tended to get the better of him in the case, as he threatened to kill clones if they didn't let him in to talk to her, only to be calmed by Skywalker. He joined in the chase after her as soon as she escaped, and secretly aided her while looking as if he was trying his hardest to capture her. As soon as she jumped to the lower levels of Coruscant, Xur went AWOL after Skywalker agreed to keep quiet about his whereabouts. Xur found himself traveling all throughout the underworld, but was able to find her working with Asajj Ventress. He kept quiet as to not make himself look like a criminal, and only revealed himself when an explosion ripped through the warehouse he was overlooking. There he dueled with the framer, who had beaten Ahsoka into another trap, and was able to subdue them, only to let them escape due to the arrival of Skywalker and Plo-Koon's hunting parties. Xur was allowed to go along with them back to the temple, since he had not committed any crimes at that point.

When he returned, he made his case to the council before Ahsoka's trial, but only found that they would find her guilty of sedition against the Republic. There he cursed the Council, calling them cowards, and claimed that they were the ones committing sedition. Ahsoka stepped in to calm his rage, and he stormed out.

Despite Ahsoka's overwhelming odds against her, Xur and Anakin were able to find the framer, who turned out to be Bariss Offee and proved Ahsoka's innocence. However, when Ahsoka was allowed back into the order, she refused and began to walk out on the Order. At this point, Xur realized that she meant much more to him that he realized, and professed his love to her before she could leave. This caused Ahsoka to go back on her decision and rejoin the order so she could ultimately stay with Xur.

The Invasion of Raxus and Order 66Edit

Togruta knight of old republic by raikoh14-d4cngkm

The armor Ahsoka was given from Delta Squad before the Invasion of Raxus.

In 19 BBY, in the waning months of the Clone Wars, the Jedi Council pressed to destroy the CIS and end the war quickly after the battle of Coruscant. After Ahsoka and Xur's mission on Skako, they were given new armor, such as Xur's Experimental Jedi Armor, and Ahsoka's suit given to her from Delta Squad because of their past op on Boomis Koori IV (see right). While Skywalker and Kenobi were sent to Utapau to destroy General Grievous, Ahsoka and Xur were tasked with the Invasion of Raxus to force a Separatist surrender. They were given the massive Pride of the Core as their flagship, and were accompanied by Captain's Raven and Rex along with Delta Squad. The initial CIS blockade was easy to break through, and Xur lead the ground assault with the 502nd Legion and Captain Raven. When they reached the Capitol building on Raxus, they cornered the CIS Senate with Ahsoka and Delta Squad's infiltration atop the building. With that, and the news of Grievous' defeat, the CIS formally surrendered, bringing the Clone Wars to an end.

As they returned to Coruscant, they had learned that Chancellor Palpatine had no plans to give up his power, and the Senate was in turmoil. When Xur and Ahsoka landed on Coruscant, Xur began to have visions of the Jedi Temple in ruins like he did on his mission to Korriban, except now he saw much more detail, and saw that Palpatine was the Sith Lord they had been looking for.

Xur explained his vision to the Council, and they officially agreed that the Chancellor must be removed from office. Mace Windu brought together a team of three other Jedi to arrest him. While they were gone, Xur once again had a vision, but this time saw that Mace Windu would die if he did not intervene. Leaving Ahsoka in shock, he quickly made his way to the Senate building, only to find that someone else had beat him there. When he came to the Chancellor's office, he found Mace Windu about to strike down the Chancellor, but Skywalker cut off his hand. Xur immediately engaged in a quick and anger-induced duel with Anakin, but jumped off the edge of the Senate building with Mace Windu in order to save him from Palpatine.

He was able to contact Ahsoka to pick them up, but when she reached him, she spoke of how the clones were beginning to turn on their Jedi Generals. They then fled along with Obi-Wan Kenobi from Coruscant in order to rescue Master Yoda. There, Xur explained what had happened, saying that Anakin had betrayed them as he attempted to kill Mace Windu. Mace agreed, but Ahsoka and Obi-Wan were still in disbelief.

This was changed after the rescue of Yoda as they returned to Coruscant to stop the recall of Jedi to the temple and saw the security hologram of Anakin spearheading the attack on the temple. Ahsoka and Obi-Wan were filled with rage towards the Emperor, but both refused to kill Anakin. Xur, however, agreed with Yoda that Anakin was gone, and now Darth Vader, and was ready to destroy him at all costs.

Xur joined Yoda in the attempt to kill Darth Sidious in the Senate building. The battle went in their favor early on, but Yoda was eventually removed from the battle as he fell off the side at one point. Xur then engaged one on one with the Sith Lord. He was unable to match him in his light side, but once he began to lose himself, he was able to push back the Emperor and bring him to his knees. However, due to the length of the battle, a battalion of troopers stormed the building, and Xur was forced to flee with Bail Organa and Yoda.

Xur's Temporary Exile (19 BBY-10 BBY)Edit

After the events of the Clone Wars and Ahsoka and Obi-Wan's defeat of Darth Vader on Mustafar, Xur had learned of Anakin's children at the Polis Massa medical station, where Mace Windu also received a prosthetic hand. With Yoda and Obi-Wan, he helped get Leia and Luke to safety before he left with Ahsoka into exile. Not having any homeworld since Coruscant was under Imperial control, they hid on Ahsoka's home planet, Shili. During their exile, Xur made many trips to Iridonia in order to learn of his race and their cultures.

However, in 15 BBY, Xur felt compelled to travel to Ilum, and he and Ahsoka both made their way there in secret. When they arrived at the Crystal Caves, Xur went in alone, much to Ahsoka's displeasure. Inside, he found his way to a large chamber, and in it he saw the ghost of his mother, Darth Hydria. They spoke for a long while, despite Xur's obvious hostility towards her. She spoke of his power, and recalled the woman he had seen on Korriban, revealing that she was the Sith Lord Darth Zash from the days of the Old Republic. Hydria then claimed that it was Xur who was to destroy the Empire. But, when she mentioned that Ahsoka was a pawn holding him back, he attacked her, and battled the ghost of his mother. He was victorious, and when she faded away, a lightsaber crystal was revealed to him. He applied it to one of his dual-bladed lightsabers and saw that his saber blazed a bright purple, and he felt at a complete balance between the light and the dark.

With this, he received a new crystal for his three other sabers, and then exited the cave. As he met back up with Ahsoka, he explained what had happened. She was both sad, but happy that he was able to overcome the influence of his mother at long last.

Xur then revealed his new plan, and that was to reform the Jedi Order and destroy the Empire once and for all.

The New Order (10 BBY-5 BBY)Edit

For we are opposed across the galaxy, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy, that relies more on covet means for expanding its sphere of influence.

-Excerpt from Xur Eon's speech upon the creation of the New Order


Iridonia, the initial capital of The New Order

Xur's quest for the reformation of the Jedi began at his race's home planet, Iridonia, where he gave a grand speech. He spoke out against the Empire and its slaughter of the Jedi Order and proposed his plan to rebuild the Republic and destroy the Empire. The aggressive Iridonians couldn't resist his plan, and the planet was officially under New Order control within a few days.

Using the Iridonian factories and pure manpower, Xur was able to assemble a small army and fleet to move on to Ord Mantell. He used his oratory skills as well to get the system to defect from the Empire in order to make the job easier. In the end, Ord Mantell joined the New Order without a fight, giving Xur access to the surrounding systems.

As soon as he achieved some sort of foothold in the Expansion Region, the Empire began to take notice of Xur's insurgency. Emperor Palpatine declared Iridonia and Ord Mantell in a state of rebellion, but could not commit forces due to conflicts in the Outer Rim.

The New Order Symbol

The symbol of the New Order.

In 9 BBY, Xur's New Order did not go unnoticed. Obi-Wan Kenobi, Mace Windu, and Yoda all emerged from exile to join his cause, along with clone commanders Rex, Raven, Wolffe, and Cody, who had all removed their inhibitor chips before Order 66. To Ahsoka's joy, Delta Squad emerged from the shadows, showing that they had been "too smart" to not realize the chips inside of them. With new allies and more leadership, Xur established a government on Iridonia. It was an assembly of representatives from each planet under New Order control. This House of Representatives was ruled by a Prime Minister that was elected every 5 years. Xur then set up his military branch, and he was named Supreme Commander. Ahsoka Tano, Mace Windu, Yoda, and Obi-Wan Kenobi were all made "Grand Generals", while Rex, Raven, Wolffe, and Cody were made his Generals. Delta Squad was made his elite special forces team led by Ahsoka for covert ops.

The Battle of Shili (9 BBY)Edit

Eons 9 BBY

The Galactic Map after the Battle of Shili. Red-Empire, Orange-New Order, Yellow-Rebels.

The first battle of the fabled "Inner Rim Sieges", the Battle of Shili, established the New Order in the Galaxy. Xur and Ahsoka led an army of militia troopers into the planet and were able to outgun a superior Imperial force with genius strategy and patience. This victory gave the New Order a foothold into the Inner Rim, and a shocked Empire would be unable to halt their advance for a long while.

This defeat gave Palpatine enough to see the New Order as a legitimate threat, and he began to pour resources into its defeat. However, the rise of the Rebellion against the Empire threw his strategy off greatly, and even Darth Vader was ineffective against the countless Inner Rim systems defecting to the New Order. By 7 BBY, the New Order stretched from Iridonia to Kashyyyk simply from defecting planets and little military intervention. However, the Empire would soon send its wrath forward.

The Fall of Iridonia (7 BBY)Edit

Eons 7 BBY

The Galaxy after the Fall of Iridonia. The New Order is now an established power in the galaxy.

Darth Vader himself organized a massive Imperial fleet and launched a surprise invasion of the capital planet. This attack was so swift and so devastating that the New Order was unable to halt the advance. Xur and Ahsoka's force rushed to Ord Mantell after the quick fall of Iridonia, where Ahsoka dueled her former master for the first time in 12 years. She was able to hold him at bay, but he proved to be more powerful as he brought her down to her knees. However, unable to kill her, he attempted to turn her instead. But Xur came to her rescue, firing a lethal barrage of Force Lightning at the Darth, which he was able to partially block, but it damaged his respiratory systems as Xur escaped with Ahsoka. The Empire was halted at Ord Mantell, defending the Inner Rim territories from Imperial attack.

This defeat showed Xur how vulnerable the New Order was without a proper army, and he needed to find a solution quickly before the Empire returned once again. With no government, the New Order approved the institution of a military takeover, and Xur was made Supreme Commander of the New Order, and appointed governors at each sector of his order. Mace Windu agreed with this approach, and saw it necessary to protect against the Empire. However, Ahsoka feared that Xur had lost his original goal to reform the Republic, and felt uneasy about his "regime" that he had created.

The Era of Immense Tension (7 BBY-5 BBY)Edit

Ahsoka was not the only one to see Xur's new powers as "frightening" or "hypocritical". The Hapes Consortium led a peaceful resistance movement against the New Order, and claimed that it was no better than the Empire itself. Xur was smart in his reaction, and he allowed the people to say their piece, but he had no intention of changing anything. Instead, he initiated propaganda campaigns, and the most famous one being the image of Xur holding the flag of the New Order, while an Imperial one burned in the background.

Despite Xur's hatred of the former Separatist Alliance, he realized that many of their tactics would be effective if he was to remain Supreme Commander for long enough. He took in the use of bounty hunters to take out high-value targets, as well as their fallen bases in the Inner Rim. His implementation of Separatist ideals worked great at first, bringing a calm for the rest of 7 BBY.

With this calm, Xur began to formulate plans for a Grand Army, and he made Kamino his top target on his list. He wanted nothing more than to recreate the clone army in the image that he saw, and that was the army serving the Jedi and the Republic. However, Kamino was heavily fortified, and any force that he could possibly muster wouldn't succeed by any means.

Xur didn't let this stop him, and starting in 6 BBY, he began preparations of an invasion of Geonosis to use a droid army. He began to create a massive fleet and army of militia for the invasion, and used old Separatist warships for the fleet. This also marked the reappearance of Admiral Yularen, who defected from the Empire and joined the New Order as soon as he saw the open opportunity.

The New Order-Rebel Alliance Cold War (5 BBY-4 BBY)Edit

The enemy of my enemy is my friend, yes. However, when I look at the Rebel Alliance, I see a cesspool of pacifists who only wish to stand in our way. I hereby declare them a third party in this galactic struggle, and if they challenge us, we will retaliate.

-Excerpt from Xur's speech after Ahsoka's Departure

To Xur's surprise, Ahsoka declared that she would be leaving the New Order in 5 BBY. She revealed that the Rebel Alliance had offered for her to lead them, and due to her growing mistrust in Xur's "regime", she decided it was the right thing to do for herself. Instead of accepting her choice, Xur took this as an insult, and labeled the Rebel Alliance as infiltrators looking to dismantle the New Order. He declared that they would not be allies in this conflict, and he would treat them the same as the Imperials.

Ahsoka not only saw Xur's response as an overreaction, but used it to prove that he was losing his way and only becoming a dictator. However, Xur's propaganda and nationalistic support only made the people of the New Order shoot down Ahsoka's reasoning. They branded her "traitor" and "deserter" despite her service for the New Order, and she never attempted any sort of move with the alliance.

The Shili Crisis (4 BBY)Edit

After a year of tensions building between the two sides, it was nearly sparked into a full-scale war when the Rebel Alliance demanded that Shili be allowed to join their Alliance. Xur's response was very quick, dispatching the now-complete Geonosis invasion fleet to blockade the planet, led by Admiral Yularen. The consensus was that if an Alliance ship came close enough to the planet, it was an act of war against the New Order. When the Alliance fleet came to a halt just before the declared distance, Ahsoka hailed Xur herself, and they decided that talking over the issue was the best course of action.

In an Alliance corvette, Xur and Ahsoka began the negotiation. It was very heated at first, each one firing the issues they had over the other before they even got to the task at hand. However, after they were able to vent their frustrations, Xur was able to admit that he didn't like his position, but that he had to make many tough decisions that he wished to ignore instead. Ahsoka was still hesitant, since Xur had allowed his Order to tarnish her name after she had left. But, she could tell that there was more at stake than each other's pride, so she decided to go along with a treaty on certain conditions: Xur had to clear her name, form an alliance with the Rebellion, and allow safe passage through each other's territory. The two leaders decided that this was the best way to ease the tension and turn matters towards the Empire instead.

Xur's 9 Month ExileEdit

After what Xur had done, he could not live with himself as he was. During his time before the Shili Crisis, he began to see visions with Darth Malak, claiming that he was the descendant of Revan. He took this as a lie at first, due to his distrust of the Sith, but once he made up to himself, he found it impossible to ignore. He then placed the New Order under the leadership of General Raven and headed to Korriban, where he would begin to realize his true destiny.


Xur travels to the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban.

He was then greeted by the ghost of Darth Malak as he approached the temple, and claimed that he had to pass many trials the Sith had waiting for him if he was to become Revan reborn, the ultimate Sith slayer. He would have to face all of Revan's past enemies with the help of Malak, just as Darth Revan did. He realized that this was his best choice, and he decided to take the challenge.

He was greeted first by many Sith spirits as he progressed through the cave with Malak, and was eventually led to his first opponent, which was Mandalore the Ultimate. The warrior barely stood a chance against the two, and they easily progressed through the temple. However, their next opponent was a corrupted Bastila Shan, and she proved much more formidable. Xur was taken back, and once Malak was nearly killed by her, he saved him with a timely force push and lightning quick lightsaber throw, ending her.

Then, out of the corrupted Bastila rose a pure one, and she claimed to be his true guide through the temple. Malak quickly acknowledged that she was right, and he would have to face Darth Malak on his own, they then engaged, and after a long and drawn out battle, Xur was victorious. It was at this point that he realized he really was Revan reborn, as he defeated the past enemies of his heritage.

Darth revan by bdraw2012-d8tgv3o

Clad in Revan's armor, Xur prepares to face his final opponent, Darth Vitiate.

Xur then found himself clad in Revan's armor, and held two lightsabers in his hands, one of purple, and one of red. His final opponent stood in front of him now, the old Sith Emperor, Darth Vitiate. To avenge Revan's dark past with the Darth, he defeated the Sith lord in single combat, and was finally redeemed. He felt at one with his power at last.

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The "Old Republic" Conquests (4 BBY-1 BBY)Edit

The Old Republic conquests were the defining moment for the New Order and Rebellion's struggle against the Empire. Without these impossible feats, the Empire would've never been defeated. By now, the Empire has moved its capital to Byss, and Xur's eyes are set on Geonosis, Kuat, Christophsis, and most of all, Kamino. With the new alliance with the Rebellion, and the admission of Mandalore into the New Order, Xur was ready to take a big swing at the Empire.

The Invasion of Geonosis (4 BBY)Edit

Battle of Geonosis

Using Republic dropships, New Order troops assaulted the Imperial battle droid garrison on Geonosis.

The fleet of New Order militia arrived in Geonosian space by surprise, and caught the Imperial garrison of guard, and obliterated the blockade enough so the gunships could slip through. In a desperate attempt to hold the planet, Imperials reactivated what was left of a droid army on the surface to defend it. Xur himself led the charge along with Captain Raven and Mace Windu as they ripped through the droid defenses. Eventually, the geonosians realized that it was their time to finally break free of the Empire, and they joined in with the New Order, and were able to deactivate the droid factories and take control of the planet.

Eons 4 BBY

The Galactic map after the invasion of Geonosis. The New Order is now greatly challenging the Empire.

This marked the use of the old Separatist droid army as the New Order's force. The Geonosian factories were quickly brought back into operation, and in a few months, the New Order had a massive standing army at their service. They used this to conquer other worlds such as Christophsis, Tatooine, and Rodia very quickly after their conquest. This put them dangerously close to Kamino, and the Empire increased the size of its blockade of the planet. Even with an army, Xur believed that the Republic had superior warships, and he made Kuat his next target.

The Kuat Campaign (4 BBY-2 BBY)Edit

The Rescue of General Rham KotaEdit

As soon as the droid army was brought to full strength, Xur began to focus his efforts towards the core worlds of the Empire. Starting from Balmorra, the New Order-Imperial border was extremely close to Kuat, but assaulting the planet head-on wasn't what Xur wanted. Instead, Xur had learned that an old Jedi had been captured and was being held on Cato Neimoidia, by the name of Rham Kota. Not wanting a fellow Jedi to fall to the Empire, Xur organized an invasion fleet for the planet. Instead, he decided to head there alone to covertly rescue Kota before the invasion struck.

Starkiller Cato Neimoidia

Xur and Starkiller meet for the first time on Cato Neimoidia.

He was able to land on the planet, but he had to remain extremely covert, since every Imperial would know his face and shoot him on sight. To his luck, he ran into another Jedi, going by the name of Starkiller. Looking for the same Jedi, the two decided to join forces. Together, the two Jedi were lethally unstoppable, and they plowed through the streets of the city reaching the arena in the span of an hour. Fed up with trying to stop them, the Baron unleashed the massive and horrific Gorog when they reached Rham Kota at long last. They battled hard, but in the end, Xur's invasion fleet arrived and extracted them out before the gigantic beast absolutely destroyed them.

After they were brought to safety, Xur officially introduced himself to Kota and Starkiller. Kota had actually heard of him before, and was glad to see that he was fighting the Empire in an aggressive way. When it came to Starkiller, Xur learned that he was actually the former apprentice of Darth Vader, but a clone of Galen Marek, the accidental founder of the Rebel Alliance. Knowing that these two would be valuable assets to his cause, he offered them to join the New Order. Kota agreed easily, but Starkiller would only if they searched for Alliance leader Juno Eclipse. Xur was hesitant, but once Starkiller gave him schematics on Kamino, he decided to agree.

The Invasion of KuatEdit

Update 2 6

The joint invasion of the planet Kuat.

The New Order and Rebel alliance agreed to a joint invasion of the planet Kuat, and Juno Eclipse would be present as to come up with the other end of the Starkiller bargain. Xur Eon and Rham Kota led the New Order forces. Starkiller himself joined the crew of the Alliance flagship, Salvation, along with Ahsoka Tano. With the droid army and mass fleet, the New Order and Alliance quickly overwhelmed the under-reinforced blockade. However, this turned to be a trap as terror troopers boarded the Salvation, and were able to kidnap Juno Eclipse.

Kuat was easily taken to their shock, but it seemed like the invasion was a trap to bring Starkiller back to Kamino. Unfortunately, it was working very well, and Starkiller refused to work with the New Order unless they moved to Kamino. Ahsoka was greatly opposed to this idea, since she felt the presence of Darth Vader on Kamino, and it was a death trap waiting to be sprung. However, Xur agreed with Starkiller and began to use Kuat to rebuild Republic starships for the invasion. Despite her discomfort with the idea, Ahsoka eventually agreed to join in on the invasion, and the New Order began to press its advancement to the highest priority.

The Reconquest of Kamino (2 BBY)Edit

With the commission of the Republic fleet, the New Order and Rebel Alliance initiated a massive invasion of the planet Kamino. They were on the same side, but the Rebel Alliance was looking to rescue Juno Eclipse, while the New Order went for complete control of the planet. However, instead of launching a frontal assault, the Rebel Alliance fleet appeared first. The Kamino blockade was far too much for the fleet, but they were able to draw out the Imperials enough to where when the New Order fleet arrived, the Imperials were outflanked and decimated quickly. Xur and Kota then led the droid invasion, while Starkiller and Ahsoka joined them as a separate force.

TFU2 duel

Starkiller duels Vader along with Ahsoka on Kamino.

Upon their arrival at the surface, Starkiller went rouge in order to find Juno, much to Xur and Kota's displeasure. Ahsoka followed him as soon as she sensed the presence of Darth Vader. Starkiller and Ahsoka's pursuit of Juno did lead them to Vader, while Xur and Kota slowly captured the planet. There, in the cloning facilities, Starkiller and Ahsoka met Vader face-to-face. Starkiller demanded that Vader return Juno to him, and they began their long and drawn-out duel. After they had pushed each other to the top of the city, Vader revealed Juno to Starkiller, and threatened to kill her if he did not submit. However, Ahsoka caught up to him and engaged Vader, allowing Starkiller to reach Juno, but Vader was quickly overpowering Ahsoka, and he jumped in to help her. Together, they brought down the Darth. There, Starkiller threatened to kill him, but the arrival of Kota and Xur caused him to spare his life in favor of capturing him instead. With that, Vader had been captured and Kamino was under New Order control, and the New Order began to reinstate the Clone Army of the Republic.


After the conquest of Kamino, the clone army was recreated for the New Order.

The Iridonian Crusade (1 BBY)Edit

Eons 1 BBY

The Galaxy before the Iridonian Crusade.

With the capture of Darth Vader and the recreation of the Clone Army, the New Order was quickly becoming the superior power in the galaxy. With this, Xur Eon realized that he could move to reclaim Iridonia, and bring his people back under his watch. However, since he now had control of the south-east sector of the galactic Outer Rim, he now had to split his forces to keep his order in check. To do this, he needed a new second in command, and he decided to leave Rham Kota in command of the forces near Kamino along with Starkiller to help enforce the area. With that taken care of, Xur placed Darth Vader on the broken planet of Taris, which was remote enough, but also close to the Rebel base on Yavin.

As soon as he had taken care of his new territories and isolated Darth Vader, Xur and Obi-Wan started to advance towards Iridonia. But, as they approached the surrounding systems of Iridonia, Emperor Palpatine revealed that the Death Star had been completed, and it was orbiting the planet. He threatened to destroy the planet unless Xur called off his attack and returned Darth Vader to the Empire. Xur ultimately refused and attacked the battle station head on. While he was able to get a small clone battalion on board the battle station, Tarkin was given the all-clear to destroy Iridonia. The Death Star fired its super-laser and destroyed the planet without issue. Xur was absolutely enraged as the Death Star then jumped to hyperspace, away from the area. With the near absolute extinction of his race, Xur vowed that the Empire would be destroyed, and he would place Palpatine's head on a stake when he was finished.

The Death Star then appeared at Taris, where they retrieved Darth Vader, and then proceeded to destroy the broken planet as well. With Vader back in their hands, the Empire moved to Yavin, where the secret rebel base had been discovered. With all hope seemingly lost, the resistance would have to make a stand.

The Battle of Yavin (0 BBY)Edit

The most decisive battle of its time, the Battle of Yavin marked the end of the Old Era in the galaxy, and marked a new age, as the Empire's collapse was started with this battle. After they had destroyed Iridonia and Taris, the Empire was hungry for a crippling blow to their enemy. Looking towards the gas giant Yavin, they pushed to destroy the Rebellion at its heart.

Battle of Yavin

Luke Skywalker leads the Rebellion to defend Yavin IV.

However, an enraged Xur Eon would set forth all of his naval power to this defense, while Kota and Starkiller continued their conquests in the galactic southeast. At this point, Luke Skywalker had emerged, and he led the Rebellion towards the menacing space station in order to buy time for the New Order to arrive. The Death Star approached quickly, and only the arrival of Ahsoka Tano from her campaign on Hoth brought the Rebels back together as they struggled against the station. Here, Tano engaged Vader in a dogfight and held off the Darth from the trench-run. Even with the open shot however, no rebellion pilot was able to get the proton torpedoes through.

Eventually, the New Order did arrive, and Xur himself escorted Luke to the trench-run. Desperate to stop them, Vader fled his dogfight with Ahsoka, and attempted to take out Luke and Xur. However, the appearance of Han Solo shot Vader into a spiral away from the battle, leaving Luke a clear shot. Using the force, Luke was able to sink the torpedoes into the station. As they escaped, the massive station exploded, and Yavin IV was saved from the Empire.

Aftermath (0 BBY-1 ABY)Edit

This defeat left a desperate Empire reeling, and the New Order wasted no time retaliating. Xur led an immediate invasion of Brentaal. He mercilessly ripped through the weakened Imperial forces and seized control of the planet. Wanting nothing more than revenge for Iridonia's destruction, he pressed on and captured Anaxes and Alsakan, putting his army at the gates of Coruscant.

Meanwhile, Kota and Starkiller progressed up the Corellian Run, trying to box in Palpatine on Byss. Also, Ahsoka and the Rebellion forces learned of the Death Star II, and its rumored start on Endor. She, along with Luke Skywalker and co. pushed for the planet, and looked to destroy any last hope for the Empire.

The Fall of the Empire (0 BBY-2 ABY)Edit

You know, Pong Krell was right. The Jedi did lose the war, and a New Order did arise in its place...just not the one he expected.

-Captain Rex to Xur after the Battle of Byss

The Liberation of Coruscant (1 ABY)Edit


The New Order invades Coruscant and attacks the Jedi Temple.

With the largest force Xur had ever assembled, the planet of Coruscant was under siege. The space battle over the planet lasted, and was one of the greatest battles he had ever been apart of, but he succeeded in the end as the Imperial blockade was still reeling towards Byss. He then took the newly recreated 502nd legion to the surface and invaded the Jedi Temple first. Obi-Wan, Mace Windu, and Yoda himself joined in on the assault to reclaim their lost world. They stormed the temple liked a battle of the Old Republic and clashed with Imperial Inquisitors training in the temple. They were no match for the Jedi and Clones, and the temple fell quickly. With that, the rest of the planet was under New Order control within the day.

Penetrating the Deep Core (1 ABY-2 ABY)Edit

Eons 1 ABY

The New Order now has as much territory as the Empire upon the liberation.

Looking to take advantage of the reeling Imperial forces, Xur took his army straight into the Deep Core territories, thought to be impenetrable during the Clone Wars. Upon entrance, he established a foothold on Empress Teta to group up his forces. With that, it was the full push to Byss, and Xur wanted nothing more to kill the Emperor as he was.

Meanwhile, the Rebellion began the Battle of Endor against Darth Vader and the Death Star II. There, Luke Skywalker and Ahsoka dueled the Darth on the incomplete battle station. Also, Starkiller and Kota pushed to Corellia to conquer the rest of the core worlds.

The Battle of Byss (2 ABY)Edit

Xur led his superior forces past the blockade on Byss and fought his way to the Imperial Spire, where he would duel Emperor Palapatine for the final battle of the Galactic Civil War. There, he used his Dark Side powers to his advantage, and with a long and drawn-out duel, Xur killed Palpatine, capturing Byss, and initiating the collapse of the Empire. The New Order had won.

The New Republic (2 ABY-25 ABY)Edit

The galaxy has seen much horror over the past few decades, but we have won. The Emperor is dead, and peace has returned to the galaxy at last.

-Xur Eon at the end of the Galactic Civil War

The Merger (3 ABY)Edit

Early on, as the Empire collapsed, the New Order was converted to the "Reformed Jedi Order" and was still separate from the Rebel Alliance, who had secured a victory at Endor. As the Imperials fled to the Northern Galaxy with the deaths of Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine, the Reformed Jedi Order and Rebel Alliance negotiated a treaty to formally merge the two together and create the "New Republic". With this, the Jedi Order was reestablished, and the Galactic Senate was reinstated by Leia Organa.

Eons 3 ABY

The New Republic (Purple) and the Imperial Remnant (Dark Red) existed in peace for two decades.

The Jedi Order was led by Xur Eon and Ahsoka Tano, who had been voted into leadership due to the declining health of Obi-Wan, Mace, and Yoda. Luke Skywalker also helped pave the way for the Jedi Order to gain more younglings and Jedi from across the galaxy. Upon Xur's election into leadership, he made relationships officially legal to the New Jedi Code, which allowed him and Ahsoka to finally raise the child they had talked about for so long during their exile. In 3 ABY, Petra Eon was born, a female Zabrak-Togruta Hybrid. This new race was never before seen, and it was obvious that its force sensitivity was beyond anything anyone had ever seen. It was the age of rebuilding for the Jedi at this time.

The Era of Peace (3 ABY-25 ABY)Edit

After the Battle of Byss, the Empire absolutely imploded on itself, and all core planets defected to the New Republic. The Imperial Remnant was forced to move their capital to Mygeeto and the Outer Rim. Utterly hopeless against the raw power of the newly formed New Republic, the Imperial Remnant was able to strike a peace treaty in 4 ABY and agreed to move out of the Mid Rim. Their army was also restricted to a minimal size in order to keep any chance of resurgence out of the question. This created an era of peace that would last two decades, and allowed the Jedi Order to regrow from its previous glory.

The Next GenerationEdit

Petra Eon's birth marked the start of a new generation of the Jedi. Soon after, Han Solo and Leia Organa gave birth to twins Jacen and Jaina Solo, who carried the Skywalker bloodline, the most powerful line of Jedi to date. The Eon bloodline however contained the ability to control the dark side of the force as a Jedi, but since Ahsoka did not hold this ability, it was a 50-50 chance for it to occur. To their luck it seemed, Petra was born with Xur's ability, so Xur took it upon himself to train her. However, in 7 ABY, Ahsoka found herself pregnant once again, and gave birth to Osiris Eon II. This time, he was not born with Xur's ability, and Ahsoka took charge of his training.

The Training of Petra and Osiris IIEdit

Xur soon realized the power that his children possessed, and put their training to his highest priority. To his luck, it was the first time in his life that peace ruled the galaxy. They both developed quickly, and along with Jaina and Jacen Solo, they traveled to Ilum in order to construct their lightsabers. Petra ended up with a rare gold colored lightsaber, while Osiris II ended up with a green one. Their skill sets differed greatly as well, which caused Xur and Ahsoka to almost work in a tandem to train the two. Ironically, Petra developed a fighting style much like her mother, and Osiris like his father. It wasn't long before they achieved knighthood, Petra in 19 ABY, and Osiris II in 24 ABY, and almost just in time as well.

The Yuuzhan Vong Invasion (25 ABY- 29 ABY)Edit

I refuse to allow these...animals to destroy all I have built. I swear that I will have the head of Shimrra Jamaane at the end of a stick before they reach Dathomir!

-Xur to Ahsoka upon the Yuuzhan Vong Invasion

Clone War by Livio27

New Republic Clone Troopers prepare for the Yuuzhan Vong on Dathomir.

The extra-galactic Yuuzhan Vong were discovered when the Imperial Remnant was caught by surprise on Ventooine, and the strange foe ripped through their borders in a matter of months. Xur took extreme caution in the matter, and wanted to take little chance against what seemed like a terrifying foe. With the approval of the Galactic Senate, Xur and his son Osiris II began to stack Dathomir with troops, and it soon became the central point of defense if the creatures did decided to turn their eyes on them.

Despite Xur's great prowess in combat and ability to lead his troops, the Yuuzhan Vong proved too much for him as they ripped through Dathomir, forcing him to retreat to Mandalore with his son. At this point, Xur began to realize not only Osiris II's adaptation of his fighting style, but also his tendencies. His son had a great deal of rage inside of him, and that was dangerous for someone vulnerable to corruption. When Ahsoka joined them on Mandalore, she was quick to realize this, and felt like Osiris was a time bomb waiting to explode. However, due to the current crisis, they were forced to ignore it. Xur instead looked to the Imperial Remnant and saw an ally in them, as they were torn in half by the invading monsters. With the approval of Chancellor Leia Organa, the New Republic and Imperial Remnant formed a loose alliance, and was christened the "Imperial Alliance". However, a small insurgency of the Remnant chose to stay out of the alliance and called themselves the "Greater Imperium".

The Last Stand at AlsakanEdit

Yuuzhan Vong War

The Yuuzhan Vong's trail of destruction through the galaxy is stopped at Alsakan.

Determined to keep the Yuuzhan Vong away from Coruscant at all costs, Xur assembled all Jedi available to Alsakan and brought together the largest clone army ever to exist. There, he planned to make his stand for the galaxy. Xur, Luke and Ahsoka all prepared the ground troops for the coming invasion, and when the Yuuzhan Vong did appear, its power was obvious, but the Alliance fleet was doing all it could to hold them at bay. Jaina, Jacen, Petra and Osiris then made a break for the flagship, and planned to take out Shimrra Jamaane in order to break apart the Vong. Eventually, some Vong did break through the blockade and land on the surface, and the planet was instantly embroiled in the largest battle it had ever seen. Xur, Luke, and Ahsoka all took on the force head on, fighting for their lives and the galaxy itself.

However, the four Jedi did reach Jamaane, and the rage inside of Osiris caused him to take him on personally without the others. Despite Petra's protests, Osiris engaged him with rage induced power, but soon found himself struggling. Jacen was quick to help, put Petra and Jaina were forced to fall back and fight the slayers, who had appeared soon after Osiris engaged Jamaane. They were able to defeat all of the warriors just in time to see Osiris and Jacen in deep combat with him still. Trying to help, Jaina and Petra were suddenly attacked by Onimi, who revealed his force sensitivity, and to be the true supreme overlord. They then engaged him, and were unable to help Jacen and Osiris. When it seemed as if Jamaane would surly defeat them, Xur came flying in from an explosion in the wall and impaled Jamaane through the chest. Now that Onimi no longer had anyone to protect him, Petra killed him herself.


Without a Supreme Overlord, the Yuuzhan Vong surrendered, and the crisis had been averted. However, with much rebuilding to take place, the Imperial Alliance had the Vong partake in this process, and then would exile them to Zonama Sekot, away from the known galaxy.

With the crisis taken care of, the Imperial Remnant once again split from the Republic, and the Imperial Alliance was disbanded. In its wake, the Galactic Federation was born to take the place of the old Republic system, now seen as insufficient. This greatly troubled Xur and the rest of the Jedi Order, causing a subtle division to grow.

The Rise of Darth Caedus and Lord OsirisEdit

They called me defective. They called me a loose cannon. They called me reckless. They called me weak-minded. They betrayed me. The Jedi betrayed me. Never again.

-Dark Lord Osiris as he fell to the Dark Side

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